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Journey of a grain of sand :)


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Journey of a grain of sand :)

  1. 1. Journey of a Grain of SandI was a little granite who went on a big journy. After my endless journey, I have become a shale stone. This is how it began:
  2. 2. Journey of a Grain of SandOne day, a giant rainstorm hit the mountains, where I lay still for days. The sky was as dark as the deep bottom of the ocean! Suddenly, I was starting to move by the flood that was caused by the horrible rainstorm. I kept rolling until I hit a river.
  3. 3. Journey of a Grain of SandI cried for help while I was trying to get out of the river. I kept flowing down the river until I was at the bottom of the mountain. The water roared while water was being spilled all over me. I thought I would be craked into a billion little pieces before the terrifying storm ended!The storm ended about an hour later. My heart was pounding with relief and my face was showing glee but little did I know I had much more trouble ahead of me.
  4. 4. Journey of a Grain of SandI was a bit calmer, but I was still a little bit worried about what would happen when the river would come to an end.Soon, I was feeling a bit noxious. Its because I was in a roller coaster of meanders! They were getting bigger and bigger! My head was spinning so fast. I wish it would have been over soon.
  5. 5. Journey of a Grain of SandI was relived like I was when the storm was over. I was relived because there were no more meanders to be seen.I was panicking again when I saw saw something else in the distance of the river. I took a close look and noticed that it wasnt bad at all. It was just an oxbow lake. It was HUGE! It was bigger than other ones I have seen before. At least I didnt get stuck in it. It was already formed.
  6. 6. Journey of a Grain of SandDays and days have gone by. I was getting very bored. Suddenly, my eyes opened with more relief than ever before on my journey. My face was covered with a giant smile. The end of the river was there!A delta took me out of the river and into the ocean. How nice it was to not worry about anymore obstacles in my path, and of not being in that rapid river.
  7. 7. Journey of a Grain of SandA few months later, I noticed something different. I was a shale! From that point on, I have always been wondering how this happened.So thats my story. Everytime I think about my journey, I always put a huge smile on my face and tell the whole story to myself over and over again.
  8. 8. CreditsStory by: Victoria RodriguezIllistrations by: Victoria RodriguezThank you for watching Journey of a Grain of Sand!Illistrations were made in Tux Paint