5 Consumer Megatrends 2014 - That Will Affect Your Business


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Look at these Megatrends for 2014 that will affect your business. And why not let Sam Malone and Cheers guide the way.

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5 Consumer Megatrends 2014 - That Will Affect Your Business

  1. 1. WHAT IS A MEGATREND? Mega trend refer to a major movement in pattern or emerging trend in the macro-environment. It is an emerging force that will have an impact on the kinds of products consumers will prioritise when buying in the future.
  2. 2. PRESUMERS & CUSTOWNERS Have you ever heard of the two new consumption models: PRESUMERS and CUSTOWNERS? PRESUMERS just love to get involved with your products and service before they are realized. So involve your PRESUMERS – let them help you. CUSTOWNERS are customers who move away from passively consuming products towards funding or investing in the companies they are buying from. You think the customers in Cheers would invest in Sam Malones bars?
  3. 3. EMERGING MARKETS Get ready for the emerging markets. Now it’s time for an explosion in products and services from emerging markets for emerging markets. Now the consumers in the emerging markets get the power. In 2013 the GDP of the emerging markets will exceed the advanced markets for the first time. So Cheers and Sam Malone has to open a bar in Turkey, India or maybe South Africa too.
  4. 4. MOBILE MOMENTS The consumers just love they smartphones. Did you know that 73 % of male respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phone and 63 % of the female respondents. Cell phone users between 18 and 24 exchange an average of 109 messages on an average day. That’s 3,200 per months ! Users spend nearly one hour on their device every day. I am sure Norm would have loved to talk in his mobile phone all the time.
  5. 5. FULL FRONTAL Not just transparent, but naked and proud ;-) Our brand have nothing to hide. That is passive right? The next big thing is to be proactive – shoing and proving we have nothing to hide. Remember with social media you can’t hide anything these days. So use this proactive – be naked and be proud. And I am sure Sam Malone would agree with me – right?
  6. 6. BIG DATA The amount of data in our world has been exploding, and analyzing large data sets—so-called big data—will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus, according to research by MGI and McKinsey's Business Technology Office. But there is no new about this right? You have to know your market better than your competitor. Big Data is a way to know your market better. So what if your competitor is using Big Data analyzing but you are not? So you better get startet. Sam Malone knows his customers.