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Curtis hill special prosecutor appointment 07 24-2018


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A special prosecutor has been appointed in the event criminal charges need to be filed against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill for alleged sexual misconduct.

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Curtis hill special prosecutor appointment 07 24-2018

  1. 1. IN THE MARION SUPERIOR COURT RIMINAL DIVISION, ROOM FOUR STATE OF INDIANA ) COUNTY OF MARION IN RE THE APPOINTMENT 0F A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR W?&Qfl SE NO. 49G04- 1807-MC-022315 {5‘26 mmmmmmgmw QRLER Petitioner, TERRY CURRY, Prosecuting Attorney for the 19th Judicial Circuit, having petitioned the Court t0 appoint a Special Prosecutor in the above—captioned matter, pursuant t0 1C 33-39-1-6(b)(3), in the following words and figures, to-wit: (H1) And the Coun, having read and carefully considered said Petition and having found the appointment of a Special Prosecutor in the matter of the investigation of Curtis Hill is necessary to avoid the appearance 0f impropriety; IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, that Daniel Sigler, Senior Prosecuting Attorney, is hereby appointed Special Prosecutor in the 19‘“ Judicial Circuit, for the purpose of completing said investigation and any prosecution that might arise therefrom, and that the term 0f said appointment, pursuant t0 IC 33- 39-1-6(f) shall be 18 months. A11 of which is ORDERED this 24‘“ day ofJuly, 2018. Lisa F. Borges Judge, Marion Superior Court Criminal Division, Room Four