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 Profitability                   Integrating water, livestock and crop
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Water flows-income grows


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A poster prepared by the partnerships of ILRI, Sasakawa Global 2000, MOARD and EIAR for the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food, 2006

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Water flows-income grows

  1. 1. WATER FLOWS - INCOME GROWS Profitability Integrating water, livestock and crop development tripled house-hold Public goods income. This could not have been • The project increasingly attracts worldwide attention achieved by any one approach alone. and generates international public goods. • The Government of Zamfara and Kano states, Nigeria, has Community Participating farmers’ mean net income Change in adopted the project’s water harvesting technologies. (US$/year) household • Serves as a case study for the CGIAR’s Challenge Program Before intervention After intervention income (%) on Water and Food & the Comprehensive Assessment of Adama 285 1738 + 538 Water Management and Agriculture. Lume 595 1649 + 203 Arsinegelle 334 1171 + 287 Products QPM maize and highly valued fruits, vegetables and dairy products provide market opportunities and enhance household nutrition. Manure provides n o fuel and helps maintain soil fertility. People ati fic rsi This partnership enabled increased ive ed agricultural production and tripled income through marketing of cash om crops and dairying. It resulted in improved nutrition, health and child i nc education and increased employment. old eh Water from river diversions drives quality us protein maize production, a dual purpose Practices ho food-feed crop. Green maize helps feed people. Chopped green maize stover is for Water is the primary factor limiting agricultural production. Water converted to silage and used for zero harvesting and river diversion are the catalysts unleashing int grazed dairy cows. intensification and diversification of household income. po try en y ke t he is Household water harvesting e n t: pm Objective: Increase food lo security, reduce poverty, ve improve human health and de restore the natural resource te r base of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Community-based river diversion wa dry-lands though new options in rain-fed agriculture. l ra Partnership l tu icu r Ag Lume-Adama Problem & Uta-Wayu Farmers‘ Poverty, low agricultural Cooperative production, land and water Federal Democratic Republic Unions of Ethiopia - Ministry of degradation, and lack of Agriculture & Rural domestic water characterizes Development Ethiopia’s Rift Valley. EIAR