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Code4EU @Open Knowledge Foundation, OKFest Geneve 25 sept 2013


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Code4EU @Open Knowledge Foundation, OKFest Geneve 25 sept 2013

  1. 1. Code for Europe brings change agents to your city They help foster innovation And help cities work with commons and technology
  2. 2. In 2013 10 fellows worked in 7 cities throughout EU They created 8 apps that are now shared via Github and
  3. 3. Join us! Become a host city or a code fellow Go to for more information
  4. 4. Change agents Katalin Gallyas Open Innovation Policy Advisor City of Amsterdam
  5. 5. 24 hour citizens
  6. 6. Tech Gap? City: Citizens: •  Cities are multilayered (hierarchical) , challenged by budget cuts, slow down with urban redesign projects! •  Old procurement structures (vendor lock)! •  General risk averse! •  24 hours connected! •  Changing needs: craving for immediate feed-back from city! •  Want to leverage on the rapid development of Internet tech and social media!
  7. 7. Trends that will transform city governance …. !
  8. 8. Trends City = Interface
  9. 9. Trends Platformism
  10. 10. Trends P2P Markets
  11. 11. City Governance! Transactions! Citizens!
  12. 12. Meet the fellows Alan Meyer Fellow Berlin Ohyoon Kwon Fellow Amsterdam Piotr Steininger Fellow Amsterdam Giovanni Maggini Fellow Amsterdam
  13. 13. September 17th OKCon
  14. 14. Three projects West East South
  15. 15. West project: Frontline Staff • Context: Collaborative social services address the social problems in deprived neighborhoods • Problem: A lack of information system support the practice across organisations • Solution: team collaboration tool for agile civil servants
  16. 16. East: Social Accommodation • Problem: a neighborhood with citizen-driven initiatives and high demand for community spaces • Solution: a web application to allow citizens to manage facilities and reserve rooms
  17. 17. South: Spreading out tourist • Problem: Municipality wants to enable visitors to explore outside of the crowded central area • Solution: an engaging app for players to explore less-visited places in Amsterdam
  18. 18. East: Social Accommodations
  19. 19. Community Center Platform - Features • Support for multiple community centers • One-stop shop for activities in the neighborhood • Community/event space reservation • Booking requests management • Offer/invoicing management • Google Calendar integration *
  20. 20. Programming workshop in Indische Buurt • Held September 7th • Aimed to expose citizens to web development • Inspired by RailsGirls • • We're looking for 2 - 3 developers for coaching citizens Trying to gather interest, getting people to sign-up *
  21. 21. Demo *
  22. 22. Zuid - Moving Tourists
  23. 23. Take a Hike! - Components • Web Content Curation System o Curators can add Locations/Attractions o Route creation o Data Analysis • Web API o delivers content to the mobile apps o collects usage data for research • Native apps o iOS & Android apps o urban exploration game o earn and share badges and rewards on Facebook
  24. 24. Take a Hike! - Demo Download at Fixed the Dutch version only a week later
  25. 25. Take a Hike! - Demo Fixed the Dutch version only a week later
  26. 26. Resources: East • SamensApp: • Stories, photos, videos: *
  27. 27. Resources: South • Codez: • Stories, photos, videos: *
  28. 28. Contact Piotr @polishprince Giovanni @maggix Ohyoon @ohyoonkwn *
  29. 29. Questions? Thank you!
  30. 30. Lessons learnt Fellowship 2013 Suzanne Heerschop Project Manager Waag Society Anne-Claire Frank Project coordinator City of Amsterdam
  31. 31. lessons learnt fellowship 2013 Suzanne Heerschop Project Manager Anne-Claire Frank Coordinator
  32. 32. Accelerators Developer hubs Knowledge institutes Innovation labs Gathering open data, using open interfaces as citysdk (open interfaces), connecting the maker community, pan-european collaboration between fellows and cities. More in the workshop after this presentation. getting citizens involved, giving citizens a platform to be actively involved in fixing city / civic challanges We bring you=> open source solutions
  33. 33. Getting involved • • • innovation ecosystem ‘high and low’ level commitment coach the ‘challenge holder’
  34. 34. Professionals with a big passion to improve the way citizens interact with government. Not only making an app, but also inspiring the civil servants they work with to look for out of the box solutions, making the treshold to IT solutions lower, get them excited.
