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5 Pharma Companies Fostering Innovation


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We identified the five U.S. companies that have moved the farthest, the fastest in answering that call for change. These are the enterprises that are best positioned to redefine our future and point the way to a better tomorrow.

5 Pharma Companies Fostering Innovation

  1. INNOVATIVECULTURESThe iQ Index:Pharma’s Most Innovative Cultures
  2. ABOUT iQiQ is the innovation lab of GSWWorldwide. We research emergingtrends in both how technology andexpectations are changing.We use those findings to developperspectives on how our health caremarketers can gain competitiveadvantage in fast-changing areaslike mobile, slate, gaming, andsocial media.Then we model and build innovativetools and experiences designed justfor health care marketers.
  3. INNOVATION FROM EVERYWHERETwo years ago, we started to see a new job title pop up all alongthe corridor and at leading healthcare brands around the world:chief innovation officerThis new role represented a fundamental shift in C-suite thinking:no longer would innovation be just about products orservices. Today, innovation needs to come from everywhere – inbeakers, from warehouses, on spreadsheets, in marketing suites.We identified the five U.S. companies that have moved thefarthest, the fasted in answering that call for change. Theseare the enterprises that are best positioned to redefine our futureand point the way to a better tomorrow.
  4. WHY IS THIS NEW CALL FORINNOVATION HAPPENING NOW?CHALLENGES IN THE PIPELINE ANDCOMMODITIZATION IN KEY CATEGORIESThe “patent cliff” has created a flashpoint for change – how can we buildvalue both in our products and around them?ACCELERATION OF CHANGE CREATED BY THE DIGITALREVOLUTIONThe rate and scale of disruption brought about by innovation has massivelyacceleratedINNOVATION EXPERIENCE HAS BECOME THE NEW MBANew generation of leaders has a much better understanding of the dynamicsof innovation, as well as the scale of the threats and opportunities itpresents
  5. HOW WE CHOSE THE COMPANIESWe identified four keyways that pharmabrands are learning CHAMPION CHALLENGEfrom out-of-category Empower flag Create a focus forinnovators and scored bearers of what the innovation in theeach company on their C-suite and organization will do and build rewardsinvestments and efforts throughout the around the goal organizationin each area. Not all ofthese companies arefully realizing thebenefits of theirinvestment in CHANGE CREATEinnovation yet. Share successes Develop a pipeline and learnings fromBut, they are the of ideas, a process failures acrosscompanies we think are for vetting them business units, and start moving begin to see majorbest positioned to them forward wins or culturalwin based on the changecultures they’rebuilding.
  6. THE NEXTGENERATION OFINNOVATIONFive leading U.S. companies on the iQ index
  7. 1 GILEADGilead’s scientists have long been motivated by a single mission: advancingtreatments for life-threatening diseases. Increasing, much of the rest of theorganization is focused on an equally important one: Access forprofessionals and patients around the world. Meeting that goal requiresinnovation from all corners: distribution, marketing, policy, compliance,skills training and more.Best ats:• The leadership is united in their focus – from the CEO to brand managers• They’ve defined goals for how the company has to change the game (ex. Reach 3 million HIV patients in developing countries this year)• And, created mini competitions between brands to reward the best innovations and cross pollinate thinking
  8. 2 MILLENNIUMSometimes innovation that can’t happen in the macro culture,happens in a micro one. Millennium, the Takeda Oncology company, hasjust 1100 employees, but together they’ve taken on a massive challenge:curing cancer.The innovative difference is the culture they’ve been able to create.In an industry known for hierarchy, Millennium fosters innovation by beingflat. Senior management is involved in the day-to-day, interruptive ideas arequickly vetted, and each employee’s MBOs are connected to the overallchange the company wants to make in the world. Best ats: • Big expectations: Millennium is the center of excellence in a global organization • Constant connection to the patients they serve through patient opinion leaders and company-wide events • A proven commitment to entrepreneurship
  9. 3 GENENTECHGenentech is the Google of the pharma space. It invests in its people(retention pay + fantastic on-site perks) and encourages free thinking in thelab. These hallmarks have consistently won Genetech “best place to work”awards, but they’ve also cemented the value equation around big thinking and invention in leadership. Even while integrating with Roche’s culture, Genentech maintained its investment in innovation and even extended it far beyond the lab.Best ats:• Put a premium on curiosity and creativity• Have a constant influx of new ideas through a unique post doctoral program that keeps young people with different backgrounds and technologies moving through Genentech• A broad range of social tools that connect people across disciplines and make innovation everyone’s responsibility
  10. 4 PFIZERPfizer may have struggles in its pipeline, but it’s thinking big about innovation indistribution, sales and marketing, pricing and patient support. The mostimportant step Pfizer has taken is recognizing and correcting the internalbarriers it created to innovation – namely micro management and mergers.Individual thinking was greatly limited by both carefully defined guardrails andorganizational upheaval.To infuse innovation in the culture, Pfizerknew it needed a new kind of leader–onewho could inspire open thinking through openconversation. Enter Joe Shields, Director ofWorldwide Innovation at Pfizer, who is chargedwith entirely recasting Pfizer’s role in healthcare.Best ats:• Setting new kinds of metrics that power innovation• Thinking about the role of culture in sustaining innovation• Being an early mover in segmentation: customizing experiences and content for meaningful niches instead of running to the middle
  11. 5 AMGENAmgen may be the surprise of this list. It’s maturation this year – highlighted byits first dividend payment this April – has led many to call it an old man in ayoung man’s world, a company that’s graduating from true bio tech to bigpharma.You wouldn’t know it on the ground though. Individual teams – from legal tomarketing to distribution – are expected to find better ways, moments ofinvention around the way people live and work. Best ats: • Partnering with their Foundation to look for solutions beyond their own walls through unique crowdsourcing initiatives • Bringing everyone – from the execs to the investors – into their science story • Being willing to fail fast to make a difference (this year, the marketing teams piloted everything from iPads to remote detailing to find the tools that make the biggest difference)