TIII presentation by Jelle Saldien and Jolien De Ville


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Introduction of our TIII one-day conference and information about our TIII project

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TIII presentation by Jelle Saldien and Jolien De Ville

  1. 1. Jelle SaldienJolien De Ville
  2. 2. TIII one‐day conference Event linked to our TIII project Bring together our network and other interested parties Learn about TIII
  3. 3. T angibleI ntuitiveI nteractiveI nterface
  4. 4. SifteoResearch
  5. 5. Nest thermostatCommercial
  6. 6. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CENTERIndustrial Design Center is aknowledge and expertise centerfor the Howest industrial productdesign department.Aim = transfer research andacademic results to the industry.Provoke cooperation...(re)creating the industry
  7. 7. IDC IDC IDCEducation Research Service 1. LESOPDRACHTEN
  8. 8. October 2011 – September 2012:Tetra project“Preliminary study for the development of a platform fordesigning Tangible Intuitive Interactive Interfaces [TIII].”
  9. 9. www.tiii.be
  10. 10. Cases from the industryExploration within the TIII-project
  11. 11. Cases from the industryExploration within the TIII-project Individual project
  12. 12. Cases New interface for digital tv Interdisciplinary project: • DAE • Devine • Industrial designMovie: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbpoxsi28cegumv/telenet.mov
  13. 13. Cases Intelligent mirror Explorational study by students Innovation project in cooperation with partner U-sentricMovie: http://youtu.be/CdRHgSP9Vcs
  14. 14. Cases Non stigmatizing interface for home careMaster thesis – Jasmien Decancq- User centered design- Interface testing
  15. 15. Cases - awards• Two mechatronic projects in the top 5 at “dag  van de ingenieur”.• Jasmien Decanq won first price at the Televic Awards with her non stigmatizing interface for  home care.
  16. 16. 22 June 2012IWT decision – Positive – High score
  17. 17. October 2012 – September 2014Tetra project“Development of a platform for the design of TangibleIntuitive Interactive Interfaces or TIII”
  18. 18. New technologies Explore! Easy accessible Multiple partnersHowest infrastructure Call for Cases! Low risk Project managing As elaborated as you want Cheap Testing new methods
  19. 19. Cases QuadrotorInterdisciplinary student project:• Groep T – Electronics eng. • VUB – Mechanics eng.• Industrial design – Industrial Design eng.
  20. 20. Cases The use of ipad in games Cooperation with a student Product design to create a new game‐concept that integrates a tablet into boardgames.
  21. 21. Cases Bio‐sensorsStudent project:“How to integrate bio‐sensors in a way that  is pleasant for the user.” 
  22. 22. Opportunities• Integrating electronics in textile and jewelry• Research for possibilities and applications for gestural interfaces• Augmenting existing products
  23. 23. Future eventsThis year (2012 – 2013): – TIII one‐day conference (11/09/2012) – Brainstorm session: How to set up an  individual roadmap and select your team – 3 evaluation meetings: project results +  feedback • Kick‐off meeting in October:  http://doodle.com/ruda598nabfv7mwb • January, April
  24. 24. Future eventsSecond year (2013 – 2014):  – Second TIII conference  – Workshop: “How to design your own TIII” – 3 evaluation meetings: project results +  feedback • October, January, April
  25. 25. ApproachTIII Network  – Organizations, Educational institutions and  Companies – Design, Application, User, Technology Interdisciplinary teams! New opportunities Getting to know each other
  26. 26. ApproachMethods and tools – Guidance to design your own TIIITIII Experience lab ‐ Materials and equipment to build TIII • Sifteo cubes • Arduino • Raspberry Pi • Leap motion • Pebble watch •… ‐ User experience testing
  27. 27. TEAM‐ IDC ‐ Jelle Saldien (Project leader) and Jolien De  Ville (Project ambassador) • Communication within the network • Online platform • Organizing events • Roadmap cases • TIII design guide • Building teams for specific cases • Publications
  28. 28. TEAMgroep T ‐ Karen Vanderloock (Project ambassador) • Study of existing labs • Research for relevant sensors, actuators, tools, software,…  • Analysing software & tools • PublicationsCUO ‐ Jorick Vissers (Project ambassador) • Studying of existing labs • Research for relevant sensors, actuators, tools, software,…  • Developing user tests • Publications
  29. 29. October 2014 - …Self sustainable platform where we can keepworking with the companies to realize TIII.
  30. 30. Interested in joining our project?We are looking for new  companies!
  31. 31. Financing– Subsidized amount (IWT): 367.726 EUR– To be financed by the user group: only 7,5%  of the total amountParticipation = 1 500 < amount< 3000
  32. 32. What do you get in return?
  33. 33. Inspiration• Member of the TIII network • Participation in events• Cooperating with other partners –> new  insights in your company.• Neutral contact point. • Full access to our website: state of the art,  project results, first access to research results.
  34. 34. Demonstration• Submit cases, executed by students• Submit cases specifically tailored to your  company / organization• Making real working prototypes• Ideas for new TIIIs will be translated into new  innovation projects with the right partners
  35. 35. Exploration• Roadmap for your case• Knowledge, network and facilities of  Howest / IDC• TIII‐lab to explore • Methodology and toolbox to create your  own TIII• Use existing light lab and ProtoLab
  36. 36. Evaluation• Cases ran by students can validate the  potential of a project at a low cost for your  company.• We encourage our members to give us  feedback so the project can lead to an  outcome that is interesting for them and  supports them in their innovation strategy.
  37. 37. TIII one-day conference
  38. 38. PlanningAlternating talks and demos – Talks: Room 1.16, 1st floor (here) – Demos: Dining room, 2nd floor
  39. 39. Competition• Breaks: demos by companies and students• Student demos: competition!! – Fill out the form in your folder and bring it to someone of the Howest‐crew (green badge) – At the end of the day prizes will be distributed to the best projects
  40. 40. Join us? contact us! Approach us today! e‐mail:  Jolien.de.ville@howest.be Jelle.saldien@howest.be www.tiii.be Like us! “Tangible Intuitive Interactive Interfaces” @tiii_project