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Cognitive Overview

A brief overview of Watson Cognitive solutions and an introduction into how they can be incorporated into the oil & gas arena. Dave Haake, Global C&P Solutions Executive, IBM Watson

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Cognitive Overview

  1. 1. Wake up with Watson Cognitive Overview Dave Haake, Global C&P Solutions Executive, IBM Watson November 15, 2016
  2. 2. © 2016 IBM Corporation Traditional Analytics and Cognitive are complementary across the O&G Value Chain Exploration & Appraisal Well Delivery Facility Development Production & Operations Asset Optimization HSEQ Stake- holders Exploration Manager Explorationists Drilling Manager Well Delivery Team Operators and EPC Managers & Project Team Operations Manager. Cross functional operations Team Field Dev. Mgr. / Subsurface and Asset Teams Operational and Corporate HSEQ Managers & Teams Cognitive Assess regions, basins and fields potential. Use internal as well as external information sources to find most relevant analogues  Unbiased appraisal. Leverage lessons learned in Well Delivery planning. Advise “next best action” when facing challenges during drilling operations. Understand projects status and projections, utilizing “augmenting unstructured information”. Text and sentiment analysis. Explore causes of production shortfalls - to improve Production Efficiency. Understand equipment reliability – and influence new field designs. Improve understanding of reservoirs from identified analogue fields. Advise best IOR/EOR technology and approach from internal and external lessons learned. Explore new relationships to find HSE root causes. The HSE “Investigator” – spanning multiple disciplines and data sources. (Internal and External) Traditional Analytics Interpretation, Modelling, Simulate / Optimize portfolio Analyze cost/efficiency. Predictive Drilling. Well “placement” Project Reporting / Analytics of Time, Cost, Quality, HSE. Prediction based on history Facility Optimization. Predict equipment failures. Analyze Lifting Cost Life of Field analysis. Reservoir simulation Well Productivity Compliance & Reporting. Environmental Monitoring to detect issues / initiate actions. E&P Value Chain / Core Functional Domains
  3. 3. Today’s industry leaders recognize the gap in their digital capabilities Developing new technological solutions in extraction activities Finding more innovative ways to cut costs and increase revenues Creating more innovative solutions in exploration and development Making better decisions on operational risks
  4. 4. Three capabilities differentiate cognitive systems from traditional programmed computing systems… Reasoning They reason. They understand underlying ideas and concepts. They form hypothesis. They infer and extract concepts. Learning They never stop learning getting more valuable with time. Advancing with each new piece of information, interaction, and outcome. They develop “expertise”. Understanding Cognitive systems understand like humans do. …. allowing them to interact with humans and enhance human performance.
  5. 5. 5 OTHER SOURCES  Weather  Social  Web  Patent  Wikipedia INTERNAL SOURCES  Internal processing experience and crude run history  Emails and Personal Hard  Incident related knowledge  Inspection Management system  Internal Forums and Discussion Boards IBM Cognitive Solutions can ingest and curate several types of data from various sources INDUSTRY SOURCES  IHS  SPE  Oil & Gas Journal  Industry White Papers  Industry Journals
  6. 6. 8 to 12 weeks Use Case / Experiment Fine Tune - PoV Pilot / Production Starburst Design Thinking Workshop Engage Users Early Build / Measure / Learn Assess and Re-Loop Core Cognitive Pilot  Establish Success Metrics  Content / Train / Test  Integrate  Release in Small Batch Sizes  Measure and Re-loop Business Domains  Product Lines  Solutions  Market Segments Business Functions  Pre-Sales  Product / Solution Analysis  Configuration  Troubleshooting  Support Discovery Users  CSEs  Customers  Partners Quick Hit / Validate (1day-2wks) 12 to 26 weeks Experiment & Validate Business Use Cases The Road to a Cognitive Enterprise
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