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Hacey's health initiative 5years of making positive change


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HACEY's Health Initiative Celebrating five years of community service in creating a healthy and sustainable society.

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Hacey's health initiative 5years of making positive change

  1. 1. HIV/AIDS * Malaria * Environmental Protection * Capacity Development & Job Creation Celebrating five years of community service in creating a healthy and sustainable society
  2. 2. HACEY’S HEALTH INITIATIVE 5 YEAR ACTIVITY REPORT HACEY is a non-governmental health, environment and community development organisation with the mission to empower and educate children, women and young people on health and environment, and providing human capacity development to achieve a healthy and sustainable society
  3. 3. Copyright © 2012 HACEY’s Health InitiativeAll rights reserved.This document summarises the work of HACEY’s Health Initiative over the last five years. It is produced by thestaff of the organization.Rights and PermissionsThe material in this publication is copyrighted. Copying and/or transmitting portions or all of this work withoutpermission may be a violation of applicable law. HACEY’s Health Initiative encourages dissemination of itswork and will normally grant permission to reproduce portions of the work promptly.For permission to photocopy, reprint or use any part of this work in any form, please send a request withcomplete information to:HACEY’s Health Initiative3, Kiniun – Ifa Street, Off Sawmill Bus Stop,Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos state, NigeriaT: +2348024207817; +2348095688452E:; haceyhealth@yahoo.comW: www.hacey.orgPublished by HACEY’s Health Initiative,Lagos, Nigeria.December 2012
  4. 4. ContentsOur Board 1Introduction 2Who We Are 3Our Core Programming Areas HIV/AIDS 6 Malaria 9 Environment 12 Capacity Building 15Our Target Activities Children 18 Women 21 Youth 24Going Across Boarders 27Supporters and Partners 31
  5. 5. Our BoardIn 2011, HACEY’s Health Initiative was registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of theFederal Republic of Nigeria. The board members govern the affairs of the organization and ensurethat all activities of the organization are aimed solely at achieving the goal of the organization.Members of the board:  Dr Lawrence Aderemi Olatunji Board Chair  Ms Rhoda Robinson Board Secretary  Mr. Isaiah Owolabi Project Director  Mr. Liman Moshood Ibrahim  Mr. Aaron Offikwu Adah  Mr. Oluwasijibomi Paul Ojajuni  Dr Adegboyega Adisa Fawole  Ms Adeyanju TiamiyuReport CompilationThis report was compiled by members of staff of the organization led by  Olusola Owonikoko Director of Programs HACEY’s Health Initiative  Rhoda Robinson Director of Administration HACEY’s Health Initiative  Isaiah Owolabi Project Director HACEY’s Health Initiative 1
  6. 6. INTRODUCTIONThe Journey so far…Founded in 2007, HACEY’s Health Initiative also known as HACEY is a non-governmental organization committed to educating, informing and empoweringwomen and young people on health and environmental issues as it relates to them, andproviding capacity development to achieve a healthy and sustainable society.HACEY has consistently dedicated its resources and efforts to developing aconsciousness for health and environmental protection in members of the society andempowering the underserved, disadvantaged individuals in the society. Over the years,HACEY has inspired and equipped its beneficiaries to lead healthier lives whileimplementing positive change efforts that transform their lives and communities;thereby sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development.To facilitate the spread of education and empowerment, HACEY has produced books forvarious ages on health and environmental issues, and conducted seminars andprograms to educate and inspire positive action towards personal and communitydevelopment. To date, HACEY has reached over 100,000 individuals in states across thenation through its core programs and initiatives on HIV/AIDS prevention, combatingmalaria, advocacy for environmental protection and capacity building for job creationand has inspired thousands to be active participants in our society’s developmentprocess. So far, HACEY has implemented projects in 8 states across Nigeria andcontinually works to expand her reach to other regions within and outside the country.Isaiah OwolabiProject Director 2
  7. 7. HACEY is a non-governmental health, environment and community development organisation with the mission to empower and educate children, women and young people concerning health and environment, and provide human capacity development to achieve a healthy and sustainable society.3
