statistical significance social qualtative research india critical tables degree of freedom case study rehabilitation spearman's correlation critical value bivariate practical significance standard deviation scientific writing nutrition quantitative data qualitative data secondary data correlation prevention substance use children protection forestry management resources natural infrastructure five year plans of india community development quacks rmp mbbs yoga homoeopathy ayurveda ayushman bharat tertiary health care centre community health care centre primary health care centre health sub centre curative health prevention health effect personality type culture bound syndrome spirituality biopsychosocial model disease illness sickness habilitation handicapped disability impairment health testing hypothesis same ranks tied ranks ordinal variables rank correlation global perspective naxalism in india right wing in india leftisit party in india pressure group ambedkar ideology dalit ideology feminism right wing left wing capitalism socialism communism interpretation degee of freedom covariance pearson correlation coefficient negative correlation positive correlation zero correlation pearson correlation economic development environment position of india in sustainable development goals cancer belt of punjab sdg millenium development goals sustainable development hand calculation chi-sqaure critcal values multivariate analysis univariate chi square test lebanon venture capital economic crisis limit to growth model malthusian model predictive model dava-dua project community mental health project drug abuse in punjab northeast states of india kashmir terrorism and mental health farmers' suicide mental health uneqaul world alpha value confidence interval p value hypothesis negative skewness positive skewness skewness z score normal distribution normal curve percentile range interquartile range dispersion mode median mean central tendency categorical variables continous variables ratio interval ordinal nominal level of measurement variables purposive sampling convenient sampling snowball sampling multistage sampling cluster sampling systematic random sampling stratified random sampling simple random sampling generalization representativeness non-probable sampling probable sampling samplin post de facto research quasi experimental exploratory research prospective cohort retrospective cohort cohort design longitudinal cross-sectional social research research design reference management imrad types of research gaps. research gap analysis quality of evidence literature review american psychological association apa 7th edition reference list intext citation impact factor search engine population density sample registration system national family health survey househol family size sex ratio nsso srs nfhs census life expectancy literacy demographic divident age pyramid demography policy analysis vector borne disease nutrition program non communicable disease communicable disease national health policy anwanwadi icds nutritional programme in india prophylexus nutrition education evaluation malnutrition in india bmi percentile bmi assessment anorexia nervosa binge eating mesopmorphic ectomorphic endomorphic micronutrients macronutrients food india leading role in covid crisis gross national happiness bhutan afghanistan pakistan bangladesh grameen bank nepal covid 19 and saarc saarc countries vein diagram figure selective coding axial coding open coding software packages validation mutiple approach mixed research systematic review meta-analysis multitriangulation theory triangualtion investigator triangulation quantitative research method triangulation data triangulation triangulation moderators sociogram focus group discussion hermeneutic techniques interpretative phenomenology descreptive phenomenology phenomenolgy research digital ethnography ethnography particiapnt observation systematice observation observation diary analysis historical research semistructured interview unstructured interview structured interview indepth interview socio-economic status kuppuswamy specificity sensitivity validity reliablity rating scales questionnaire primary data data collection unstandardized beta standardized beta t test r square moderator variable mediator variables multivariate regression multiple regression non-linear regression linear regression niti ayog case studies dignity decent work gender equality sdg-8 seasoanl unemployment equation residual dependent variable independent variable regression social and economic developent government of india national commission tribal advisory council scheduled tribe scheduled caste composite development index human development index gender development development indicators counsellors role teacher legislation rights chidlren strategy goal national experiments development rural work services welfare community social security special states of india pathalgadi:tribal movement tribal in india sustainable development goals
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