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Strategic Visioning Infographic


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Strategic Visioning Infographic

  1. 1. PURPOSE A global network of campus centers Customer Service Safety Sustainability STEPS to Developing Your Organization’s 1 Quality Education… The purpose statement has four components: · The essence or distinctiveness of your organization, · The human need you will fill, · The market you will reach, and · Your primary means of achieving your purpose. College Students 2VALUESOur sense of what ought to be, … what is wrong, what will work, and what will not work. Respect Hard Work Quality 3GOALS... Broad statements not capable of direct measurement. Goals express how things will be different as a result of having accomplished your mission. An army of innovative scientists Top Online University Rank in U.S. 4OBJECTIVES… precise, measurable, time-phased results that support the achievement of a goals. 5STEPS Specific Measurable Dated Owned Sequenced 6MILESTONES 1 2 3 4 7REPORTSReports help link results to positive reinforcement, motivate people to get things done, and make people aware of their purpose and what is expected of them. 8FEEDBACK… Information that illustrates the effect of actions taken in light of your objectives and that you can use to improve future performance. 9IMPROVEMENT Discover Your Identify Your Set Your Establish Choose Your Specify Submit Periodic Obtain Engage in Continuous … Complete the loop by using what you find to make improvements in processes, policies, structures, and reward systems. 1 REPEATThe Process Strategic Visioning is not something you do once and then forget about it. To be effective, it must become a part of the organizational culture. LeadStrategic Challenging Leadership Thinking .. To Enable Strategic Improvement 10STRATEGIC VISION @DrGregWaddell © Dr. Greg Waddell, 2012-2013