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Watson DevCon 2016 - The Future of Discovery: Deep Insights with Cognitive APIs

Presentation given by Elliot Turner at Watson DevCon 2016.
Finding actionable insights in the ever-growing volume of public and private data is an increasingly complex challenge. The problem is compounded when much of the available data is unstructured. In this session, you’ll see the current state and a glimpse into the future of Watson’s tools for data insights, and you’ll learn how these services can help you make sense of unstructured data, improve business intelligence, eliminate risk, and take action.

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Watson DevCon 2016 - The Future of Discovery: Deep Insights with Cognitive APIs

  1. 1. The  Future  of  Discovery Deep  Insights  via  Cognitive  APIs   Elliot  Turner November  9,  2016
  2. 2. 2 IBM’s statements  regarding  its  plans,  directions,  and  intent  are  subject  to change  or withdrawal without  notice   and  at  IBM’s sole  discretion. Information  regarding potential  future  products  is  intended  to  outline  our  general  productdirection  and  it  should   not  be  relied  on  in  making  a  purchasing  decision. The  information  mentionedregarding  potential  future  products  is  not  a  commitment,  promise,  or legal   obligation  to  deliver  any  material,  code  or functionality.  Information  about  potential  future products  may not  be   incorporated  into  any  contract. The development,  release,  and  timing  of  any  future  features  or functionality  described  for  our  products  remains   at  our  sole  discretion. Performance  is  based  on measurements  and  projections  using  standard  IBM  benchmarks  in  a controlled   environment.  The  actual  throughput  or  performance  that  any user  will  experience  will vary  depending  upon   many  factors,  including  considerations such  as  the  amount  of  multiprogramming  in  the  user’s  job  stream,   the I/O  configuration,  the  storage  configuration,  and  the workloadprocessed.  Therefore,  no  assurance  can  be   given  that  an  individual user  will  achieve  results  similar  to  those  stated  here. Please  note
  3. 3. 11/21/16World  of  Watson  2016  3 The  world  is   swimming  in  data.
  4. 4. Data  is  everywhere.
  5. 5. 11/21/16World  of  Watson2016  5 Nearly  everything  we  do   generates or  consumes data.
  6. 6. Every web  site  we  visit.
  7. 7. Every  item we  purchase.
  8. 8. Every  navigation  route   we  take.
  9. 9. We’re  accumulating more   data  than  ever  before.
  10. 10. 11/21/16World  of  Watson  2016  10 Yet  the  vast  majority  of   data  is  locked  away  in   silos.
  11. 11. Worse  yet,  most  data  is   unintelligible   to  traditional   BI  systems. It  is  unstructured.
  12. 12. Those  who  can  draw   insights  from  their  data   can  gain  valuable   competitive  advantage.
  13. 13. Cognitive  technologies   unlock  insights  in  your   data.
  14. 14. Watson  understands human  language  the  way   people  do.
  15. 15. Watson  sifts through   massive  amounts  of  data.
  16. 16. Enabling  you  to  explore   and discover.
  17. 17. We’ve  packaged  up   these  capabilities  as   developer  APIs.
  18. 18. Enabling  you  to  build   your  own  cognitive  apps.
  19. 19. Introducing  Watson   Discovery  Service.
  20. 20. Watson  Discovery   enriches  your  documents   with  natural  language   understanding.
  21. 21. Watson  Discovery   indexes your  data,   making  it  searchable.
  22. 22. Watson  Discovery   provides  easy-­to-­use   data  analytics.
  23. 23. A  new  lens  for   understanding  your   data  assets.
  24. 24. Enabling  you  to   answer critical   business  questions.
  25. 25. Enabling  you  to   identify  correlations   and  causal  factors.
  26. 26. Enabling  you  to   predict  future   outcomes.
  27. 27. Explore Discover PredictAutomate Watson  Discovery  enables  you  to   unlock  new  insights.
  28. 28. Understand  and  identify  causal   factors  via  time-­series  analysis.
  29. 29. Construct  knowledge  graphs  and   leverage  integrated  semantic  search. Integrated  named  entity  and  relationship  extraction.
  30. 30. Correlate  your  internal  data  with  the  outside   world  via  pre-­enriched  news  content. Tens  of  thousands  of  sources.    Hundreds  of  thousands  of  articles  enriched  daily.    A  finger  on   the  world’s  pulse  through  news  analytics.
  31. 31. We  are  at  the  beginning  of   the  Cognitive  Era.   Watson  Discovery  Service   is  available  via  the   Watson  Developer  Cloud. Try  it  today!