The Sustainable Buildings Series: Retrofits


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A comprehensive program addressing the costs, savings, finance & investment
informational needs of Property Managers, Facility Managers, Institutional
Investors, Developers, Planners, Corporate, Government & Nonprofit Professionals

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The Sustainable Buildings Series: Retrofits

  1. 1. is pleased to introduce chapter one of: The SuSTainable Part Of Our Ongoing Green buildingS SerieS: eduCatiOnal FOrums reTrofiTS October 20-22, 2009 The Mission Bay Conference Center at USCF San Francisco, CA a comprehensive program addressing the costs, savings, finance & investment informational needs of Property managers, Facility managers, institutional investors, developers, Planners, Corporate, Government & nonprofit Professionals 0 nd v e r 1 r by $ 4 0 tha S a embe iste With 4 Pre-Conference Workshops on October 20, 2009 0 pt reg Se
  2. 2. 9 dear industry Colleague: 9 definitive reasons With a troublesome economy impacting the development and construction of sustainable buildings a huge spotlight is shining on sustainable building retrofits. this market is fast becoming one of the Why You Should Make it strongest and most dynamic sectors; one where there is reason for optimism and anticipation of continued future growth. the strategic investment opportunities, cost saving ventures, government Your business To attend initiatives and product innovations which are collectively propelling sustainable building retrofits to This event the forefront of both the national and global economies all represent requisite information for every market participant. With all of this in mind, gsMi is pleased to present the first chapter of The Sustainable Buildings R • eap the available rewards which can Series: Retrofits, scheduled for october 20-22, 2009 in san Francisco at the fabulous Mission Bay be secured through green lending Conference Center at UFC. today there are 120 million residential homes and 5.1 million commercial programs buildings across america, every one of which presents an opportunity for green building market • E valuate the type of tax credits which participants. this event will bring together industry participants from all segments of this growing are available for efficiency upgrades market including facilities and property managers, brokers, investors, developers, planners, architects T • ake advantage the cost savings and venture capitalists. among the many highlights we are offering the market are four intensive which are available with energy pre-conference workshops as well as high level briefings and discussions in the following areas: retrofits Capitalizing on the economic Recovery stimulus Package; Financing sustainable Retrofits; Creating R • ealize how you can enhance Value with investment in green Retrofits; Leed Certification update; sustainable Building Valuations portfolio returns with investment in and Baseline assessments. green retrofits our expert speaker faculty was selected based on their industry knowledge and experience. each O • btain information which will guide and every one of them was selected because they have already made a substantive contribution you in how to green a property to the growth, innovation and unlimited potential of this market sector. the knowledge which they • F ind the best way to finance green will impart will undoubtedly arm each attendee with indispensable information about green retrofits retrofits which can, in turn be applied to your critical financial and cost decisions in the green building space. • I dentify ways to reduce your carbon to register for the premier event, visit us on line at or footprint while streamlining your or call us at 888.409.4418. business practices i look forward to greeting you in san Francisco. T • urn the environmental and economic crisis into an investment Best regards; opportunity • S tand out from your competitors by marketing how you are greening your workspaces c Cheryl Fallick GSMI 2 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  3. 3. cPre-Conference Workshops Tuesday, october 20, 2009 MoRnInG WoRkShop “A” MoRnInG WoRkShop “B” AFTERnoon WoRkShop “C” AFTERnoon WoRkShop “D” Intelligent & net Zero Buildings Green REITs Advanced Energy Efficient Retrofits Venture Capital Investment In Sustainable Retrofits 8:00 8:00 1:00 1:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast Registration, Continental Breakfast Registration, Coffee & Tea Service Registration, Coffee & Tea Service 8:30 8:30 1:30 1:30 opening Remarks From the Session Facilitator opening Remarks From the Session Facilitator opening Remarks From the Session Facilitator opening Remarks From the Session Facilitator intelligent & net zero buildings are evolving the subprime debacle of the past two years this in-depth workshop concentrates on the is it true that the real estate and construction concepts that are little more than two decades slashed the value of many real estate investment cornucopia of available energy efficiencies that sectors are both the cause and the solution, in old. this intensive tutorial will break down the trusts more than 37% in 2008. Many Reits are applicable to existing building stock. the large part to today’s economic crisis? Is the venture components of both and discuss how they work investments are faced with a new paradigm in workshop is intended to familiarize today’s capital sector acutely in tune with this paradigm? together. What is