  8. 8. WHO WE ARE “Our core programs areas are HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Environmental protection, Capacity Building and job creation.”Who We Are… Our Vision and Mission Statement…About HACEY Our VisionHACEY’s Health Initiative is a non-profit The vision of HACEY is to create a healthy andcommunity-based development organization sustainable society.registered with the government of Nigeria underthe Corporate Affairs Commission on 22nd July Our Mission2011, with registration number CAC/IT/NO 46170. HACEY’s mission statement is to empower andHACEY was born out of the conviction that young educate women, children and young people on healthpeople are to champion the fight against major and environment issues as it relates to them, tochallenges facing the society while playing crucial achieve a healthy and sustainable society by trainingroles towards achieving the Millennium and providing support for women and young people.Development Goals related to health, sustainable This is achieved through capacity developmentsociety, as well as societal capacity development. programs to empower them with the skills andOur core programs areas are: knowledge they need to be economically self-  HIV/AIDS sufficient, and take health and environment friendly  Malaria decisions.  Environmental protection  Capacity Building and job creation. 4
  9. 9. WHO WE AREOur Core Values… Our Approach…Commitment HACEY’s approach to community development work is unique. WeAt HACEY, we believe that only with use a ‘CARE’ approach in ensuring that every child, woman andcommitment to our work can we achieve young person in the society is affected positively by our work.our goals, and we impart this value in C – Capacity building: Every of our program is aimed at buildingeveryone we work with. individual, family and community capacityGrowth A – Advocacy: We address the root cause of societalHACEY encourages growth and challenges, while we tackle the effects ofdevelopment in all areas of our work, such problem.always working towards the growth of ourbeneficiaries and the community. R – Research: We research problems, environments, different case studies and practices toAccountability determine which solutions would bringAt HACEY, we are always accountable to about maximum impact when applied.our donors, stakeholders, beneficiariesand the public. Our principle is founded E – Education: Educating the society about the challengeson integrity and we are consistently they face and how best they can overcomecommitted to producing quality results them. Once understanding is achieved,evident in all communities where we work solutions are better implemented and- a healthier and sustainable society. sustained.
  10. 10. OUR CORE PROGRAMMING AREAS… AIDS has killed more than 25 million people between 1981 and 2011, and more than 33 million people worldwide live with HIV, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. This is particularly a significant thematic area, especially in Nigeria where 3.3 million people are living with HIV and approximately 222,000 people died from AIDS in 2009. 6
  11. 11. HIV/AIDS Our HIV/AIDS programs are mainly targeted at women and young people across regions, religion, race, ethnic group, and social/economic standing. Our programs reach both in school and out of school young people in rural and urban settlementsIn the past 4 years, HACEY has celebrated the nationwide. These programs inform and educate ourWorld AIDS Day, using it as a platform to reach target population, and members of the society onyoung people and women both in rural and the effects of HIV/AIDS on themselves - whether theyurban areas with preventive information and are HIV - positive or not, on the society, and on theeducation on HIV/AIDS. At these events, people economy. The programs have a goal of effecting aalways have the opportunity to learn their HIV positive behavioral change in members of ourstatus through counseling and testing. societies that would lead to a drop in the incidence of HIV infection; discrimination against HIV infected and affected individuals, and HIV-related deaths. 7
