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Clinical psychology


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Clinical psychology

  2. 2.  Please give your feedback @
  3. 3.  Clinical psychologists are on the front line in the treatment of the mental health problems
  4. 4.  Clinical psychology is the scientific study , diagnosis and treatment of people who have psychological problems adjusting to themselves and environment .
  5. 5.  Clinical psychologists deal with both normal and abnormal behaviours
  6. 6.  They administrate and interpret psychological test , and assist in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorder .they do study the structures and development of personality
  7. 7.  Major professions in the mental health field other than Clinical psychology include Psychiatrists Counseling psychologists Psychiatric social workers Rehabilitation psychologists School psychologists Health psychologists Psychiatric nurses Para professionals
  8. 8.  A clinical psychologist is a professional who applies principles and procedures to understand predict and alleviate intellectual , emotional , psychological and behavioral problems
  9. 9. Professional skills / activities of a clinical psychologistAssessment and diagnosisTherapyTeachingClinical supervisionResearchConsultationProgram developmentAdministration
  10. 10.  How a clinical psychologist thinks A series of four tasks are central to how clinical psychologists think about people and problems whether in generating research and knowledge for the field as a whole or for gaining a better understanding of a given individual Description Explanation Prediction Change of human functioning
  11. 11.  General hospital and medical clinics Mental health clinics and psychiatricHospital , rehabilition hospitals and clinicsAND Community service agenciesPrivate practiceUniversities and collegesIndustryThe militaryPrison and correctional facilitiesPrivate and governmental reasearch agenciesschoolCLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTSEMPLOYEE SETTINGS
  12. 12.  Areas that clinical psychology investigate include The role of psychology factors in the development of physical diseases The prevention of violent behaviour The long term consequences of sexual assaualt , harrasment and rape Study of individual differences Prevention of psychotathologyRESEARCH IN CLINICALPSYCHOLOGY TODAY
  13. 13.  In the work related activities psychologists donot engage in unfair discrimination based on age , gender , gender identity, race , ethnicity , culture , national origion , religion , sexual orientation , disability , socio economic status , or any baisis proscribed by law
  14. 14.  Psychologists do not engage knowingly in behaviour that is harrasing or demeaning to person with whom they interact in their work based on factors such as age , gender Avoid : Harm Multiple relationships Conflict of interest Third party requests for services exploitative relationships
  15. 15.  The intake /admission interview The case history interview Mental status examination interview The crisis interview Diagnostic interview Structured interviewTypes of interview
  16. 16.  Problem identification Problem analysis Assessment planning Treatment evaluationBehavioral interviewing
  17. 17.  Advances in clinical health psychology to include a no. of physical disorders and diseases – psychologists contribute directly to the prevention and treatment of among other diseases ,cancer ,diabeties , hypertension , and aids
  18. 18.  Psychotherapy is a process of discovery – a learning process . In it , we can work together to discover what events , situations and relationships in your current life or earlier life are leaving you with uncomfortable feelings or ways of dealing with your world that are not working as well as you want
  19. 19.  Neuropsychology can be defined as the study of the relation between brain function and behaviour Forensic psychology is the application of the methods , theories and concepts of psychology to the legal system