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ISO TC 267 Washington Meeting

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ISO TC 267 Washington Meeting

  1. 1. ISO/TC267 ülése Washingtonban 2014. 04. 11 – 13. Dr. Baka Levente László Miklós
  2. 2. Helyszín
  3. 3. Résztvevők Australia, Austria, China, Czech Rep., Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Norway, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  4. 4. Döntések Resolution 01/2014 ISO/TC 267 confirms/re-confirms the following liaison officers: ISO/TC 59/SC 3 – Jozsef Czerny ISO/TC 176 – Jay Drew ISO/TC 242 – Casey Martin ISO/PC 251 – Stephen Ballesty CEN/TC 348 – Olav Egil Saeboe Euro FM – Ondrej Strup It is an obligation to the liaison officers to submit a report in due time before the next meeting. Resolution 02/2014 ISO/TC 267 agrees to change the title of ISO 18480-2 to Facilities Management – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements Track changed for both parts of ISO 18480: new target dates: DIS (Draft International Standard): 2014-11-01, FDIS (Final Draft International Standard): 2016-05-01, IS International Standard): 2016-11-01.
  5. 5. Munkaterv ISO/TC 267 Secretary Bernd Borchert gave an overview of the process and the deadlines ahead: • The total production time of the standard is extended from 36 to 48 months. • WG 2 are to send an enquiry-version of the standard during September 2014. • Enquiry 5 month (November 2014 – April 2015). • Discussion of the received enquiry comments (June 2015) • Finalize a Final Draft and decide if formal vote is needed (voluntary according to new ISO procedure) • Incorporation of editorial comments from formal vote (Done by ISO) • Publish ISO 18480-2 (2016) Further, he reminded theWG 2 to use the ISO database of terms and definitions
  6. 6. Szavazás • Használandó kifejezés: “Facilities Management” Fogalommeghatározások helye: • AllTerms and definitions in ISO 18480 -1 • Part 2 specific t&d-s in ISO 18480-2
  7. 7. WG2 döntései • Work plan, homework and next meeting Everyone is to send their input/assignments to the secretary before 30 May. • It was decided to cancel the planned May meeting in London and arrange a meeting on 11+12 September instead. • Actions: Secretary to confirm the place for the 11+12 September meeting. Convenor and secretary to make an updated version of the standard in June/July as basis for the September meeting. Convenor and secretary to align clause 3Terms and definitions with ISO 18480-1.
  8. 8. IFMA Facility Fusion 2014. 04. 15-17. Létesítménygazdálkodási konferencia és vásár thefutureoftheworkplace