Foraying the Cloud


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Foraying the Cloud

  1. 1. Foraying the Cloud Cloud adoption simplified Copyright©2010TechMahindra| Allrightsreserved. Global Reach Africa | Australia | Bahrain | Belgium | Canada | China | Dubai | Egypt Germany | India | Indonesia | Malaysia | New Zealand | Philippines Singapore | Sweden | Thailand | USA | UK About Tech Mahindra Tech Mahindra is part of the multibillion dollar Mahindra Group, in partnership with BritishTelecommunications plc (BT), one of the leading global communications service provider. Focused primarily on the telecommunications industry,Tech Mahindra is a leading global systems integrator and business transformation consulting organization. In 2009,Tech Mahindra expanded its IT portfolio by acquiring the leading global business and information technology services company, Mahindra Satyam (earlier known as Satyam ComputerServices). Tech Mahindra's capabilities spread across a broad spectrum, including Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility Solutions, Security consulting and Testing. The solutions portfolio includes Consulting, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Managed Services, Remote Infrastructure Management and BPO. With an array of service offerings for TSPs,TEMsandISVs,TechMahindraisachosentransformationpartnerforseveralleadingwireline,wirelessandbroadbandoperators inEurope,Asia-PacificandNorthAmerica. AT&T Supplier Award for Distinguished and Outstanding Performance, 2010 Ranked 13th TOMS vendor worldwide in 2009, based on revenue and market share in Gartner's Market Share: Telecom Operations Management Systems (BSS, OSS and SDP), Worldwide, 2007-2009, April 30, 2010. NASSCOM IT Innovator Award, 2009 for One of the Top 50 IT-BPO Innovators in India of the year 5th Largest Software Services Company in India 2009 Survey, NASSCOM Awards and Accolades: FormoreinformationonTechMahindra’sCloudservices,pleasecontact: Marketing Contact : For marketing related queries, write to us at Americas : Middle-east & Africa : Europe : Asia-Pacific : Sales Contacts :
  2. 2. Tech Mahindra believes in the transformational power of Cloud Computing for enterprises, large and small. The ever increasingneedtodomorewithlesscontinuestodriveinterestandadoptionoftheCloud. Cloud Computing, in its simplest form, can be defined as consumer and business products, services and solutions delivered and consumed in real-time over the internet. Since the '60s, Cloud computing has gone through several evolutionary phases from grid and utility computing, to the application service provide (ASP) model, to the current Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). Numerous market, economic and technical forces drive enterprises to adopt the Cloud. Convergence of service orientation, virtualization and standardization of computing through the internet are fueling the need for a shift to this environment. Traditional communications infrastructure is characterized by limited bandwidth, Telco-defined services and a focus on hardware with software perpetuity. Increasing Capex to support emerging technological needs, business expansion and maintenance costs, poses a major business challenge for organizations. In such an environment, enterprises of all scale are finding it compelling to access a range of services from the Cloud such as computational facilitieson-demand,storageservices,softwareandvideoapplications. 21 Cloud Services Tech Mahindra's Capabilities and Offerings Cloud Computing enables businesses to tap the potential to : Significantly change how enterprise IT services are deliveredforuse Transform the ways in which business users access and usebusinessapplications Empower new business and operational models in a highlyautomatedandcostefficientways Tech Mahindra has made investments in : Partnering with Cloud technology providers and participating in joint research and development e x e r c i s e t o d e v e l o p s o l u t i o n s f o r telecommunicationindustry. Building Cloud Competency Centre with subject matter experts in the areas of infrastructure, applications, performance testing/management, service assurances, B/OSS platforms to create POC andcustomerintendeduse-cases. Tech Mahindra's Perspective of a Cloud Cloud Advisory, Assessment and Qualification Services Assessment of existing infrastructure Address scalability, utilization and demand management Runtime cost optimization such as energy, maintenance, support, tools and licenses Platform as a Service Tech Mahindra Service Enablement Platform (SI 2.0) leveraging partner systems for BSS / OSS capabilities Reusable rule driven business components and adapters Flexible rule driven BPM and process orchestration Infrastructure as a Service Cloud advisory and roadmap creation services Data centre consolidation and transformation Communication-as-a-Service / UC enablement Services Remote Cloud infrastructure operations and management Software as a Service Product(s) and application(s) evaluation for Cloud Software and product development and deployment on Cloud Device abstraction and widget realization Application store realization Cloud Competency Center (Playground for Customers ) Collaborated effort between Tech Mahindra and various technology partners Telco Industry specific solutions Customers business use case development and demonstration for confidence building and POC testing simulate expected“outcome”architecture and modeling Solution Design, Build and Optimization: Foundation IaaS Layer/Data Centre Design of Cloud IaaS infrastructure On-demand, self-provision automation portal, shared and fully virtualized compute, network and storage services Security assessment and controls implementation with industry partnerships Productivity Applications and Services Provisioning Telco enablement for communications / collaboration-as-a-service such as messaging, IM, web/audio conferencing, document sharing, IP contact center, IP-PBX. Enabled over IaaS foundation layer and offered via partnerships such as Microsoft, Google for Telco and enterprise customers. Cloud Operations, Administration and Management (OA&M) Unified interface virtualization management Capacity and demand management via automated reporting and self-portal FCAPS lifecycle management such as monitoring/management of core IaaS components, application performance monitoring and service management
  3. 3. 43 Mahindra Satyam, acquired by Tech Mahindra, has a dedicated Cloud Computing CoE to promote research and develop Cloud adoption methodologies and tools to providebest-of-breedCloudservicestocustomers. The pan-enterprise Cloud computing initiative is spearheaded by expert teams that bring together consultants, architects, developers and sales teams from diverse industry verticals and competency teams across the ICT combine of Mahindra SatyamandTechMahindra. Dedicated Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE) As a thought leader and dominant player in the telecom domain, Tech Mahindra foresees the implementation of the converged NOC as the next necessary and logical step in the evolution to next generation and converged service infrastructure.Virtualization and centralization of infrastructure across the ICT industry segments will continue and grow rapidly.EnterprisesaregearinguptodeploycloudenabledsolutionsinthenearfuturestartingfromIaaSlayertomigrate from physical to virtual, centralized virtualization management tools for operational/management and efficiency and capacity/demand management automation.Tech Mahindra's full lifecycle Cloud enablement offerings across the FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) horizontal offerings presage the emerging converged servicesinfrastructure. Next generation telecom platforms with converged service infrastructure DevelopIToperationstoolintegrationrequirementsbasedonprocesses,proceduresandtaskstobeautomated WhenmakinganITmanagementproductdecision,assessintegrationrequirementsandhowotherITmanagement toolscanbeleveragedtoachieveobjectives Design a Framework to create a roadmap for tool migration from old / legacy to new tools replacing one or multiple old/legacytools Define the architecture needed from a framework of products and make them streamlined to IT Operations ManagementFramework2.0 Tool Migration and Integration Services to support Cloud Tech Mahindra believes that‘Solutions’based offerings are going to be critical in the present decade as IT business models evolve. The strategic partnership with global technology leaders and pioneers in Cloud capabilities will provide an ideal platform forCloudservicesofferingspossiblybeingtermedas‘SolutionasaService’.Thesewouldenableclientbusinessesto- Acceleratespeedtovalue:Reducedeploymenttimesbyupto60% Improve flexibility and avail utility model: Scale infrastructure resources on demand, or drop computing needs elastically Reducecosts:BenefitfromeconomiesofscalethroughtheshareduseofpublicCloudresources ShiftCapextoOpex:ReducebulkinvestmentsbymovingITspendtooperationalinvestments AchievegreenITbenefits:Drasticallyreducethecarbonfootprint Access to massively scalable IT-related capabilities as a service. Users can therefore focus on what the service deliversandnotonhowitisimplementedorhosted ReduceinITinvestmentandmaintenancecosts 24x7accesstoapplicationsandinfrastructureona‘pay-per-use’ Accesstoareliable,efficientandrobustdeliveryinfrastructure Provide flexibility and power of choice, where organizations can opt for a private cloud or move applications to the publicCloud.Theycanalsodeployahybridmodel-ablendofon-premiseequipmentandcloudinfrastructure What does this mean to our clients?
