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E20 summit 2010: Beyond Adoption


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See for the context and a summary of this talk from the E20 Summit in Frankfurt, October 2010

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E20 summit 2010: Beyond Adoption

  1. 1. Where next for E2.0? Lee Bryant, E20 Summit, October 2010
  2. 2. [welcome] Hello from Headshift
  3. 3. E2.0 has come a long way...
  4. 4. Good awareness of social tools
  5. 5. Good spread of use cases in business position the use cases in a space defined by two dimensions that represent these two fundamental qualities of enterprise 2.0. This space is shown in figure 1. Figure 3: Typology of Enterprise 2.0 Use Cases
  6. 6. Good adoption proof points
  7. 7. A trojan horse for organisational change?
  8. 8. (Or maybe ‘trojan mice’)
  9. 9. but...
  10. 10. Reality check from outside the petri dish
  11. 11. Reality check from outside the petri dish Current state of adoption : • Early: not yet seeing the network effects of Web 2.0 • Patchy: lack of integration with mainstream IT systems • Tool-centric: too focused on tool adoption, not biz change
  12. 12. What is our goal?
  13. 13. Adoption of new tools?
  14. 14. Business performance?
  15. 15. Business improvement?
  16. 16. Business improvement? Bottom line impact: • Lower operating costs • Networked productivity • Business agility • Effective management • Customer centricity
  17. 17. Where is current business practice going wrong?
  18. 18. People : outdated views of motivation, behaviour
  19. 19. Process : an expensive way to orchestrate activity
  20. 20. Technology : a critique of the IT function
  21. 21. What have we learned that can help here? • Human behaviour, spread of influence in networks • Aggregation, flow, network effects, force multipliers • Open, collaborative working contexts • Designing for emergence and evolution
  22. 22. Moving beyond E2.0 adoption
  23. 23. Social Business Programmes
  24. 24. Platform thinking for underlying capabilities
  25. 25. Platform thinking for underlying capabilities Where this will take us: • Continued abstraction of specific business apps from underlying social platforms • More ways for people to organise and make sense of their enterprise social world • Opportunities for new forms of measurement • IT running platforms and data, with business units owning the apps • Social platforms becoming key experience integration points in the enterprise
  26. 26. Pace layering model for E2.0 integration Traditional Enterprise systems CMS DMS RDBs Mail Etc... Social business platform(s) Wiki Blogs Groups RSS SNS API / Data sharing API / Data sharing Social business apps Use Case Use Case Use Case Use Case INCREASINGWEIGHT INCREASINGVELOCITY Simple, light-weight situated apps built on capabilities of both social platforms and existing enterprise systems
  27. 27. An app store in every enterprise?
  28. 28. Use cases and local, situated software
  29. 29. E.g. Better coping tools for information overload
  30. 30. The power of open data to change behaviour
  31. 31. Social experience design: energising networks
  32. 32. New opportunities for leadership
  33. 33. Proximity wormholes: intimacy at scale
  34. 34. Can this create meaningful organisational change?
  35. 35. “Vorsprung durch Nutzungsoffenheit” ?
  36. 36. Key question: can we reform the silos or should we weave parallel networked structures on top?
  37. 37. leebryant Thanks for listening
  38. 38. Attribution for images Except where otherwise stated, photos courtesy of Flickr using Creative Commons license. Thanks to the following photographers: Other references: 5/gatorade-social-media-mission-control/ amsterdamconnectbasfslideshare-5314020