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Jukka s presentation

  1. 1. Open Innovation Networks and TargetsCase: Nokia Research Center – TampereJukka P. SaarinenNokia Research Center Tampere V1.01 – April 2009 © 2009 Nokia
  2. 2. Nokia Research CenterA Global Network with Local Activities • Global research facilities • Global spread of research teams across ten locations • Part of Nokia’s Corporate Tampere, Finland Technology Office (CTO)
  3. 3. Open Innovation Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)Engaging the World’s Leading Institutions • Access and drive global intellectual vision and insight • Form strategic collaborations with world- leading institutions to multiply our efforts • Build global test beds to learn from broader audiences TaNokia Research Center
  4. 4. Open Innovation Collaboration:Practical Research & InnovationTargets as 5Ps:1) Prototypes2) Publications3) Patents4) Product impacts5) Publicity
  5. 5. How to make1) Prototypes ?
  6. 6. Demola for Nokia =”ppt – to – demo” transformation
  7. 7. Concepts from Nokia = seeds for demos• Play a game hands-free - A thought- controlled UI• New ways for mobile video recording, editing and event casting• A new, digital dimension to Guided Tours for tourists• Get a mobile connection to your virtual community• Machinima – storytelling in mixed reality game, theatre, movie• 3D landscape as a mobile phone UI• Gesture- controlled 3D characters in a computer game• ……
  8. 8. Results 2009 – 2011• 900+ students • 30+ % international students • 72 % consider seriously to become an entrepreneur• 180+ projects • 96 % of completed projects licensed by project partners • 10+ % of students are headhunted • New start-ups, Protomo teams and co-founders • 450 000 € rewards to students• Check experiences from Demola projects on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tX888Qnb2sOperated by Hermia Ltd.
  9. 9. The New Factory in Tampere =Demo & Test Factory for Nokia and other companies INNOVATION PRODUCTION ENGINES: • Demola = Demos • Protomo = Spin Offs • Suuntaamo = Test and Living Lab VERY UNIQUE SET-UP IN FINLAND and WORLD
  10. 10. How to make2) Publications ?
  11. 11. Nokia Innovation Center: ScienceActivities in Tampere•Science driven activities • From successful co-creation to truly open innovation • Nokia + universities = local innovator network • Joint projects, project selection and steering groups • Public funding by Tekes and EU • Contract with Local Universities (TUT, UTA, TAMK) • 16 professors and ~40 PhD researchers • Nokia offering premises for collaborative meetings • Topics include e.g. advanced video and image processing, mobile mixed reality, new audio solutions, … • Nokia IC Theme Talk presentation & discussion events
  12. 12. Ingredients• With Tampere University of Technology (TUT)• ~ 80 persons, mainly PhD students• Officially opened in September 2007• Premises for teamwork in Hermia 11 • Within walking distance
  13. 13. Fresh and young brains in Tampere …….and Problems
  14. 14. Publications Some recent books published with contributions from Nokia Research Center researchers Technology Insight Series papers and Open Threads newsletters can be downloaded from research.nokia.comNokia ResearchCenter15
  15. 15. How to make3) Patents ?
  16. 16. Invention Reports - Example November 7, 2007 Jukka Saarinen | NRC © 2007 17
  17. 17. How to make4) Product impacts ?
  18. 18. Mobile RadarA Phone’s Radio Acting as Radar• Electromagnetic waves emitted reflect off and through objects, and are read by the phone• Potential applications range widely: • Gesture control systems • Speed measurements • Area mapping • Density assessment • Low-light imaging radarNokia ResearchCenter19
  19. 19. MorphA Real Vision of the Deep Future• Result of an invitation from MoMA in New York• Product of nanoscience collaboration between NRC and University of Cambridge, UK• A highly personal concept device based upon sensors, services, customizability • Based upon actual work going on in our labs• Captured the global imagination and hunger for daring visions • Millions of views on YouTubeNokia ResearchCenter20
  20. 20. How to make5) Publicity ?
  21. 21. Culture for co-creativity• Events • Open innovation symposium • Seminar Series • Talks • Demo Days • Lunchlets • Future Internet Pizza• Testbed Trials• Demo Creation• Open Call for Proposals
  22. 22. Website (research.nokia.com) Focus areas and research projects Researchers provide bios and are described contact information The website features news, recent publications and industry events on the homepage Research locations are provided with links Open Innovation partners are called out to research areasNokia ResearchCenter23
  23. 23. Ecosystem point of viewNokia ResearchCenter
  24. 24. Innovation ecosystem (applied from R. Bendis 2012) INPUT OUTPUT Knowledge creation Education / Human resources Jobs Human networks Wealth creation Networks of funds Commercialization Regional clusters University – business collaboration New products & services Basic Proof of Proof of IP strategies New markets research concept relevance Co-creation processes CompaniesMultidicipline research Nokia Research Center 25
  25. 25. Start creating with low risk Not But €Nokia ResearchCenter
  26. 26. Student is the King !!StudentNokia Research Research direction is needed !!StudentCenter
  27. 27. Nokia ResearchCenter
  28. 28. End of Story Thank You / Kiitosjukka.p.saarinen@nokia.com