currently available and what this credit-constrained environment. overall the property and facility management professionals, Where are the best opportunities to drive both the future holds in building life cycles: Reit market still has many challenges ahead of as well as other industry participants, with the change and ROI in the building industries? • Categories of high tech intelligence: Facilities it, but amidst all of the doom and gloom, we best options to achieve energy efficiency through this tutorial will present and highlight the various management and information systems are seeing one undeniable bright spot: green retrofits and what to look for when considering options available in the venture capital sector for • Affordability and sustainability Reits. in the midst of all of the chaos, green the move to sustainable properties or how sustainable building retrofits. discussed in detail will be: Reits present an undeniable opportunity to the to achieve sustainability through retrofitting a • Reducing energy use to the bare minimum • Sustainable building materials upgrades and investment community. this workshop focuses current dwelling. included in the tutorial are: without sacrificing occupant comfort replacements on this exciting new market, detailing the latest • Ways to minimize primary energy consumption • Computerized systems for overseeing and developments and what investors and other • Automation and smart applications for heating, cooling and hot water, per gross controlling building operations financial professionals can expect to see in the floor area • Water: Is blue the next green? • Systems: HVAC, lighting, fire, security, essential months ahead including: • Optimizing the integration of solar energy use • Energy & storage communications • Who are the players on both the commercial • Where are the best opportunities and why? • Are we seeing an end to planned obsolescence? and residential side? • Technical aspects of intelligent buildings in • Can performance be improved from an energy 3:30 – 3:50 3:30 – 3:50 laymen’s terms perspective? Refreshment Break Refreshment Break c • Building life cycles • Can properties with green features accelerate 5:30 5:30 • Modeling returns and to what extent? Afternoon Workshop Concludes Afternoon Workshop Concludes • Demolishing & decommissioning • What is the outlook for this market in the near • Materials & resources • Reducing impact, systems & methodologies 10:30 – 10:50 Refreshment Break 12:30 Morning Workshop Concludes term? Long term? 10:30 – 10:50 Refreshment Break 12:30 Morning Workshop Concludes c 5:30-6:30 – Welcoming Cocktail Reception & Advance Conference Registration 12:30 – 1:30 12:30 - 1:30 Luncheon for Delegates Attending Both a Luncheon for Delegates Attending Both a Morning & Afternoon Workshop PlEaSE NOTE: The workshop agendas are subject to change without notice. Morning & Afternoon Workshop 3 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  4. 4. PlEaSE NOTE: cday one The agenda is subject to change without notice. Wednesday, october 21, 2009 8:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast • What are some of the retrofit protocols? AFTERnoon ConCuRREnT SESSIonS 8:30 opening Remarks From the Chair • Defining green materials and how to increase Choose Track “A” or “B” inefficiencies in waste management, water and electricity 8:45 Scoping out the Sustainable Building Retrofit • Which options produce the best utility cost reductions - Track a - Landscape and opportunities in Existing Building in the shortest period of time? Stock - Industry Leaders and pioneers Share 1:15 Creating Value with Investment in Green Retrofits perspectives 10:30 Morning Refreshments & networking opportunity in today’s real estate investment market, preserving and With development and construction plans for green 10:45 Sustainable Solutions to Achieve Climate & Economic protecting value is key. Unfortunately, with such a bleak buildings grinding to a halt in today’s economic climate, a Goals picture presenting itself in the real estate investment growing number of companies are implementing green market it is also essential to capture whatever value Carbon emissions will be the single most important retrofits with surprisingly positive money saving results currently exists. in what ways does sustainable building metric for judging the success or failure of our energy including: improved productivity, lower absenteeism retrofit investment offer a path to optimizing portfolio policy and industries such as home performance. taking a and health care costs, strengthening of brand equity. returns? This question and other key questions will be close look at state and federal energy policy, this session additionally, a growing number of real estate investors answered in this session such as: will show how existing public funding and incentives are seeking out green portfolios as the real estate sector favor costly technologies over cost effective solutions • Investing in green retrofits of existing portfolios boasting the best Roi. our participants will discuss the – and how strategic plans are misaligned with how we • Creating value for the long term reasons behind their choices and decisions to invest implement policies. Learn how new policies at both a • Which options afford the quickest investment returns in, finance, market and/or manage sustainable building state and Federal level are being developed to create in periods under 2-3 years or less? retrofits. they will also discuss the future outlook for