Lea the Limestone


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Watch erosion from a grain of sand's view from the mountains to the beach.

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Lea the Limestone

  1. 1. Lea The Limestone By Michelle
  2. 2. One hot July afternoon I was resting on my nice, comfy limestone boulder when a giant wall of water came crashing down on me. I was ripped off of my rock and swiftly swept down the stream. I was being eroded! My boulder would always tell us pebbles,”Don't worry about the stream. One day you will be carried away from me and the mountain. Then, you will become smaller and smaller. But when this happens, don't talk to strange rocks!”
  3. 3. A month later, I was about the size of a dormouse. I used to be about the size of a guinea pig! As I was swept down the water, I watched the other rocks try to anchor themselves to the shore. Something terrible was about to happen. I heard a deafening roar up ahead and heard a large, pinkish gray granite piece scream,”WATERFALLLLLL!!!!!” I panicked. I pushed myself away from my doom as hard as possible. A small hornblende pushed towards me and puffed,”It's no use! The water will push you even harder if you try!” “ Er... do I know you???” I questioned. “ Oh. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Hanna. Hanna the Hornblende.”she pushed closer,”What's your name?” I paused for a moment and replied,”Lea the Limestone. Nice to meet you Hanna.”
  4. 4. From that moment on, we became really good friends. We went down the waterfall together, too. Turns out, it was pretty sloped. We only went down about 60 or 70 feet or so.
  5. 5. A week later,(though it seemed like years) I was the size of a bird's egg. Poor Hanna had to attach herself to me to prevent herself from getting carried away! A month after that, the river calmed down and Hanna could let go.
  6. 6. We played Marco Polo,(even though it was extremely easy for it to find the other player)hopscotch,(only for ten minutes)jump rope,(just kidding!)and told scary stories. We were carried through a deep place Hanna told me was called a valley.
  7. 7. I saw crops, black and white animals,(which I later found out were called cows)Hanna showed me how to make myself go faster in the water, and I got sort of sick from the pungent smell of feces(also known as poop, manure, etc.).
  8. 8. We were soon out of the valley and I could breathe again without turning a sickly shade of green. Hanna and I were soon carried through a meander, and I turned into a variety of shades of brown. A week later, Hanna was carried into another river and was swept into a stream bound for the beach. I was pushed towards the same beach. Now, I panicked. Where was I going?! What would happen to Hanna?! Where did all of my friends get dropped at?!
  9. 9. I was in a long meander when I went down a steep waterfall. Hanna was waiting at the bottom! She had become smaller than a gerbil's foot. She clambered onto my back and we chatted. The dirt at the bottom of the river made the water thick and perfect for playing grass checkers and chess on. As I checkmated Hanna's king, we talked about what happened when we were separated.
  10. 10. “When you were carried away, I met a river otter! It tried to eat me! If only you were there,”Hanna squealed,”Another time, a frog swallowed me whole, but I got out. I don't want to talk about it,”she hushed when I was about to ask how.
  11. 11. Soon, I could hear seagulls screeching above us. “We're here...,”I whispered in awe. The beach looked amazing. There were shells and sand and birds everywhere. Plus, there was water!!!!! We were grains of sand now.
  12. 12. By Michelle