The Best in Internet Marketing


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Prof. Erwin Globio talks about Internet Marketing Essentials at Moldex Realty Inc.

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The Best in Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  2. 2. Before we start I email useful information to colleagues I send photos to friends I use instant messenger I have participated in a poll I have submitted a book review on Amazon I have submitted a seller feedback on Ebay/Sulit I read or contribute to discussion groups I contribute personal opinions to websites I write my own blog I create multimedia content and put it on the Internet Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  3. 3. Internet Population2, 267, 233, 742 Internet users globally 31 December 20111, 016, 799, 076 Internet users in Asia 31 December 201129, 700, 000 Internet users in the Philippines 31 December 2011 Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  4. 4. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  5. 5. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  6. 6. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  7. 7. 1. Reduced Cost2. Everything is Measurable3. Brand Engagement4. Demographic Targeting5. Real Time Results6. Easily Refine your Strategy7. Long Term Exposure8. Product Information9. Less Intrusive10.Hold their Attention Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  8. 8. Young consumers more active onlineCommon features:1. User-generated content over corporate content2. Communities3. Music4. Keeping in touch Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  9. 9. Older consumers are functionalCommon features:1. Information rich2. News3. Staying in touch Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  10. 10. Consumers ecosystems Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  11. 11. Users are more than just users Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  12. 12. Kids are growing up with technologyThe top five online chores for 8-14 year olds:38% share pictures & emails with relatives38% get movie listings36% invitations & party planning stuff36% plan vacations/travel35% get driving directions14% helped their parents prepare their income tax return Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  13. 13. Tween & teen online behaviorGlobally, the average young person connected to digital technology has:94 phone numbers in his or her mobile phone.78 people on a messenger buddy list &86 people in his or her social networking community.Digi-kids are not geeks59% of 8 to 14 yrs still prefer their TV to their PCsOnly 20% of 14 to 24 yrs globally admitted to being "interested" in technology.Climate impacts on digital technology.In countries with a strong outdoor culture, such as Italy, Brazil & Australia, youngpeople use mobiles for arranging to meet, flirt & take pictures of their friends.Online activity70% said the first thing they did after turning on their computer was to check IM.14-17 girls spend the least time online -- 21 hrs/wk22-24 males spent the most time online -- 31 hrs/wk Prof. Erwin M. Globio -100% of those surveyed said they communicate every time they go online.
  14. 14. Multi-tasking is becoming normal50% of Filipino Internet users say that for atleast half the amount of time they are online athome they also have the television on. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  15. 15. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  16. 16. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  17. 17. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  18. 18. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  19. 19. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  20. 20. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  21. 21. Your campaign Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  22. 22. Social Media Triangle Offense:• Launch Blog, Facebook, and Twitter at the same time.• Name is consistent that can easily be remembered,rolls off the tongue, and tag-gable when used in asentence.• Blog (Archival Purpose), Facebook (Coffee Talk), Twitter(Grapevine Conversations) and Google (Yellow Pages orIndex)• The key is that Concept is Social and Viral. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  23. 23. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  24. 24. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  25. 25. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  26. 26. What is it exactly? Publishing Free Content with Ads Blogging and Content Sharing SitesHow do you earn? You earn from Ads Adsense, Blog Network Ads like Nuffnang, Direct Advertisers and Paid AdvertorialsWhat are the keys to success? Increase Pages = Increase Income Publish Unique Content ForeverPower Tip: Searchers Click, Readers Read CPC if high searchers, CPM if high readersHow to get started? Finding a Passion to write about You have the knowledge or have the access to the ins and outs of that niche. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  27. 27. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  28. 28. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  29. 29. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  30. 30. Integrity Trading:• Blogging COI, Entitlement, and Disclosures• Social Proof: Followers, Readers, Twitter Testimonials• Perception Battle. Don’t do things that people will perceive you otherwise.• Video Marketing will rise because You can’t fake it. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  31. 31. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  32. 32. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  33. 33. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  34. 34. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  35. 35. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  36. 36. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  37. 37. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
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  39. 39. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  40. 40. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  41. 41. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  42. 42. Objective What is it?Provides free traffic On Page OptimizationProvides highly targeted Off Page OptimizationtrafficWebsite working 24/7 Link BuildingLocal and Natural Search Becoming an authorityResults Keywords ContentTry to increase your search Don’t be tempted to takeengine footprint at all times shortcuts with SEO. White Hat is the way forward Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  43. 43. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  44. 44. True e-Commerce Platforms:• Online Stores with payment and logistics• Entertainment Shopping - Bidding Sites• Daily Deal Sites• Information Marketing - Webinars, eBooks• Membership Sites• Video Marketing the next frontier. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  45. 45. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  46. 46. The Law of Equal Value Contribution: In order for a relationship to work in the long term, bothpeople must contribute roughly equal amounts of value (social, sexual and material) to the other persons life. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  47. 47. Prediction Age:• Predicting Trends and making bold predictions• Being “in touch” with what’s happening in realtime• Predictive Content based on Stages in Life• Networking and Masterminding with differentindustries and best practices• Essential Skill: Thinking! Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  48. 48. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  49. 49. What happens with a 50% Broadband InternetPenetration rate in Manila?:• New skills sets are needed• Opportunity to catch the next wave of internetbusiness models?• You have to be present on the internet today! Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  50. 50. Objective What is it?Increase Sales Very targetedIncreased Traffic Can be sales drivenIncreased Awareness Newsletter basedCommunicate with clients All companies can and should be doing it High Return on Investments Access to Analytics You should be collecting customer and prospect email details Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  51. 51. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  52. 52. E-mail Marketing Tips•Think about the times that you send•Test your campaigns•Look after your data•Analyze your campaigns•Use software to make all of the above easier Prof. Erwin M. Globio -
  53. 53. Prof. Erwin M. Globio -