this a level playing field and the foundation for a sustainable market including topics addressing: • Why is sustainable property investment not quite yet industry to emerge. additionally, the session offers mainstream? • Retrofitting as an alternative to development insight into creating a sustainable marketplace for energy • Leveraging value and mitigating risk • Investing and/or managing sustainable building retrofits: efficiency retrofitting, while outlining the course of action Is sooner better & why? necessary to scale the industry to meet aggressive - Track B - • What are the overall costs one can expect when carbon reduction and economic stimulus goals. retrofitting properties 1:15 LEED Certification update 11:15 Financing Sustainable Retrofits • Do the participants really believe sustainability gives What are the benefits of green buildings to interested With the credit markets still all but frozen, creating higher parties such as building owners, occupants, property and them a competitive advantage and, if so, why? returns within an exiting real estate portfolio is critical. facilities managers? What are the overall economic and • Where are the best opportunities in existing stock for this session will focus on the underlying essentials of environmental impacts, not to mention marketability retrofits? financing building retrofits: advantage? And what constitutes LEED in general, the 9:45 Defining Sustainability and how to Achieve it through • Structuring, financing & return objectives attributes that provide credence to the ‘plaque’ and why Retrofitting: Retro Commissioning • Carbon credit based strategies some buildings shouldn’t even start with LEED? This Beginning with an overview of what is considered • Costs & price: Valuation session will start with an overview that answers this sustainability, including the role of Leed certification question and will follow up with an in-depth discussion • What are the potential portfolio pitfalls to avoid? and discussion of what changes can be made to existing of Leed Certification criteria including: • Benchmarking buildings that will meet the criteria of sustainability. this • The major showstoppers that discourage buildings session will clarify what areas industry participants may • Lending programs from undertaking Leed and the counter arguments want to focus on when deciding to invest in, manage or • Creating the best environmental and economic returns • The major categories of prerequisites and credits and broker building retrofits. discussion points will include: 12:00 Luncheon for Speakers, Sponsors & Delegates their synergistic and financial role with each other • What determines what is sustainable: Leed • A short summary explanation of the LEED certification certification? Carbon Neutral? process 4 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  5. 5. cday one (continues) Wednesday, october 21, 2009 • Economic specifics, cost, benefits and ROI example, the National Association of Home Buildings - Track a - • Summary of changes in LEED-2009 predicts residential growth to balloon to $38 Billion in 2010. is green building and green tech a bright spot in 4:45 Case Study • LEED EB-2009…a huge under utilized program today’s economy? This session will address these and • Future changes and where the market is heading - Track B - other key questions such as: - Track a - • How are both institutional and individual investors 4:45 keys to Driving Down operating Costs positioning themselves for a competitive advantage? • Workplace Strategies: Optimizing and adapting space 2:00 unraveling the Challenges of Sustainable Building • What is the best route to seeking out companies that Valuation • Cutting system repair and maintenance costs produce sustainable building products? For the purposes of sustainable building valuation, what • Enhancing safety and productivity in work spaces • Is there still a trade-off between green vs. cost? are the financially tangible attributes on which the capital 5:30 Day one Concludes markets can focus and what exactly is “green” in the - Track B - cdayThursday, october 22, 2009 Two real estate industry? This session will highlight the key standards for property valuations and will recognize and 2:45 Substantially Lowering Energy Costs with Sustainable address basic valuation approaches including: Retrofits • Maximizing efficiency vs. minimizing waste and other • Best practices for creating energy efficiency with best practices factors retrofits and achieving energy efficiency and cutting costs when selecting or acquiring properties 8:45 Chairperson’s Recap & Introduction to Day Two • Recognizing and incorporating appropriate industry standards and structure • Where is the biggest payback in green design? 9:00 Marketing Sustainable Buildings • What is an environmentally responsible building and • The role of government tax incentives in reducing While cost reduction is still a primary motive for many how do you value it? energy costs through retrofits green retrofits and energy efficiency may still top the • Legislative initiatives which can be tapped into list, what are the other drivers that you can market to • Investment performance: Benefits vs. risks • H.R. 1778 –Retro fit for Energy and Environmental potential clients and investors? - Track B - Performance (ReeP) Program • How about corporate environmental commitment? 