  35. 35. Getting started... • • • mandate to act freely insight in structure of government achievable challenges (kiss)
  36. 36. Getting results... • • • 2-for-1 deal working with developers is fun! “strange duck in the bite”-effect
  37. 37. marketplace of apps for civic / city challenges. Instead of reinventing the wheel, reuse what others have made before. All CfE apps will be uploaded here. Or share your own solution. Mostly free, some not. => to conclude
  38. 38. Getting online... • • • cities are not app publishers, yet open source fellow > coder
  39. 39. apply as code partner or become a hosting city. or join our network. => questions
  40. 40. we code for europe So quick sum up: change agents to your city database with apps and code to shop from: free and interchangeable creating ecosystem for innovation =>join us
  41. 41. JOIN US! we code for europe So quick sum up: change agents to your city database with apps and code to shop from: free and interchangeable creating ecosystem for innovation =>join us
  42. 42. we code for europe Europe Commons Paul MacKay Data Technologist NESTA So quick sum up: change agents to your city database with apps and code to shop from: free and interchangeable creating ecosystem for innovation =>join us
  43. 43. Lots of great digital public sector innovation happens locally. People are motivated to create solutions for where they live and pilots often start in one locality. However, instances of successful collaboration and sharing are still few and far between, in part because there is no easy, structured way to share knowledge about practice, let alone the software and source code. Cities also suffer from ‘not invented here’ syndrome, wishing to build their own bespoke services, which may result in them reinventing the wheel.
  44. 44. For Software to be Shared, People Have to Know It Exists. (or: “Governments That Work Like The Web”)
  45. 45. App Marketplace: Key to Re-Use of Civic Apps Enter  Code  for  America  Commons  –  a  marketplace  for  open  innova6on  in  government  in  the  US  that  tracks   hundreds  of  so<ware  applica6ons  that  have  been  created,  used  or  deployed  by  nearly  300  ci6es.   The  CfA  Commons  was  designed  to  serve  as  a  community-­‐edited  resource  that  would  help  governments  and  other   public  service  organiza6ons  make  beGer  use  of  scarce  technology  dollars  by  sharing  technology  informa6on  among   governments  and  ins6tu6ons. Like  an  app  store  for  ci6es  which  is  directly  fostering  the  crea6on  and  growth  of  a  community  of  civic  technologists   sharing  not  only  informa6on  about  the  applica6ons  they  use  and  their  experiences  with  them,  but  also  the  very   applica6on  code.  
  46. 46. How  do  we  apply  this  model  to   the  Europe? How  can  we  create  a    distributed   innova6on  resource  that   encourages  more  government  to   government  reuse  of  successful   applica6ons? How  can  we  start  to  use  systems   like  this  to  track  effec6veness/ impact  of  digital  applica6ons?   Open  Civic  project  –  we  are  working  with  the  creators  of  Civic  Commons  so<ware  to  power  the  CfA  commons,  and   partners  in  Africa,  La6n  America  and  the  Caribbean,  to  develop  shared  so<ware. Start  to  share  applica6ons  which  may  have  been  created  in  a  different  part  of  the  world  (poten6ally  for  a  very   different  purpose).  
  47. 47. World Bank Sponsoring Reusable Civic Commons Drupal “Distribution”
  48. 48. hGp:// 49
  49. 49. Screen  grab
  50. 50. What  are  the  main  components? Applications Deployments Organizations
  51. 51. An “Application” is a working piece of software that serves a particular purpose. App Description Supporting vendors Key features Screenshots Creator Video Logo Related applications Homepage License Source code URL Release Notes Demo URL Taxonomies: Rating Application function Civic sector Tags (free tagging)
  52. 52. An “Organization” is a company, government agency, NGO or team that creates, supports or uses applications. Description Members Logo Apps experience Organization type Services Address Taxonomies: Telephone Website Civic sector Tags (free tagging)
  53. 53. A “Deployment” is the story of an application being installed for a specific organization and purpose. • Application • Organization that Deployed It • Developers • Narrative Details: What worked well with this deployment? What didn’t? • Website • Location
  54. 54. Multilingual First task is Europe has many languages, so added multi-lingual support. Also important for Africa and LatAm.
  55. 55. Initial build of OpenCivic sponsored by World Bank. Plan to launch AfricanCommons in near future. Also Code4Caribbean looking at Commons site. Some activity in Columbia. Different in that software often helping citizens to campaign against government, rather than with it. Similarities such as investment market to allow organizations to pool resources to build projects. Also needed by councils in UK.
  56. 56. Evidence 1. Systematic reviews and meta–analyses 2. RCTs with definitive results 3. RCTs with non–definitive results 4. Cohort studies 5. Case control studies 6. Cross–sectional surveys 7. Case report Screen  grab
  57. 57. @europecommons
  58. 58. Build a better world we code for europe with apps Steffen Becker CDO Dotopen So quick sum up: change agents to your city database with apps and code to shop from: free and interchangeable creating ecosystem for innovation =>join us
  59. 59. we code for europe Conclusions So quick sum up: change agents to your city database with apps and code to shop from: free and interchangeable creating ecosystem for innovation =>join us