physiology sai sailesh kumar sailesh kumar blood central nervous system\ nerve muscle physiology hematology renal physiology respiratory system medical physiology saisailesh endocrinology kidney gastric physiology central nervous system female reproductive system endocrine system special senses clinical physiology nerve skeletal muscle practical physiology neuro physiology hormones human physiology growth hormone pituitary gland cerebellum hearing gastro intestinal tract general physiology cranial nerves gastric secretion stomach cardiac muscle research oxygen lung volumes respiration sleep muscle atrophy muscle hyp[ertrophy fatigue muscle metabolism cross bridge myosin actin muscle contraction neuroglia nmp physiology of smell taste pathway optics retina vitreous humor aqueous humor eye ball memory learning eeg basal ganglia central nervouis system extra pyramidal tracts pyramidal tract pain physiology stretch reflex muscle tone sensory tracts receptor mechanism of action of hormone reflex arc synapse small intestine pancreas thyroid hormone sai sailesh adrenal cortex vestibular system basalganglia clearance countercurrent mechanism gfr urine formation p nephron motor unit salivary secretion saliva diabetes stress vestibular stimulation ovariancycle oogenesis male reproductive system reproductive system ear respiratory physiology chemical regulation exocrine pancreas pancreatic enzymes immunity hemostasis platelets white blood cells polycythemia anemia blood indices action potential reflexes shock amphibian spirogram hypoxia deep sea high altitude regulations oral presentation poster conference chloride shift co2 dissociation curve haldane effect transport of co2 bohr effect oxygen dissociation curve oxygen transport of gases diffusion air way resistance compliance surface tension ondine curse intra alveolar pressure intra pleural pressure muscles of inspiration mechanics of breathing respiratory muscles diaphragm introduction to respiratory system tracheobronchial tree functional anatomy
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