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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Minesoft


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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions Minesoft

  1. 1. Product Review ICIC, 14th October 2013 Mie Rasmussen Minesoft Ltd.
  2. 2. Specialists in Patent Information • Building Intelligent Patent Information Solutions since 1996 Trusted by IP experts Worldwide • Corporations, National Patent Offices, Patent Attorneys and Patent Search Firms worldwide International Customer Support • Global client base, including USA, Germany, Japan, India and Israel
  3. 3. Patent Families Full Text Added Value • • • • 101 Authorities Updated Daily National Data Feeds Legal Status Searching • 23 Full Text Collections • Non Latin Collections JP, CN, KR, & PCT • Abstracts from over 50 Authorities • Searchable Full Text Translations • PDF Copies • Class Revisions (IC, EP, US & JP) • Citations grouped by families • Manual Corrections • Special Indexing • Normalisation
  4. 4. Data overview • Total data volume exceeds 35Tb • 48 million families and 101 publishing bodies • 40 million full-texts including over 20 million non-Latin into English machine translations • 54 million clipped images and 45 million complete sets of drawings • PatBase Express interface in seven languages (GB, DE, ES, FR, JP, CN, PT) • PatBase interface in three languages (EN, JP, CN)
  5. 5. Legal Status TimeLine • Review legal status in a single glance • Includes breakdown for EP national phase entries • Based on INPADOC PRS codes • Included in PatBase Reports & Exports • Easily linked within existing applications
  6. 6. Legal Status TimeLine
  7. 7. New Legal Status Search Functionality • Based on EPO INPADOC PRS data • Legal status groups to easily combine multiple PRS codes across different authorities • Combine with date Searching on Legal Events • Search all granted publications with a single command
  8. 8. PatBase Analytics • New PatBase Analytics Module • Fast analysis on up to 100,000 PatBase families • Analyse Dates, Countries, Assignees, Inventors, Classes and Agents • Improved text clustering • Single click analytic reports on IPC’s and CPC’s
  9. 9. New - Sequence Search Form • Fast biological sequence searching • US sequence data covered from 2005 • Proteins,nucleic acids, and subsequences • Search name or source
  10. 10. Additional Updates • New Chinese Interface • US, EP, and PCT Full Text translated into Chinese • Fast Left Hand Truncation • FDA Orange Book Data integrated into PatBase records • Russian Full Text Data with Machine Translations now searchable from 1994
  11. 11. Thank You