  4. 4. 65 SaaS Delivery Platform Development for LargeTelecom customer in NZSaaS Delivery Platform Development for a Finland based IT Infrastructure Provider Business Needs Automate provisioning of various products like Exchange, Virtualization, Software Provisioning, Network Sharing, SaaS software, etc., and deal with provisioning requirement of client's increasing number of customers Provide lesser time to market for new products and services Support and provide consultacncy around deployed products Case Study Background and challenges SalientFeatures/USPs TechMahindraSolution Client is based in Finland and provides Managed SDP platform is an integrated, server-based BusinessInfrastructureandEnterpriseDesktopservices. software solution for building and managing The entire business model of the client is built around servicesusingaservice-orientedarchitecture(SOA). the delivery of centralized and standardized IT The platform is extensible and configurable infrastructure services via the internet. Customer's framework which empowers on-boarding new network-centric model opens the way for the efficient serviceswithminimalcodingefforts. and secures 'mass production' of IT, allowing it to be The solution is highly reusable and provides facilityconsumed as a simple subscription-based service, as forintegratingthird-partyservices.andwhenitisrequired. Tech Mahindra implemented the integrated, server based SDP solution to address the requirement of the client. The SDP solution enabled the integration of client’s BSS system with various backend provisioning systems. Communication between BSS and SDP was established using single WCF Service. Therefore, SDP is designed and developed using BizTalk Server 2009 and ESB 2.0, which enabled dynamic routing between various participants involved in E2E provisioning. ESB 2.0 itineraries called the various well enabled services which carry out the required provisioning on backend systems. SCOM 2007 was used to monitor and generate reportofavailabilityforSLAreportingpurpose. Business Needs Offer flexible and highly scalable Internet messaging and collaboration services to consumers and resellers. Provide a Rapid time-to-market solution. Extend superior service levels to end users. Flexible business modeling Background TechMahindraSolution Client is New Zealand's largest telecommunications service provider and provides a full range of internet, data, voice, mobileandfixedlinecallingservicesforitscustomersacrossNewZealandandAustralia. TechMahindraimplementedaTUSPsolutionthatdeliveredanewSDPSOAEnterpriseServiceBusutilisingBizTalk2009and BizTalk 2009 ESB 2.0Toolkit which enabled quick exchange and SharePoint provisioning and reduced time to market. The TUSP SDP solution involves enablement of Hoster, Resellers and Customers Admin users to provision services expose platform features to create new services and integrate with the existing Backend systems of the client. The solution provided full support for HMC 4.0/4.5 with Exchange 2007 andWSS 3.0.The reseller administrators could have an easy and integrated provisioning and resource management system which included Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint services. 1-2 CustomerBenefits ImprovedcustomersatisfactionthroughbetterwaysforSLAstracking ReductionincostofprovisioningasCSRagentcansendprovisioningrequestusingUI Loweredthecostofdeploymentandsupport Providedself-serviceandautomatedprovisioningthusreducedprovisioningtime Improvedtimetomarketfornewproductsandservices Reducedprovisioningerrorswhencomparedtomanualprovisioning CustomerBenefits HighAverageRevenuePerUser(ARPU) Quick&EasydeploymentofVASatminimalcost ImprovedTotalCostofOwnership Superiorservicelevelstoendusers HigherCustomersatisfaction
  5. 5. 87 Business Benefits Reduced time-to-market for launch of new services Increase in revenue and better ROI Reduced customer churn Acquired new customers Shared ownership and liabilities with partners Business Needs Enable web 2.0 and expose core network services to developer community to create new mash up services for the operator Provide a common platform for developers to subscribe, manage and consume telco services Connect core telco systems to the platform Validate the new mash up services created by the developer community On board new applications to production SDP Development andTesting for aTelco in APACData Center Set Up for a Greenfield Operator in India Business Benefits Fast track deployment of infrastructure devices that can help create data centre up and running in flat 3 months Undisruptive services due to state of art technology Lower TCO by reduction in footprint cost of hardware by virtualization & consolidation Business Needs Set up the data centre in a short time span Scalable and flexible solution with reduced server sprawl Case Study Background TechMahindraSolution: USPsoftheSolutiondelivered Technologies/ProductsUsed The next phase was Civil works in which our team ensuredthatthefollowingwerefunctioningflawlessly: Client is a Greenfield operator in India and provides national and international long distance telephony solutions, full range of prepaid and postpaid products, national and international roaming and Value Added Services. The client wanted to set up a data centre in Asapartofthelasttwophases,ourteamsdeployedandIndiaandtodeployapplications,OSandservers installedthefollowing: The solution delivered by Tech Mahindra consisted of fivephases: Duringtherequirementsgatheringandplanningphase, ourteamofexpertsidentifiedthefollowing: Background TechMahindraSolution: SalientFeaturesofthedeployedPlatform The client is the oldest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia having the most extensive nationwide coverage. The client provides all the services across the telecom domain with widest coverage, fastest speeds,clearestvoice,bestratesandservices.Theclient's vision is to constantly deliver new value added services totheircustomers. The solution implemented provides subscription management, orchestration and SLA /Quota management features using CSF as core framework. It exposes SMS, MMS, LBS, billing services to the developer community and at the same time it also provides admin portalfordevelopersandtheoperator. Highly flexible and scalable, based on WS eventing principles Built on Microsoft CSF which provides built in SOA support Hides the actual implementation of the various services provided by the operator and enables ease ofintegrationtodevelopers Requirements Infrastructure gathering deployment Planning Application installation and integrationCivil works Facility management Application to server requirements mapping Civil works Network strategy requirement (distributed architecture)Server and application requirements Deployment plan Flooring Fire protection Power and network Physical security cables set up HVAC systems Rack installation Post installation checkServers power on self test Application installation andOS and Gold Image integrationdeployments End-to-end testing Reduction in footprint High performance at cost of hardware by lower cost virtualization Faster deployment of Complete DC setup in new servers short span of time Flexibility for change EMC and VERITAS for CISCO for networks storage and backup IBM, SUN and HP for systems servers Oracle for database 3-4
  6. 6. 109 Business Benefits Reduced travel cost Reporting tasks in the same area for Batch assignment to an Engineer using Google Maps. Knowledge Management using Video repository from You Tube. Forever reachable and connected staff - Reaching field force from various mediums (Facebook, twitter etc) besides traditional methods. No Hardware deployments by using True Cloud environment. Multiple vendors management. Group Task Assignment - Task assignment to a (virtual) group, by broadcasting work. Out of which anybody can pick the task and work. Less latencies between the tasks executions by grouping the tasks on area basis. Proactive / Reactive real-time Escalations thru various online mediums. Easy integration due to new technology with pre-developed plug-ins / interfaces. Customer / Internal / Vendor SLA measurements and assurance. Quick communication - Insta-Messaging through GTalk. Scalable Framework - to plug and play new gadgets / applications Business Needs Missing Proactive approach Long Cycle time for Order Fulfillment / Trouble Ticket Resolution Appointment Scheduling - Busy nature of customers Dynamic Nature: Field Engineer Assignment diversion - In flight change in schedule Track activities of Field Engineers to measure and improve productivity Ability to detect task dependencies / grouping before dispatching field engineer Limited or no collaboration amongst field engineers Easily accessible knowledge base Work Force Management on CloudHigh End Server Migration Implementation for aTier Operator in Netherlands Business Benefits Top performance of servers with high availability and scalability Seamless integration of disparate systems by using high level migration framework Business Needs Optimize the current test environment with consolidation via virtualization. Rebuild an environment that would consolidate old applications and also cater to new business needs Establish an environment that can cater to production level testing Provision equivalent computer power and setup Minimize hardware footprint via virtualization Manage effective workforce for resolving customer / network problems Case Study Background TechMahindraSolution The existing infrastructure on the SUN platform was supporting many disparate systems which included Client is a leading Telco and ICT service provider in mobile to connect running on Sun V880 platform, Netherlands offering wireline and wireless telephony, interconnect billing system on Sun E450 platform, internet and TV to consumers and end-to-end telecom mobile online activation on Sun V440 platform, mobile and ICT services to business customers. It offers a customer care and connect running on HP and Digital sophisticated portfolio of IP and data services that Compaqplatform. providecorporatecustomers,internetserviceproviders The other systems were migrated from DL 380 platformand carriers with intelligent network solutions to 22 to SUN X Series platform where all the features wereEuropeancountries,plusworldwideconnections. bundled together like XML builder, client accept module, mobile online activation, uniform order Tech Mahindra migration team had critical tasks of webfornandmanyothers. migrating existing old infrastructure to new With virtualization we achieved 8:1 ratio on Windows consolidated virtualized infrastructure. The existing systemand14:1rationonSunSolarisserver. infrastructure was split into SUN and HP servers and the task was to migrate from both these systems into new andunifiedSUNplatform. Background TechMahindraSolution apartfromsupportingworkforceactivitiesforlegacyand next generation products and services. Operational Client is a Telecom operator (including Greenfield) efficiency was greatly improved as theWFM application having full fledged Trouble Ticketing / Order enhanced the workforce experience by seamless Managementsystem interworking with existing OSS systems, e.g. Order managementorticketing. Tech Mahindra proposed a Workforce Management (WFM) application that is available on premise or can be hosted on public cloud. Implementation of WFM optimized asset utilization including people assets (workforce) fleet buildings, spares, etc which further led to a significant improvement in the revenue margins. Besides improving the cycle time for lead-to-cash processes, theWFM solution also considerably improved the cycle time for lead-to- cash processes. The application helped the client to easily manage internal SLOs and external SLAs for the various parties involved 5-6