VMware Case Study Infographic - Tata


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VMware Case Study Infographic - Tata

  1. 1. To learn more about the world's leading virtualization platform with insight to IT capacity and performance, click here. With vSphere, Tata Consultancy Services seeds the cloud for Indian businesses “We wanted to build a shared services platform that enabled the logical separation of customers’ applications and data. We needed a partner that could meet these requirements, while helping us manage the cloud platform as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.” Mahesh Menon Head, TCS-IT IS India Cloud Platform After delivering infrastructure and applications ‘as-a-service’ to small businesses from its datacenters, TCS-IT decided to develop the India Cloud Platform (ICP), a cloud-based service to extend its multi-tenant datacenter offerings to businesses of all sizes. TCS-IT implemented VMware datacenter virtualization for the first stage of the ICP. After finding competing offerings inflexible, and lacking centralized management, TCS-IT built its subsequent stage on VMware vSphere, and selected VMware Professional Services Organization (PSO) to assist them. Secure, compliant, easily scalable cloud-based infrastructure TCS-IT gained a flexible cloud based service that let ICP meet the needs of any business a modular, scalable, configurable cloud platform based on vSphere which increased efficiencies and enabled faster go-to-market the ability to support more than 10,000 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes for customers SLAs for infrastructure availability starting at 99.9% SLAs for application availability starting at 99.5% Market trends Percentage of organizations implementing or maintaining cloud computing3 Small businesses Gartner predicts that from 2013 through 2017 $4.2 billion will be spent on cloud services in India.1 9 of every 10 IT decision makers surveyed in India believe that Cloud Computing, or ‘as-a-service’ approach, is relevant to their organization.2 79% of IT decision makers surveyed in India say they currently have a cloud-related initiative in place within the organization, or are planning to implement cloud, or ‘as-a-service’ approach, in the next 12 months. TCS-IT growing at 30% annually Creating a perfect storm of cloud efficiency In 2005, TCS created TCS IT Infrastructure Services (TCS-IT IS) to help businesses develop infrastructure that improved revenues, facilitated cost management and delivered better customer service. More than US$1 billion in annual revenue 2011 2012 21% 42% Medium businesses 2011 2012 21% 40% Large businesses 2011 2012 37% 44% “Implementing VMware has enabled us to deploy a service that makes the difficult-to-attain benefits of cloud computing easily accessible for businesses across India.” Mahesh Menon Head, TCS-IT IS India Cloud Platform