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iQ.mercury 2 - The Next Evolution of e-Detailing

Research shows that physicians are more likely to prescribe products following interaction with a rep's iPad during a sales call. Based on these findings, iQ, the innovation lab of GSW Worldwide, asked "What if we enhanced the eDetailing experience by allowing physicians to use the reps' iPads without losing control of the content and conversation?"

Introducing iQ.mercury 2—the next evolution of eDetailing. Our unique presentation and remote control capabilities, together with custom content solutions, bring your message and your brand to life like never before.

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iQ.mercury 2 - The Next Evolution of e-Detailing

  1. 1. Introducing iQ.mercury 2—the next evolution of eDetailingOur unique presentation capabilities, control, and content managementcan turn your individual sales reps into a world-class sales force.
  2. 2. Reps are telling us doctors are taking the iPadsright out of their hands. They don’t want to watchanother presentation, they want to be part of a realconversation – interacting with data, trying outformulas, and exploring. That changes the waywe think about developing conversation tools.Physicians who interact with a sales reps’iPad are significantly more likely to report asatisfactory experience. However, only 30%of physicians surveyed actually are giventhe opportunity to interact.“iPad Reps: Evaluating the Success of Early Initiatives& Identifying Strategic Opportunities in 2012.”
  3. 3. Introducing iQ.mercury 2—the next evolution of eDetailing.Our unique presentation capabilities, control, and content managementcan turn your individual sales reps into a world-class sales force. Presentation iPhone Content Capabilities Controller Management
  4. 4. Presentation CapabilitiesGive your sales reps a new conversation tool withpre-call planning, real-time sentiment tracking andlist management features
  5. 5. Presentation CapabilitiesPRE-CALL PLANNINGThrough call customization, repsare able to modify your brand’se-detail within a rules basedstructure to construct the bestapproach for different HCPs• Customize presentations to meet the needs of a customer or time constraints
  6. 6. Presentation CapabilitiesSENTIMENT TRACKINGSentiment tracking allows repsto record positive and negativeresponses with a 3-finger swipegesture during the call• Track slide sentiments with positive or negative response tags• Document when an HCP enters or leaves a conversation
  7. 7. Presentation CapabilitiesDATA TRACKINGRecord and review every call withvaluable presentation details• Date• Duration of call• Slides shown• Slide sentiments• Viewer(s)
  8. 8. iPhone ControllerProvide reps with a tool that allows them toengage the physician in a meaningful dialogue
  9. 9. iPhone Controller When physicians physically engage with content on a device*: 35% 29% RX Are more likely to Are more likely request a sample to prescribe*Manhattan Research Physician Experiences with iPad Reps study
  10. 10. iPhone Controller Empower reps with improved HCP engagement while maintaining control over the presentation in the HCP’s hands • Navigate presentations with swipe or tap interaction • Advance to next slide or review previous slides • Retain built-in sentiment tracking capability*Manhattan Research Physician Experiences with iPad Reps study
  11. 11. Content ManagementCreate parameters within flexible interactivedevelopment options to deploy presentations with alight IT footprint that rolls out in weeks, not months
  12. 12. Content ManagementUSER/GROUP MANAGEMENTCreate and assign reps to groupsor builds to allow for ease incontent distribution• Import users and manage them individually or in groups• Import, edit, and manage presentations
  13. 13. Content ManagementOVER-THE-AIR DEPLOYMENT• Over-the-air deployment allows you effortless distribution of new or updated e-details to your sales force via the synch button and wireless connection• Your reps can then download their content from any location so you have confidence in a consistent brand message
  14. 14. Technical SpecificationsTech Specs that are actually easy to understand
  15. 15. Technical Specifications iPad Player iPhone Controller Server Hosting• Congruent with • Works seamlessly with • Server administration iPad 2 & newer iPhone 3GS & newer and management included• Compatible with • Supported for • 98% uptime guaranteed iOS 5 & later iOS 5 & later
  16. 16. To request more info or a demo,contact:Tyler DurbinMarketing Manager, iQ.mercuryTyler.Durbin@GSW-W.com614.543.6962