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Presentation about some choices and challenges surrounding CMS'ses faced in the project

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  1. 1. Overheidscommunicatie Nieuwe Stijl „Central Government Communication New Style‟
  2. 2. Political wish & decision “less people in central government” + Web „problem‟ 16 websites for central government
  3. 3. Idea: „shared service‟ Smaller, flexible, better quality … … less people, less confusion
  4. 4. 16 websites from 13 departments into 1: something like www.‟centralgovernment‟.nl :-)
  5. 5. Websites 16 CMS 9 Search 5 Hosting 16 Editorial staff 16 + Less costs, less people, better quality
  6. 6. Business needs …are user needs! Government websites must be available to everyone…
  7. 7. User needs! Information in one place Less confusion Reduced complexity… UCD & usability-testing Webguidelines/WCAG Accessibility and build quality Open data/content Social media/webX.0
  8. 8. CMS: „Every Flavour Beans‟… Implementation is everything!
  9. 9. Open Standards/Open Source? • Future proof flow of information • Open code, less vendor lock-in, sharing components and code within government Taking but also giving; re-use instead of re-inventing…
  10. 10. Your CMS MUST be able to separate Website API’s (X)HTML CSS Javascript Widgets structure presentation behaviour Feeds Repository Database content External CMS sources
  11. 11. 13 departments who are different (are they?) Challenges How to organize this? Migration: 16 websites, 15 years of content … Scope, automatic and by hand... know what you want and need. Project Management Agile/SCRUM, multi- disciplinary teams. Gives interaction and insight.
  12. 12. Thank you! Ministry of General Affairs The Netherlands Photo credits: Crayon: Binnenhof: India bus: Crowd: User: David Vignoni Confusion: Hippo: Hippo Challenge: