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Informatica Cloud Services deliver purpose-built data integration cloud applications to allow business users to integrate data across cloud-based applications and on-premise systems and databases. Informatica Cloud Services address specific business processes (customer/product master synchronization, opportunity to order, etc.) and point-to-point data integration (e.g. to on premise end-points).

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  • According to Gartner, cloud computing is the #1 strategic technology in 2010. But there is a lot of confusion out there about this term “the cloud.” Just like most of the analyst firms, we think about cloud computing in 3 ways: SaaS: applications like Xactly, BigMachines, SuccessFactors and others. This is really where the action is today and the purchasing decisions and occasionally even departmental deployments are led by the line of business. Platform as a service is gaining traction with developers as platforms such as and Google emerge for building and customizing applications. And finally, Infrastructure as a service. Still early for most enterprise IT organizations, we’re seeing an increasing number of internal deployments (or private clouds) that are taking advantage of cloud infrastructures such as Amazon EC2.
  • Uncertain economy, escalating competition and changing workplace requirements driving cloud market. Customer adoption rising rapidly in organizations of all sizes, across nearly every industry Rising customer interest/adoption attracting proliferation of cloud computing providers Range of integration requirements expanding across various on-premise and cloud entities.
  • And the cloud has also become the #1 driver of Data Fragmentation in the enterprise. As one of our customers said, “a SaaS application without integration is like a beautiful island that nobody can actually get to.” In fact, Forrester Research has shown that 65% of IT managers recognize integration issues as the top barriers to success.
  • That’s why Informatica has put such a focus on the cloud. We’re actually now delivering deployment options across the different flavors of cloud computing – SaaS, PaaS, and Infrastructure as a Service. Informatica Cloud Services are purpose-built applications that are designed for non-technical line of business users (often the SaaS administrator for example). We’ve initally focused on a set of specific use cases that we see as the primary requirements today for SaaS application customers: data migration (loading data in), data synchronization (keeping systems and processes unified on a real-time basis), data quality, and data replication (keeping a local copy of cloud data – typically for on-premise business intelligence). Last year we extended our cloud offerings in two important ways: We introduced the Informatica Cloud Platform, which allows our customers to build and share more complex mappings and functions as a custom cloud service and… Support for IaaS deployments such as Amazon EC2. This means you can sign up to use Informatica PowerCenter or Data Quality on an hourly basis or deploy your software directly on their servers.
  • The benefit: Integrating Cloud Applications to on premise systems or other Cloud Apps The Line of Business is looking for autonomy/self-service, and IT is looking for visibility/control You have a simple point-to-point integration requirement and a tight budget
  • #1 Independent Integration Company +3,800 customers, operating in 23 countries #1 AppExchange Integration Solution As voted by Salesforce customers in 2008 True SaaS Data Integration Multitenant Cloud Services for Salesforce customers Powerful Integration Cloud Platform
  • Informatica Cloud Overview

    1. 1. Check out our YouTube Demos: Join our Facebook Group:
    2. 2. SaaS PaaS IaaS According to Gartner: Cloud Computing = #1 Strategic Technology in 2010 Business Applications <ul><li>Rapid Deployment </li></ul><ul><li>Self-Service </li></ul><ul><li>Auto Upgrades </li></ul>Development Platforms <ul><li>SaaS App customizations </li></ul><ul><li>Building custom Apps </li></ul><ul><li>Cloud deployment </li></ul>IT Infrastructure <ul><li>Lower Costs </li></ul><ul><li>Accelerate Projects </li></ul><ul><li>Elastic Capacity </li></ul>
    3. 3. … without data integration, cloud-based systems won’t provide the value you’re seeking, indeed they may not be cost effective at all . ” “
    4. 4. You need to consider integration for what it is: the mother of all single points of failure . If the data integration solution fails, then critical systems could end up missing crucial information , bringing your business to a standstill. ” “ David Linthicum Author, Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise: A Step-by-Step Guide
    5. 5. Key Industry Trends / Market Drivers Greater Complexities Uncertain Economy Growing SaaS Adoption More “ Cloud” Providers Need for Cost-Effective Integration Solutions
    6. 6. The Cloud is Also #1 Driver of Data Fragmentation 65 percent of IT managers recognize integration issues as the top barrier for SaaS adoption . “ ” Your Company
    7. 7. We outlined our plans for cloud-data integration in our strategic roadmap five years ago and have been delivering on that. Sohaib Abbasi, CEO “ ”
    8. 8. “ As organizations of all sizes run look to the cloud to run their IT solutions, including business applications in the cloud, Informatica’s mission is to ensure that these clouds are connected and that our customers are always working with timely, trustworthy and relevant data. ” Ron Papas, General Manager, Informatica Cloud
    9. 9. The Informatica Cloud The Industry’s Broadest Cloud Integration Portfolio We think Cloud 9 puts Informatica a step ahead of IBM et al . “ ” Informatica Cloud Editions & Options Informatica Cloud Platform Informatica Cloud Services Business Managers IT SIs, ISVs,Developers
    10. 10. Migrate Monitor Synch Replicate The Informatica Cloud The Industry’s Broadest Cloud Integration Portfolio Informatica Cloud Editions & Options Informatica Cloud Platform Informatica Cloud Services Business Managers IT SIs, ISVs,Developers Custom
    11. 11. Informatica Cloud Services User Interface Designed for Non-Technical Users
    12. 12. Informatica Cloud Provisioning True Integration as a Service Your Company DB/File Interfaces RDS Secure Agent 1 3 2
    13. 13. Informatica Cloud in Action Load, Synchronize, Replicate, Profile
    14. 14. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Define the task
    15. 15. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Select the Source
    16. 16. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Select the Target
    17. 17. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Define Filters
    18. 18. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Map Fields (drag & drop)
    19. 19. Informatica Cloud in Action 6-step Wizard Set up Schedule
    20. 20. Informatica Cloud Services Uses Cases Data Sync Service Data Validation Data Loader, Replication & quality Services Data Migration Reporting & Compliance Customer Master Oppty  Order Pricing Master Product Master Data Quality Monitoring
    21. 21. Informatica Cloud Customer Success
    22. 22. Informatica Cloud Customer Success
    23. 23. Informatica Cloud Customer Success
    24. 24. Informatica Cloud Customer Success
    25. 25. Informatica Cloud Platform Extending What’s Possible with PowerCenter <ul><li>Build, share custom integration services in the cloud </li></ul><ul><li>Reduce risk and retain control </li></ul>Custom
    26. 26. Driving IT and Line of Business Collaboration Ease of Use & Maintenance Rapid Deployment Enterprise Functionality Cloud Services : Self-Service Broader Adoption Trusted Data Cloud Platform: Common Metadata Common Engine Interoperable Jobs Cost Scalable Architecture IT Developer Business Manager SaaS Administrator
    27. 27. Informatica Confidential We congratulate Informatica for its customer success and achievement as the top-ranked data integration application on the AppExchange in 2009 . ” “ AppExchange Data Integration App of the Year
    28. 28. Informatica have enabled a simple method to try this easy method to use data integration as part of their Cloud Data Services. This focus both extends value for their established customers and will attract others to more efficient integration of data across and into cloud computing . ” “
    29. 29. Adoption has been steady, so much so that  integration jobs now that run in Informatica’s cloud already number 20,000 per day . ” “
    30. 30. Informatica Cloud 9 delivers a robust platform to power a marketplace of re-usable data integration and data quality components. ” “
    31. 31. 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors Informatica basically pioneered cloud computing for data integration , offering a host of offerings for customers of various shapes and sizes. It offers fast and easy pay-as-you-go and pay-for-use options that let users move data into or out of the cloud or manage data within the cloud of from one app to another. ” “
    32. 32. 5-Star Salesforce Customer Success #1 AppExchange Data Integration…2 Years in a Row!
    33. 33. Building Out the Marketplace…
    34. 34. Why Informatica Cloud for SaaS Integration? #1 Data Integration Company #1 AppExchange Integration Solution <ul><li>+20,000 integration jobs run daily over the Informatica Cloud Platform </li></ul><ul><li>+4.5 billion Salesforce records integrated monthly </li></ul><ul><li>+500 companies use Informatica Cloud Services </li></ul>