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Challenges of practicing psychiatry

  1. International Challenges of Practicing Psychiatry Journal Club 7/4/1436 Dr Hosam H Kaseb Registrar Psychiatrist Al Taif Mental Health Hospital Under Supervision of Dr Wasem Marey Consultant Psychiatrist Al Taif Mental Health Hospital
  2. Psychiatrist Patient Society Science Anti- Psychiatry Stigma Nature of Diseases Updated Evidence- Based Practice Cross- Cultural Ethics Challenges of Practicing Psychiatry
  3. Challenges 1. Nature of The Disease 2. Stigma 3. Anti-Psychiatry 4. Updated Evidence-Based Practice 5. Cross-Culture Psychiatry 6. Ethics & Medico-Legal Aspects
  4. Nature of The Disease Sequale Quality of Life Stigma Course & Prognosis Acute Episodic Chronic Management Pharmacotherapy Psychotherapy Physical Therapy Diagnosis Misdiagnosis Classification systems Over diagnosis Etiology Biological Psychological Social
  5. Stigma
  6. Theories of Stigma Threat Authority Stigma Physical Implied
  7. Effects of Stigma Patients Patients’ Families Psychiatrists Mental Health Nurses Mental Health Hospitals Psychotropic medications
  8. Effects of Stigma Social Stigma Feelings Fear Control Sympathy Thoughts Patient is violent & dangerous Behaviors Avoidance Hostility
  9. Effects of Stigma Personal Stigma Feelings Low self- Esteem Apathy Anger Thoughts I am Less human being than others Behaviors ‫إ‬Withdrawal Aggression Motivation
  10. Fighting Stigma Fighting Stigma Protest Media Fighting Misconceptions published by media Opening channels of communication Society Protesting against negative attitudes Least Effective Education Health workers Children & Adolescents Families More Information = Less Stigma Direct Communication Role Models of Effective Patients Most Effective methods (yet sometimes regarded as exceptions)
  11. Fighting Stigma in KSA
  12. Anti-Psychiatry The Right to be Different
  13. Beginning of the Movement Ex-Patients National Mental Health Council England WANA We Are Not Alone USA Scientology Clifford W. Beers Psychiatrists A Mind That Found itself (1908)
  14. Reasons for the Movement Harmful Therapies ECT Anxiolytics Psychotropic Side Effects Over Prescription Psychosurgery
  15. Anti-Psychiatry Pioneers DrThomas Szasz The Myth of Mental Illness 1957 Dr R D Laing The Divided Self 1960 Dr David Cooper Anti- psychiatry 1967 Micheal Foucault Madness & Civilization 1961
  16. Anti-Psychiatry Concepts Benefits of Psychiatric Treatments Harm of Psychiatric Treatments
  17. Anti-Psychiatry Claims Psychiatry is a Pseudo-Science Psychiatry is a Social Control Tool Political Abuse of Psychiatry Pharmaceutical Companies & Drug Business Labeling
  18. Updated Evidence-Based Practice Psychiatry is a Evidence-Based Science Psychiatry is a Branch of Medicine to help patients Ethics of Psychiatric Practice Practice Guidelines Criteria for Diagnosis
  19. Future of Psychiatry Benefits of Treatments Harms of Treatments
  20. Cross-Culture Psychiatry Management Culturally Adapted Psychotherapy Spirituality & Religions Assessment Arabic Brief religious Coping Scale
  21. Ethics & Medico-Legal Aspects  Patients Rights
  22. Summary
  23. References 1. Portraying mental illness and drug addiction as treatable health conditions: Effects of a randomized experiment on stigma and discrimination McGinty EE, Goldman HH, Pescosolido B, Barry CL 2014 2. Key Ingredients of Anti-Stigma programs Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2014 3. Stigma, Conscience , Science in Psychiatry ; Past , Present & Future John Z. Sadler 2009 4. Cross Cultural Validation & psychometric Properties of Arabic Brief Religious Coping Scale (A-BRCS) Ashraf ElHadethe et Al 2014 5. An Examination of the Evidence in Culturally adapted Evidence-Based or Empirically Supported Interventions Janet E. Helms 2014
  24. Discussion