2:00 Implementing Green Strategies in Your portfolio • Public relations and publicity 3:30 Afternoon Refreshments & networking opportunity greening your portfolio is an increasingly common goal, • Building value but what do you and your staff and colleagues need to • Occupancy rates - Track a - do to make it happen? What are the nuts and bolts of • How do you attract tenants? operating and maintaining a green building? This session 4:00 Reducing the Cost of Sustainable Retrofits: CAp EX • Marketing to building owners, tenants and the public will focus on working with building owners, property programs managers, and building engineers to highlight the process, • Making a healthier environment profitable: Physically tools, costs, and opportunities of green retrofits through • Carbon Trading: Cap & Trade Programs and socially case studies and lessons learned. • Credits – Bundles • Charting a course for “new ways to thinking” • What do you need to know to green a property? • Grants 9:45 Brokers’ speak out on Demand for Green Space • What resources and tools are available? - Track B - What role do brokers play in the sustainable buildings • What are the costs, benefits and timeline for real- market? How do the players’ in this arena view their world projects? 4:00 Baseline Assessments for Green Retrofits role and how do they feel about it? How do they think • Case studies of LEED certified green buildings • Various examples of both extreme and low end assessments the message should be communicated to the market? - Track a - • Defining an overall sustainability strategy • How do they communicate the value of green • Where to start and how do you do them buildings to the market? 2:45 Venture Capital perspectives • Building benchmarking & portfolio level planning • Understanding and communicating the emerging Many venture investors are clearly encouraged by the “green” language to prospective clients optimistic reports of the future of green buildings. For • Views and perspectives on green leases, clients and clauses 5 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  6. 6. cday Two (continues) Thursday, october 22, 2009 10:45 Morning Refreshment & networking opportunity developments? • Natural systems and native ecological restoration • How is this market shifting in favor of sustainability? • Integrated design solutions for public and private development AFTERnoon ConCuRREnT SESSIonS - Track B - • Storm water practices, management and design solutions Choose Track “A” or “B” 12:00 urban planning in the Sustainability Sphere • Traffic, parking regulations and mass transit - Track a - at the core of sustainable urban planning are both 3:00 Afternoon Refreshments & networking opportunity economic and environmental principals. transforming 11:15 Real Solutions for Real Estate: Achieving Energy an existing urban landscape into a viable city or 3:15 Case Study Efficiencies & Building Value neighborhood without loosing site of the history and 3:45 Retrofitting Government Buildings, Schools & hospitals What measures can investors take here and now to culture is key. this session addresses the essential cut energy use in their real estate portfolios and build components of retrofitting an urban area including: • How are green characteristics and technologies being property value? This session will focus on real efforts • Green retrofitting and sustainability in commercial, retrofitted into our schools, government buildings and underway and successes achieved by institutional industrial and residential buildings hospitals? investors, asset managers, and others who own or • Achieving energy efficiency and exploring real world • What trends will we seen in the near term? Long term? manage properties. included in the discussion are both applications for alternative energy • Different strategies and performance levels of sustainability simple solutions and ambitious programs. • Green roofs, walls and design applications • Green classrooms, meeting rooms, hospital rooms - Track B - • Transportation development areas 4:30 Conference Concludes 11:15 Smart Decisions in Materials, Waste, Water & ConCuRREnT SESSIonS ConCLuDE Electricity there is a large variety of “smart” options for 12:45 Luncheon for Speakers, Sponsors & Delegates sustainability when it comes to green buildings. there are also a variety of strategies that are used when retrofitting 1:45 Green Leases: Landlord Tenant issues Is there a way to actually define a green lease? And, if Participating firms include: the operations of green buildings. this sessions lays out so, how? What are the basic components of a lease and some of green materials being used today. How they how are we rethinking them in the green sphere? impact the environment of the buildings and how they BuildingWise LLC The Green Link Alliance can be evaluated. • What practices need to be pinpointed and applied to • Lighting the way: Retrofitting existing lighting green leases? Charles Pankow Builders, Integral PE • Assignment & subletting issues LTD • Available water conservation options • Repairs and maintenance clauses Jones Lang LaSalle • Ways to establish resource efficiency • Other details and inclusions Cushman & Wakefield of • Evaluating indoor air quality and how it can be enhanced New Resource Bank 2:15 Redevelopment: An Excellent Sustainability platform California, Inc. • Recycling over the last decade there has clearly been an up-tick Pacific Gas and Electric - Track a - Enovity Inc. in the incorporation of sustainability and green solutions Serious Materials Inc. 12:00 Green Insurance & Lending programs in redevelopments across the country. sustainable Evolution Partners Real development and redevelopment can enhance a a quick review of available green insurance and lending community resulting in improved streets, sidewalks and Estate Advisors Simon & Associates, Inc. programs demonstrates that they offer favorable rates buildings, not to mention the economic benefits to cities Green Building Consultants and industry participants would be smart to take and developers alike. a broad spectrum of sustainable FX Fowle advantage of them. redevelop platforms will be addressed in this session: Sustainable Spaces, Inc. Galley Eco Capital LLC • What types of environmentally friendly building retrofit • Affordable housing, parks and deblighting commercial projects are lenders active in financing? and industrial areas • How favorable are the terms compared no non-green 6 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  7. 