Whole Body Vibration For Health Clubs


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What is "whole body vibration", and how can it benefit health clubs

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Whole Body Vibration For Health Clubs

  1. 1. What is Whole Body Vibration Training? Whole Body Vibration Platforms stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. The vibration of the platforms creates instability in the human body, and with each vibration the body is forced to perform reflexive muscle actions, multiple times per second. The net result is that all exercise on a vibration platform has more muscle activation resulting in improved results in less time for all strength, power, and flexibility training. There are also a whole host of powerful physiological enhancements including increased circulation and lymphatic flow; increased strength and power; increased stability and balance; increased range of motion; improved recovery and relaxation.
  2. 2. Characteristics of vibration Vertical Vibration In alignment with gravity and gravity receptor Multi – dimensional Direction of the vibration: displacement up and down, forward Multi – dimensional function and backward, side to side
  3. 3. Classification of acceleration forces (g-forces)1 g = 9.81 m/s² (normal earth gravity)Values smaller than 1 = microgravity (i.e. 0 g in space)Values greater than 1 = macro-gravity (i.e. roller coaster→ max. 6 g!)
  4. 4. Gravity… nature’s resistance Amplitude (mm) Frequency (Hz) Gravity Force (g) Acceleration (m/s²) Low 30 1.83 18.00 m/s2 35 2.32 22.80 m/s2 40 2.76 27.10 m/s2 50 3.48 34.10 m/s2 High 30 3.17 31.10 m/s2 35 3.99 39.10 m/s2 40 5.11 50.09 m/s2 50 6.36 62.40 m/s2 Acceleration measured by the University of Leuven (Belgium)
  5. 5. Formula of Force Relationship between mass and acceleration on force factorF = m x a Body mass + load mass = decreased accelerationF = m x a Body mass + Power Plate = increased acceleration Body mass + load mass + Power-Plate = increased mass &F = m x a acceleration
  6. 6. Formula of ForceNormal:F (z/vertical) = 70kg (bodyweight) x 9.81 m/s2 (1 g) = 686 NewtonTraditional resistance training:F (z/vertical) = [70kg + 58kg extra weight] x 9.81 m/s2 (1 g) = 1255 NewtonPower Plate (Acceleration) training (30 Hz Low):F (z/vertical) = 70kg (bodyweight) x 18.3 m/s2 (1.8 g) = 1260 Newton
  7. 7. Basics of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology Afferent side Classical reflex arc sensory Receptor Neuromuscular spindle Spinal cord reflex = unconscious and fast EffectorMuscle-contraction Efferent side motor Neuromuscular spindle = measures change in length and rate of change in length
  8. 8. Basics of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology Muscle is stretched Neuromuscular spindle is stimulated Information gets to the spinal cord Motor neuron fires quick impulsesMuscle contraction of the stretched muscle Reflex muscle contraction Knee Jerk Reflex
  9. 9. Tonic Vibration Reflex Tonic Vibration ReflexPre-tensed muscles + VibrationImprovement of inter-muscular coordinationImprovement of intra-muscular coordinationRecruitment, synchronization and rate codingPre-tension affects transmissibility Fast Twitch & Slow Twitch Stability, Strength & Power
  10. 10. Golgi Tendon Organ: The Tension ReceptorAutogenic Inhibition (GTO creates inhibition within same muscle being stimulated)Reciprocal Inhibition (GTO creates inhibition within functional opposing muscle)Polysynaptic pathway (Enabling functional improvements in GTO detects change in tension and rate ROM and Force production) change in tension
  11. 11. Strength vs. Flexibility Vibrations initiated by high Vibrations initiated by low muscle pre-tension muscle pre-tensionDominance of the muscle spindle activity Dominance of the GTO activity Positive adaption in strength Positive adaption in flexibility
  12. 12. Areas of Conditioning STRETCH (Warm-up) – primes neuromuscular system as well as increasing circulation, temperature, AND increasing dynamic flexibility in less than 5 minutes! BALANCE (Coordination) – ultimate in stability and balance training and results in greatly increased recruitment of muscles. CORE (Pillar) – more muscle activation means improved results in less time! STRENGTH (Power) - through increased muscle activation all exercises are more productive on a vibration platform! MASSAGE (Recovery & Regeneration) – massage and myofascial release is easy to do, and FEELS GREAT while greatly improving recovery!
  13. 13. Influence on blood flowVibrations stimulates the muscle-pump-effect andcauses an increase in blood-flow with an improvementof transport capacity for: Oxygen / carbon dioxide Vitality components (micro nutrients) Energy components (macro nutrients) Derivates and wastes (i.e. acids)
  14. 14. Influence on bone densityThe following factors determine bone density: Tensile and compressive loading on the bones as a reaction of muscle activity Power Plate effects Velocity of deformation Re-vascularization of intra-osseous matrix Hormones
  15. 15. Influence on hormonesRelease of: Human growth hormone (musclebuilding) Serotonin (neuro-transmitter) Testosterone (muscle building)Reduction of: Cortisol (long-time-stress marker)
  16. 16. Effect of Long-Term Whole Body Vibration Training on Visceral Adipose Tissue: A Preliminary Report Study compared four groups: control group with no lifestyle changes; diet onlygroup; diet and traditional exercise group (3 X 60 minute sessions per week); and dietand Whole Body Vibration group (3 X 30 minutes per week).After 6 months the whole body vibration group had lost almost 30% of their VisceralAdipose Tissue (Abdominal fat) which is the type of fat most strongly linked tocardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome!After 6 months the diet with traditional exercise group lost about half as much fat asthe vibration group, and the diet only group lost even less!After stopping all diet and exercise interventions for 6 months and re-assessing all groups the diet and diet and traditional exercise groups gainedback all or even more fat than they had to begin with BUT the vibration groupactually lost a little bit more fat!
  17. 17. Whole Body Vibration AdvantagesHealth Club Benefits: Generate new programming revenue – provide individual or group training option for members. Easy to combine with other modalities such as TRX or Gravity EFI. Program & product variety provides member retention. Can be used by any member or potential member from senior de-conditioned person to high end athlete.Health Benefits: Increases bone mineral density Increases muscle strength and endurance Increases circulation Recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue