Generic Top Level Domain Program For Brands


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ICANN has announced a new program that allows established corporations and organization own their own top level domain for their brand, category or community. Inside, iQ highlights what the implications are for healthcare and pharma marketers.

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Generic Top Level Domain Program For Brands

  1. 1. TOP LEVELDOMAINSCould healthcare brands changehow the internet is organized?
  2. 2. THE WAY WE NAVIGATE THEINTERNET IS ABOUT TO CHANGEThis January, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names andNumbers) will change the way the internet is organized. We’ll still havetop-level domains like .com, .org, and so on, but we’ll also be able tocreate all kinds of new domains – from .Apple to .Movies to .Rx.Any business will be able to apply to create and manage their own Top LevelDomain – connected to their brand, category or community.ICANN thinks these new domains will create greater choice forcontent creators, more relevance for web users, new kinds of control forbrands, and ultimately greater access to web content for all of us.The opportunity doesn’t come without costs, though. From big upfrontapplication fees to ongoing management, there are many aspects of thisdecision for brands to weigh.
  3. 3. IN THIS PERSPECTIVE, WE’LLLOOK AT FOUR TOPICS:1. The basics: What are generic Top Level Domains? (p4)2. The possibilities: How could TLDs change the internet? (p10)3. The process: What should a brand expect when applying for a TLD? (p17)4. Your TLD: Should your brand register? If you don’t, what should you be aware of? (p22)
  4. 4. FIRST, THE BASICSWhat is a generic Top Level Domain?
  5. 5. 1983: THE DOMAIN WAS BORN• The Domain Name System (DNS) was created so that people didn’t have to remember long strings of numbers to get to a web destination• Each domain has two important parts: Second Level Domain Top Level Domain (This is what’s changing)
  6. 6. TODAY, THERE ARE ~300 TLDs• The system started out with just seven: .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net, and .org• Then, 273 two letter TLDs were added – primarily for countries (.us, .fr)• .com remains the most popular with 320 million listings (100 million active)• .net has second place with 13 million active
  7. 7. THE PROBLEM: THOSE TLDs AREFILLING UP FAST 20,000 Your opportunity will end in: new domains are registered every day• Fewer and fewer .coms are actually available• That leads to unintuitive URLs:• Super long strings:• And, ultimately barriers to communication innovation
  9. 9. BY OPENING UP THE TOP LEVELDOMAIN MARKETPLACE JANUARY ICANN will begin accepting 12 applications for new TLDs
  10. 10. THE POSSIBILITIESHow could new TLDs change the internet?
  11. 11. As the total number of registered .coms and .netsincreases, the naming conventions become lessintuitive, harder to share and recall
  12. 12. THESE NEW TOP LEVEL DOMAINS(TLD) CHANGE THAT:TLDs give people access to more information, more easily. They givebrands new levels of controlFor people: For brands: Intuitive domain structures That are more scalable Easier to remember URLs That bring more direct traffic More secure domain names That lend authenticity and trust Deeper links, easier to get to That deliver targeted content
  13. 13. WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE? New TLDs could make web destinations more sayable, shareable and memorable:For a company: .inventiv For a community: .newmomDivisions: commercial.inventiv Resources: tools.newmomCompanies: gsw.inventiv Education: 101.newmomOffers: innovation.inventiv Support: community.newmomProducts: salesforce.inventiv Connections: firsttime.newmomCampaigns: bigidea.inventiv Personalized sites: janedoe.newmomContent: decks.inventiv/gsk Offers: coupons.newmom
  14. 14. WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE? New TLDs could make web destinations more sayable, shareable and memorable:For a location: .nyc For a category: .rxDestinations: Research: compare.rxTransportation: Tools: manage.rxEvents: Access: copaycards.rxRegions: Feedback: experience.rxService: Reminders: remindme.rxResearch: Products: humalog.rx
  17. 17. THE PROCESSWhat should a brand expect when applying for a TLD?
  18. 18. OPEN APPLICATION January 12, 2012 – April 12, 2012 (note: you have to begin the process by March 29, 2012) @ There will be future open rounds of registration (dates, TBD)
  19. 19. APPLICATION 101WHO CAN APPLY? HOW MUCH? WHAT’S NEEDED?Established $185,000 to enter The initial application iscorporations, the process a business overview:organizations, or contact, company,institutions in If more than one stakeholders, financialsgood standing company applies for the name, there will Once payment is(No individuals or be an additional accepted, 50 detailedsole proprietorships round of bidding questions go deeperwill be considered) into your intent, Plus, significant operational plan and annual compliance business case costs (~$25,000) and IT registrar infrastructure
  20. 20. A PEEK INSIDE THE PROCESS A straightforward application will take ~9 months. More complex ones could take up to 20 months. Each application will go through certain gates: Objection Filing Administrative Transition to Submit Initial Completeness Delegation Application Evaluation Check (It’s yours :) Extended EvaluationWhat’s that mean?Extended Evaluation: An appealprocess if you fail initial evaluation DisputeDispute Resolution: When there’s a Resolutionformal objectionString Contention: The mediation Stringand auction process when there’s Contentionmore than one applicant
  21. 21. CONGRATULATIONS,YOU’RE A TLD OWNERTime to build your technical infrastructure and startregistering second level domains –ICANN requires TLD managers/owners to create a registry system, but that doesn’t mean the registry is open to anyone –Your business plan can limit access to your company, category or stakeholders
  22. 22. YOUR TLDShould your brand register? If you don’t, what shouldyou be aware of?
  23. 23. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW This isn’t a speculative venture ICANN expects all TLDs to be operational The costs and commitment are steep You’ll be getting into the registry business This is the first round We expect only a few hundred applicationsThis is a decision that requires a strong business plan
  24. 24. BUILDING THE BUSINESS CASE Start with the right stakeholders: Legal, Marketing, IT, Finance, Leadership Then ask the hard questions: OPERATIONSSTRATEGY What roles What do we How will that How would Is it right for and want to change in we structure our company? resources do accomplish? five years? governance? we need?
  25. 25. RANGE OF ACTIONS What approaches can brands take?DO NOTHING WAIT AND SEE REGISTERTLDs are not part Hold on applying Be one of the first of the current or until the landscape applicants for a future strategy is clearer TLD
  26. 26. RANGE OF ACTIONS The approach is best for: DO NOTHING WAIT AND SEE REGISTER Well known brand with strong global trademark Great existing domain(s)Long name (7+ letters) that makes an unappealing or unintuitive TLD
  27. 27. RANGE OF ACTIONS The approach is best for:DO NOTHING WAIT AND SEE REGISTER Unique space / low risk of other companies wanting a similar name Well recognized Evolving business model or M&A activity No clear infrastructure to support
  28. 28. RANGE OF ACTIONS The approach is best for:DO NOTHING WAIT AND SEE REGISTER Primary or colloquial brand is a common word (Apple, Lilly, Resource) Building global trademark protection/equity New segment or category Building category ownership or brand recognition
  29. 29. WHAT IF YOU DON’T APPLY Every brand manager should follow this first round of applications to watch for competitive challenges. This is a new process. Some brands are fighting it because they feel there are still many unknowns. See the details -• Approximately 2 weeks after the close of the application window, ICANN will post the public portions of all applications• Then the formal objection period opens. It’s an opportunity to file a dispute against an application• You can file an objection for string confusion, legal rights to the name, or inaccurate representation of a community
  30. 30. THANKS FOR READING THIS PERSPECTIVE FROM iQ FOR QUESTIONS, CONTACT: Leigh Householder VP/Director of Innovation Strategy 614.543.6496 @leighhouse
  31. 31. INNOVATION LAB 2010