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Part 2 - Tools for Streamlining and Automating Your Law Practice


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Attorney Jordan Couch offers tools to improve your law firm's systems. From advertising and intake, to billing and feedback there are lots of tools to help you automate and simplify your legal practice.

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Part 2 - Tools for Streamlining and Automating Your Law Practice

  1. 1. Tech Tools Jordan L. Couch @jordanlcouch
  2. 2. Introduction ●This is just an overview ●You don’t need all of these (fewer = better) ●There’s probably an app for that ●If there isn’t an app for that, there’s probably an app to build that.
  3. 3. Client Acquisition ●Not advertising ●Humanizing/Branding ●Building systems to attract clients
  4. 4. Social Media ● Find what works for you ● Be a human first ● Offer valuable content ● Be consistent ● Build systems
  5. 5. Automate It ●Control posts ●Follow feeds ●Be Notified ●Track Analytics
  6. 6. Fremium Services ●Effortlessly attract paying clients, divert those unwilling/unable to pay. ●Teach potential clients when and why they need an attorney. ●Treat Q&A forums like a potential client call.
  7. 7. Examples
  8. 8. Intake ●Save time, get info up front from anywhere. ●Give clients freedom and choice ●Engage clients automatically ●Monitor the intake process
  9. 9. Adobe ● Essential document tool ● Track and sign ● Redact files ● Edit and Organize
  10. 10. Cloud Forms
  11. 11. Anytime/Anywhere ●Let potential clients schedule ●Take good calls anytime ●Engage automatically ●Virtual meetings
  12. 12. Scheduled Apts.
  13. 13. 24/7 Intake ● Receptionist asks questions. ● Depending on answers call is forwarded. ● If not forwarded, email with potential client info sent.
  14. 14. Auto Engagement ● All site visitors automatically engaged ● Communications routed directly to attorneys ● Only interested visitors routed
  15. 15. Virtual Meetings
  16. 16. Monitor Intake ●Track marketing ●Monitor processes ●Enhance conversion
  17. 17. Workflow ●Cloud Practice management ●Cloud kanban boards
  18. 18. Why It’s Essential ●Work from anywhere ●Seamlessly collaborate with a team ●Customize dashboards/workflow ●Link and automate
  19. 19. Clio Dashboard
  20. 20. Trello Dashboard
  21. 21. Trello Project Management
  22. 22. Communication ●Give clients options ●Go mobile ●Consolidate ●Communicate better
  23. 23. Options ●Text to email ●Fax to email ●Portal to email ●Routed Phones ●Virtual receptionists ●Instant messaging ●Video calls
  24. 24. In-house messengers ● Designed for teamwork ● Allows work from anywhere ● Customizable ● Adds a bit of fun
  25. 25. Collaborate ●Cloud based programs make it easy ●Access anywhere ●Assign tasks, work simultaneously ●Slack, Trello, Dropbox, G-Suite, Office 365
  26. 26. Robotic Help ●Grammarly, Wordrake, PerfectIt ●Advanced writing assistants
  27. 27. Track Performance ●Automate client feedback ●Organize data in a useful form ●Link KPIs to specific clients
  28. 28. Collection ● Automatic Systems ● Client provided ● Manual Systems
  29. 29. Organize and View
  30. 30. Connect & Automate ●Link all of your cloud services ●Achieve more without duplication ●Enhance capabilities
  31. 31. Zapier/IFTTT ●Link cloud programs ●Set trigger events ●Automate reactions ●Complex chains
  32. 32. Ad ons ●Trello, Adobe, G-Suite, Slack ●If the tool doesn’t do it, an ad on likely does ●Calendars, Repeats, Legal Research, Order Pizza, Random Facts
  33. 33. Trello Ad Ons
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Originally created by Ansel Halliburton -
  36. 36. Questions?