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Laura p.hhi unesco

  1. 1. {
  2. 2. HHI originally began working inorphanages in Chennai, India in 2006.
  3. 3. Hands to Hearts International(HHI) reaches the worlds neediestchildren — at the most critical time ofzero to three —by educating andempowering caregivers with simple,applicable and culturally relevantknowledge.
  4. 4. HHI’s Training Includes: Introduction to the Importance of ECD Physical Development Cognitive and Brain Development Language Development and Baby Cues Social and Emotional Development Baby Massage Health, Hygiene, Nutrition, and Sanitation
  5. 5. One of the most important lessons we teach are Baby Cues
  6. 6. Impact of HHI:Mothers, Fathers & Caregivers-more nurturing and gentle-practiced better hygiene & sanitation-improved nutrition-more confident-better advocate for child-greater pride in their role-happier-more time interacting with child-train others on their new knowledge-stop corporal punishment-fathers become active caregivers
  7. 7. Impacts of HHI:“No babies have died since” Children -sick less often -recovered faster when ill –less curative health care -weight gain -better digestion & sleep -easier to soothe -happier-earlier/greater lang. development -improved overall development -reported to be more “smart”
  8. 8. Why HHI works?• Everyone loves their children• Development follows the same timeline/pattern – regardless of culture, teaching about this does not have to be complicated• Focus on what they can do!• Creates a self-sustaining positive feedback loop• We deliver!• Keep it low-tech and cost effective• All local trainers, members of the communities• Empower women in large groups – she is not alone in her new ideas
  9. 9. When applied at scale Hands to Hearts International is “cheaper than providing only one vitamin A supplement to a child.” Victor Aguayo, UNICEF
  10. 10. HHI Master Trainer Leads 2 TOT (and on-going support) 24 Certified HHI Trainers Lead 24 – 48 trainings/month Total of 288 – 526 trainings/year Each YearYearly Reach 7,200 – 14, 400 Community Caregivers 14,400 – 21,600 Community Children An example of partnership & scaling up.
  11. 11. Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) researched HHI as an innovative and noteworthy practices with global potential.
  12. 12. USAID recognized HHIas a Promising Approachto serve young children& families coping withHIV/AIDS
  13. 13. Learn More at www.handstohearts.orgLaura Peterson, MAFounder & Executive (503) 936-5574