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Kaufman Hall Axiom Booth (2/2)


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Check out this second booth mock up with the branding redesign from our design team!

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Kaufman Hall Axiom Booth (2/2)

  1. 1. Copyright 2013 Classic Exhibits Inc. All Rights Reserved Ph: 866.652.2100 Fx: 503.652.7084 DistributorName:PrairieDisplay/Chicago ClientName:HeartlandDental DrawingNumber:40148Attention: PreparedBy: Date: Order # 10x20 Graphic Dimensions Quantity 1 Each 66.000" 30.000" 40.000" 8.750" 3.000" 95.500" 47.500" First Surface Vinyl Graphic Applied to Laminated Panel Face 130.174" 10.000� 128.795" 145.000" 91.918" 145.0 "w x 91.918"h Fabric Back Wall Graphic Velcro Attach to Rear of Frame .75" Bleed on All Four Sides .750" 146.644" 93.404" Greeting Counter Front Graphic Live Area 70"w x 38 "h x 1/16"t Velcro Attach to Panel