  12. 12. HIV/AIDS “The fight against HIV/AIDS is a collective one, and we are doing everything we can to see that we get to Zero HIV incidence in Sub-Sahara Africa. “In 2008, HACEY published a book onHIV/AIDS titled ‘HIV/AIDS: The future of the In 2011, HACEY launched her ‘Getting to Zeroinfected and affected’ written by the Project Campaign’ to support the achievement of Zero NewDirector of HACEY, Isaiah Owolabi. The book HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDStakes an in depth looks at the disastrous Related Deaths in Nigeria by 2015. This campaigneffects HIV has on individuals and society, creates a platform for advocacy and sensitization ofand on society’s reaction to individuals who the general public, while specifically empoweringare HIV positive. It also contains young people with life skills and knowledge so theyrecommendations for actions for can be active in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Withgovernment, society, institutions and support from British Medical Association andindividuals to prevent the spread of infection International Brain Research Organization, books onand effect of HIV. The book has been a HIV/AIDS have been donated to libraries in schools inmajor educative tool used during programs Lagos to promote the objectives of the educate the public on HIV/AIDS. Till date, HACEY has organized HIV/AIDS EducationHACEY also carried out a number of Outreach in different parts of the country, with overresearches amongst young people, 30,000 people being reached. We have achieved thisimplementing gender specific interventions by empowering and supporting young individuals asand general preventive programs for young Peer Educator trainers, who in turn raise other Peerpeople in the area, including HIV Educators in secondary schools around Nigeria.sensitization and Prevention programs in the Through this strategy, Anti-HIV clubs have beenNorthern part of Nigeria for women and created in secondary schools in Kwara, Lagos, Ebonyi,young girls. Zamfara, Niger and other states across Nigeria. 8
  13. 13. OUR CORE PROGRAMMING AREAS… To combat the menace of malaria in Nigeria, HACEY organizes various programs to sensitize the public on malaria prevention and treatment. One way HAACEY ensures the sustainability of all her programs is to actively involve the participation of community members during implementation. The use of long lasting insecticide-treated nets is strongly encouraged during these programs, and a campaign for maintaining a healthy, clean environment as ways of preventing the occurrence of malaria 9
  14. 14. MALARIAHACEY developed the ‘End Malaria – together we caninitiative’ as means of spreading information aboutmalaria and its treatment. End malaria – together we cancreates the opportunity for people to be part of Malariaprograms carried out by the organization, as well as an HACEY organized forums in universities,online platform where everyone can have access to colleges and secondary schools to educateinformation concerning malaria including latest the students and youths on ways throughdevelopments in anti-malaria drugs and treatment. The which the spread of malaria can beonline group consistently educates and informs young reduced such as the use of insecticide treated nets, effective anti-malariapeople on how they can actively combat malaria and treatment, and the maintenance of agives everyone, at all times, the opportunity to get the clean environment. This forum wasinformation they need on malaria, and to give their introduced in 2009, and at the end ofopinions and suggestions on various matters relating to 2010, 1000 students had committedmalaria. themselves to ensuring and living healthier lives to combat malaria and toThrough the Malaria Awareness Program, an educational educating the public.program for community members, especially mothers.on how to prevent malaria, the community of Umuahiawas sensitized on the cause and prevention of Malaria.Mosquito nets were also distributed to over 100 mothersin the community. 10
  15. 15. MALARIA In 2010, A Malaria Prevention Program specifically for women and children in northern Nigeria was implemented. Women were reached with messages on the prevention and treatment of Malaria, with Long Lasting Insecticide-treated nets distributed to women and young people in rural communities to support the fight against malaria. Misconceptions on the use and maintenance of these nets were also treated, and answers were provided for questions that the women and youths have concerning the Insecticide-treated nets. In 2012, the community of Ilaje, a slum by the lagoon area in Lagos state, Nigeria received the HACEY team, in partnership with the CYFI Health team on the Malaria Outreach program held in the community from May to December 2012. During this outreach, HACEY HACEY continue to fight, and mobilize others in encouraged and joined the community in cleaning their the fight against Malaria in Africa environment, carried out door-to-door sensitization on malaria, and outreach and distribution of over 100 mosquito nets. HACEY has taken advantage of this mobile era by sending mobile SMS (short messageservice) to provide information to women in rural communities. Our anti-malaria theatre group insecondary schools help educate studentsabout malaria symptoms, preventions and treatment.
  16. 16. OUR CORE PROGRAMMING AREAS… Environmental protection and Climate Change is a leading issue in global discussion because of its direct effect on global health. A step to mitigate the effects of climate change on health is to educate community members on how to take better care of their environment and build their capacities in adapting to it; building their appreciation for a clean and healthy environment. 12
  17. 17. ENVIRONMENTIn 2010, HACEY held an environmental educationand Awareness Program in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. Motivated by the Article 6 of the UnitedThis program engaged young graduate and Nations Framework Convention on Climatecommunity members, including school children, to Change which stresses the importance forchampion sanitation activities in Ebonyi state. countries to develop and implementDuring this program, activities such as street programs to educate their population oncleaning and clearing of drainages around the climate change and its effects andcommunities were done. Waste disposal tools were developing adequate responses, HACEYalso donated to schools in this state. developed an initiative on environmental protection, the “Student Environmental Education Program” (SEEP). This project is directed toward junior and senior secondary school students and is designed in partnership with Earth Child Institute’s Power of One Child – Global Action Classroom, an international initiative developed in collaboration with the Environmental Conservation Education program at New York University in the USA. This project inspires remarkable life- skills based changes in students’ appreciation of their environment and empowers them to take action to protect their environment while improving quality During the 2008 World Health day, HACEY of life in their communities. hosted a debate on climate and health among students from different departments in the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. The purpose of this debate was to create awareness on environment protection as a key to climatic change, as well as to show the direct effect of climate change on community health. 13
  18. 18. ENVIRONMENTHACEY is also an active member of the alliance ofyouth-led/focused organizations and youngindividuals working to build grassroots movementacross Africa to combat the effect of climatechange and environmental degradation throughinnovative projects and Continental Day ofActions to mobilize Africa for sustainable thdevelopment. On Wednesday, 5 September,HACEY jointly organized sensitization on localtelevision stations in Nigeria on climate change, The SEEP project helps the students becomeand hosted the ‘Arting Climate Change’ event, aware of which actions have negative effects onaimed at using the arts to showcase the effects of the environment and how they can change theirclimate change in our society. own behavior and influence change in others. Through this project, young school children in Lagos state Nigeria have been involved in the planting of trees, sanitation of their environment, and virtual communication with children from other countries participating in the program. HACEY continues to champion the course of environmental protection and education on climate change in our society, involving stakeholders, organizations/groups and individuals in the planning and implementation of the projects for sustainable impact 14
  19. 19. OUR CORE PROGRAMMING AREAS… Investment in the empowerment of individuals, who are vulnerable to crime and unhealthy practices, is one way of ensuring peace, as well as eradicating poverty in the society, both now and in the future. Beyond creating jobs and a means of livelihood for youths, the main aim of our capacity development is to breed leaders for social change. 15
  20. 20. CAPACITY BUILDING In 2010, ‘Project Elevate’ was developed toHACEY organizes capacity building for youths in empower women in northern Nigeria. The aim ofNigeria that teaches life building skills and empower the project was to empower women to becomeyoung people to further develop themselves to entrepreneurs, thus providing for themselvesbecome socially responsible individuals. To give and their households. Over 500 women inthem better understanding of leadership, learning northern part of Nigeria benefited from thisby action model and interactive activities are projectemployed that teach the principles of teamwork andsuccess. In schools, young people are also imparted In 2012, HACEY, in partnership with a faith basedwith knowledge on how they can better cope with organization organized a leadership andschool work and making the right career choices. To entrepreneurship training program for 50 younghelp us achieve this, the book ‘SMARTNESS’, people in Lagos state, Nigeria. The trainingpublished by HACEY in 2010 was used to engage program developed the leadership capabilities ofand educate the students. Using the acronym young people who participated in the program‘SMARTNESS’, HACEY also empowers in-school and and empowered them with adequate knowledgeout-of-school youths in Nigeria to be social change to prepare and develop their business ideas. Theagents and leaders in their communities. Till date, program followed up with the participantsover 500 youths have been empowered across initiating social projects in their communitiesNigeria 16
  21. 21. CAPACITY BUILDING HACEY also undertakes training programs on life skills development for young girls to help them make the right decisions in life. These training provide young girls with skills in persuasion, decision making, peer education and so on. They also prepare her to become leaders in their Various fields in life as it incorporates both leadership training and good study habit techniques. At present, HACEY has trained over 500 young girls, both in school and out of school, empowering them to develop to their full potential.17
  22. 22. OUR TARGET ACTIVITIES… There are presently 2.2 billion people under the age of 18 in the world. Children are the most vulnerable in any society, as well as an integral part of every society. HACEY’s work with children is aimed at empowering the future generation to make the right choices for themselves and the society 18
  23. 23. CHILDRENThe Children Future Initiatives is a project in ruralcommunities in Nigeria which helps children live to theirfull potential by ensuring they have access to qualityprimary education. The mission of this initiative is to helpchildren have access to education and information thatwill enhance their quality of life Read and Learn The Mobile Library project is another project directed towards the children. Books donated to the organization have been packaged into a mobile library that moves from community to community. Through this, we reach out to rural dwellers with information they need to live healthier and productive lives, we help them have access to books on issues related to health and environment and we also provide tutors to explain what they do not understand, sometimes speaking in local languages to get the information across. We visit villages and schools that do not have access to this information or cannot afford this information and we give them access to the books and tutors to explain the content to them 19
  24. 24. CHILDRENGoing GreenHACEY uses the book Adventure of Piggles Pig, anillustrated children’s story book published by theorganization in 2009, to teach the children abouthow they can be a part of taking care of theenvironment. HACEY trains students in tertiaryinstitution or graduates who serve as volunteerteachers to compliment the low teacher-studentratio in public primary schools. In October, 2012, HACEY launched the ‘Hands up for HER campaign’ during the United Nation International Day of the Girl Child event held in Lagos on the 11th October. The event was hosted in partnership with other organizations to educate the public on the challenges faced by the girl child on a daily basis. Female students from secondary schools around Lagos as well as members of the community where equipped with information about their health and rights The campaign is set to span a period of 5years withactivities set to be held in different states of Nigeria and Africa. HACEY also facilitated the Girl Sexual HealthPromotion program for secondary school girls who weretrained to be peer educators in their different schools. The aim of the campaign is to promote the health, empowerment and rights of the girl child. 20
  25. 25. OUR TARGET ACTIVITIES… empowering the woman is empowering the nation and creates a multiplier effect in their lives and that of their children as they are the major caregivers in the family setting; as such, teaching women basic health knowledge will in fact improve the health of the family and community. 21
  26. 26. WOMEN In 2010, HACEY partnered with the National Directorate of Employment in Zamfara state to train 50 women on how to make money from Interior decoration and to manage their business to ensure profit. After the training, the women were given HACEY has also encouraged environmental financial support to start their own small scalesanitation in communities as a means of protecting business and monitored to ensure they had all the the environment and reducing the occurrence of help and advice they needed. At present, some ofdiseases. HACEY encouraged the women to engage these women have apprentices under them who they in proper environmental sanitation and proper in turn train increasing the number of empowered disposal of waste in the community; the health women in Zamfara state. effects of an unhealthy environment were also Integrated into the entrepreneurship training isexplained to the women. They were provided with health education through which we inform the materials to help them in carrying out women about health conscious decisions they can environmental sanitation make that will prevent avoidable illness and deaths for them and their children. They were taught how to recognize signs of illnesses and the steps to take in treating such. HACEY also held Health education programs for women at Ilupeju - Ibafo community in Ogun state, promoting prevention of communicable diseases. 22
  27. 27. WOMENHACEY, in partnership with the CYFI Nigeria, carriedout the malaria outreach project aimed atempowering women in rural communities on malariaprevention and treatment. During this program,HACEY facilitated sessions with community leaders,youths and women associations, correctingmisconceptions about malaria transmission anddiagnosis, and encouraged the women to visit healthcenters especially when pregnant.The women were also encouraged to protectthemselves and their children, especially those underfive, from malaria by using long lasting insecticidetreated nets (LLITNs). HACEY jointly carried out door-to-door outreach in the community and supported inthe distribution of LLITNs to 150 women with childrenunder five years in the community. 23
  28. 28. OUR TARGET ACTIVITIES… Today, youth represent 18% of the global population or 1.2 billion people. Eighty seven percent (87%) of youth live in developing countries facing challenges brought about by limited access to resources, healthcare, education, training, employment and economic opportunities. Our society therefore becomes one that breeds youths more interested in their personal gain than that of the society and has little regard for it 24
  29. 29. YOUTH Today, youth represent 18% of the global population or 1.2 billion people. Eighty seven percent (87%) of youth live in developing countries facing challenges brought about by limited access to resources, healthcare, education, training, employment and economic opportunities.2011 International Youth Year12th August 2010 – 11th August 2011 was proclaimed Educative materials were also printed and distributedby the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed in 8 different states in Nigeria especially in secondaryan International Year of Youth with the theme ‘Youth schools and higher institutions. Several youthsand the MDGS’ to harness the energy, imagination participated in the program and they were challengedand creativity of the world’s youth in overcoming the to have a positive expectation while they championchallenges facing mankind. In this respect, HACEY initiatives that can help the achievement of the MDGs.organized a nine day program to encourage youths to They were also encouraged to voice out and be parttake part in the race towards the achievement of the of decision making processes, especially on issues thatMillennium Development Goals with the theme directly affect them.‘YOUTH AND THE MDGs’. During the program theMDGs were discussed in forums, classrooms, groups,public places and online. Each goal was discussed,giving the youths the opportunity to give theiropinions and suggestions on how each goal can beachieved. Through television and radio broadcast, wewere able to reach thousands of people in the stateand across the nation. We held discussions in NYSCCommunity Development Service groups, and spokewith students in secondary schools. 25
  30. 30. YOUTHTo help young people face the health challenges of our changing world, Pro-HealthEducation Groups were createdto educate and inform studentson health issues affecting them and how they can be actively part of the solutions. Theinitiative also enhanced student creative skills in the areas of music, drama and poetry in preventing HIV/AIDS andMalaria, and encouraged themto be advocates of the changethey want to see in their society. 26
  31. 31. GOING PLACES… HACEY’s Health Initiative has been impacting change both at the national and International level. HACEY has participated and been represented in different international conferences on health, environment and sustainable development where we contribute our ideas and innovation to the global community. 27
  32. 32. GOING ACROSS BORDERSSince 2010, HACEY has been represented at the In 2012, HACEY also attended the United NationWorld Youth Congress. Sharing ideas and Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rioinnovative techniques with the next generation of De Janeiro, tagged Rio+20 which was one of theleaders has proven a tool for positive impact in the biggest conferences held to address the issue ofdevelopment of a sustainable society; utilized sustainable development, and our progress towards it.through the training of young leaders on HACEY worked to increase youth participation in theleadership, social change and youth-led process and encouraged young leaders to workdevelopment. In 2011, HACEY conducted training at towards the future they wanted.the Elos Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil for young HACEY also attended the International AIDSchange makers from around the world, equipping Conference held in Washington DC, USA which was athem the necessary tools to create a healthy and gathering of governments, organizations andsustainable society back in their home countries. individuals working in the field of HIV, as well asThe United Nations Framework Convention on policymakers, people living with HIV and othersClimate Change, Conference of parties (COP) is one committed to ending the epidemic. The conference,of the largest gatherings of world leaders to themed ‘turning the tide together’ mobilizedaddress the issue of climate change in our world stakeholders to join together to bring the epidemic totoday. Since 2011, HACEY has been represented at a decided end.the COPs, sharing our achievements and challenges,and creating a higher awareness for the need of theyounger generation involvement and recognition incharting the future course.
  33. 33. LOOKING FORWARD . . . The last five years has been filled with activities and programs geared at achieving the goal of the organization. We have experienced challenge in delivering services to achieve positivechange in our society, but we have alsoovercome these challenges through our synergized efforts to push for change.We need to work together and make thebest use of resources if we are to create and maintain a sustainable society; weneed to think beyond our present needsbut unto those of future generations aswell. In the short term, we need to focus WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT on scaling up successful and impactful We can improve and save the lives ofinterventions; for long term, we need to millions of people. Our commitment is to invest in building capacity at local level develop and implement interventions,and maintaining a win-win existence with build capacities, research and develop the environment. solutions, and educate more people to do the same. To make a lasting impact, we need sustained funding and support. We are indebted to our current supporters and we will ensure that our efforts and resources continue to help the most vulnerable. To find out more, please visit our website 29
  34. 34.  The Hands Up for HER Campaign Getting to Zero Campaign SEEP Global Action Classroom project Zero Carbon Africa Ilaje Public Toilet and Sanitation Project Mobile Library Project
  35. 35. OUR SUPPORTERS AND PARTNERS To whom much is given, much is expected...HACEY’s Health Initiative has benefited immensely from the philanthropy and generosity of organizations,corporate bodies, and individuals who support the work we do.  Nestle Nigeria Plc, Lagos  Supreme International School, Lagos  Noun Radio, 105.9 FM, Lagos  National Youth Service Corps  Television Continental, Lagos Community Development Service  Cool/Wazobia fm, Lagos groups, Lagos  Inspiration fm, Lagos  National Youth Service Corps  Muri International Television, Lagos Community Development Service  Nigeria Television Authority, Lagos groups, Ebonyi  Lagos Television, Lagos  Amalgamated Forum for Youth  Superscreen Television, Lagos Development, Kano  Radio Continental, Lagos  Anuoluwapo Initiative on  Legacy Comprehensive Secondary Development of Education, AIDE, school, Lagos Abuja To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." We specially thank everyone who belief in us, too numerous to mention 31
  36. 36. PARTNERS* Earth Child Institute * TeachAIDS USA * HIFA2015 * Earth Day Network * Zero Carbon Africa