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ICIC 2017: New product presentation minesoft


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ICIC 2017: New product presentation minesoft

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ICIC 2017: New product presentation minesoft

  1. 1. Minesoft Update ICIC 2017 22-24 October, Heidelberg Katarina Bartos Quin
  2. 2. Specialists in Patent Information Building Intelligent Patent Information Solutions since 1996 What we do Trusted by IP experts Worldwide Corporations, National Patent Offices, Patent Attorneys and Patent Search Firms worldwide International Customer Support Global client base With Offices and Support across Europe North America, and Asia
  3. 3. Products & Services
  4. 4. Products & Services Search & Analysis Alerting Document Ordering
  5. 5. PatBase Data Coverage • 44 Full Text Collections • 60 Million Families • 116 Million Publications • 106 Issuing Authorities Analytics •Integrated •Fast •Supports large data sets •New version on preview Legal Status •Standardized •Multiple sources •Added value Groups •Easy to share and access Search •Single Database •Complex queries •Semantic •Alerts
  6. 6. Austria Australia Brazil Canada Switzerland China Germany Denmark Spain Finland France United Kingdom Ireland Israel India Japan Korea Morocco Mexico Netherlands United States Philippines Portugal Russia Sweden Thailand Tunisia Taiwan 106 Issuing Authorities
  7. 7. 44 Full Text Collections Data Coverage • AP ARIPO • Austria • Australia • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • East Germany • Denmark • Finland • France • Ireland • Israel • India • Japan • Korea • Luxembourg • Monaco • Morocco • Mexico • Netherlands • Norway • New Zealand • OAPI • Philippines • Portugal • Russia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Soviet Union • Thailand • Tunisia • Taiwan • United States • United Kingdom • WIPO •Austria •Netherlands •Eurasian Patent Office •Monaco •Luxembourg •Morocco •New Zealand •Portugal •ARIPO •Tunisia •Chile •Mexico •Serbia •Ireland •OAPI •German Democratic Republic (DD) •Moldova (coming soon) New Full Text
  8. 8. Other Sources US Litigation Dead or Alive indicator FDA Orange Book Legal Status Groups
  9. 9. Legal Status Sources INPADOC (EPO Database) • Pre & post grant events from over 40 offices PatBase Bibliographic • Publication data from 106 sources USPTO PAIR • Additional events and updated weekly Japanese PTO Legal status • Additional events and updated weekly
  10. 10. Summary Details Sampling Details Executed PatBase Search Patent Type Breakdown Dashboard • Key information immediately shown in the Dashboard Summary • Widgets provide a visual summary of the data analysed
  11. 11. Icons display the effect of turning off each parameter Adjust your search settings Adjust search parameters to optimise analysis results, details, and time required Turn off the analysis of keywords or legal status to significantly reduce the time needed to complete the analysis.
  12. 12. Dashboard Each category can be further broken down, with charts tailored for your exact requirements Analysis can be carried out through the eight Chart options
  13. 13. Edit the Chart Title and Axis labels Change the type of chart produced, and modify by selecting options or 3D settings Access the raw data behind the chart directly Edit the basic layout and size of the chart Chart Settings
  14. 14. Sharing your Charts Print or download your chart in a variety of formats Share your chart with colleagues through a URL
  15. 15. Bar Charts Pie Charts Word Clouds Landscape Plots Data Presentation Data presented in your desired format
  16. 16. Thank you