7. Networking and Community Join in on the Discussion People. Ideas. Community. Easy 2-Step Sign-Up Online Networking after registering, log in and maximize both your learning experience and your opportunity to connect with fellow attendees with our easy to use online format before you arrive at the event. Watch Interactive • Target your networking Videos of Executives Discussing Today’s • Establish a peer group Management Issues • East 2-step sign up • Join the discussion – read and write a blog Meet and network with colleagues facing the same challenges One-on-One Meetings that you are! We understand that networking and creating lasting contacts can be difficult at events. to help facilitate meetings we have introduced an electronic meeting system. it’s simple, during registration you’ll have the opportunity to opt-in. two weeks prior to the event, we’ll send out meeting information and you can start developing your meeting schedule before you arrive. Start Your Networking As Soon As You Register Join The Management Discussions - Read & Write a Blog 7 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  8. 8. Welcome c Reception and Cocktails endorsing Tuesday, October 20th @ 5:30 association P lease join us to kick-off the conference, meet with your peers, speakers and sponsors immediately following the pre-conference workshops and the evening before the first chapter of the Sustainable Buildings Series: Retrofits commences. Cap off the day’s activities with drinks and appetizers and an opportunity to meet new industry peers or reconnect with those you already know. The Green Link Alliance upcoming green educational forums greenLink alliance is a non profit trade association dedicated to promoting energy conservation through building retrofits that utilize innovative automation and Green REITs december 1-2, 2009 new York, nY control technologies. in addition to our educational Part Of Our Ongoing efforts, greenLink has an advocacy arm that works Data Center Green January 2010 new York, nY Green Sustainable Building Finance march 2010 tBd to ensure energy legislation includes incentives for eduCatiOnal residential and commercial building owners to retrofit FOrums Municipal Green april 2010 tBd their structures with energy saving technology. our membership is open to system integrators, building At GSMI we are more than a conference company. We go out of our way to create environments for learning, networking and ensuring our customers have great automation and control manufacturers, real estate experiences. You will go back to the office with new ideas, insights, skills and contacts. developers, government lessors, utility companies and We develop executive conferences, exhibitions and leadership trainings for the world’s leading business decision-makers. These dynamic and innovative services initiate more. and develop business relationships between director and C-level practitioners from the most influential organizations, for a stimulating environment to discuss key industry issues and mutually beneficial solutions. Our areas of focus include: Corporate Social Health care Marketing/Branding Risk Management Sustainable Strategies Responsibility Compliance Human Resources Leadership Training Performance Management Quality Management Sustainable Buildings & Real Estate Development and more c 8 | RegisteR today! 888.409.4418 the sustainable Building series: Retrofits
  9. 9. Registration: The Sustainable Buildings Series: Retrofits GSMI oFFERS 6 WAYS To REGISTER Tel: 888.409.8819, ex: 1 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 pre-conference workshops on october 20, 2009. Conference on october 21-22, 2009 p.m. Us Pacific time Fax: 619.923.3524 - 24 Hours a Day Mission Bay Conference Center at UFC • San Francisco, CA Mail: 1804 garnet ave #492, san diego, Ca 92109 Scan: Completed registration forms can be TuITIon TABLE: EARLY-BIRD * REGuLAR please fill in the following information and fax back to: (619) 923-3542 emailed to: please submit one form for each delegate attending. Conference only q $1595 q $1995 Email: 1 workshop n/A q $495 Please include your name, telephone 2 workshops n/A q $795 name: number and the code: s100 Conference + 1 Workshop q 2090 q $2490 World Wide Web: Conference + 2 Workshops q 2390 q $2790 Title: non-profit / Government Conference only q $1295 VEnuE: non-profit Government Conference + 1 Workshop q $1790 Department: The Sustainable Buildings Series: non-profit/Government Conference + 2 Workshops q $2090 Retrofits will be held at: Company: Mission Bay Conference Center at UCsF * Payment must be received by September 10th 1675 owens street san Francisco, Ca 94143 - 3008 Mailing Address: tel: 866.431.UCsF Group Discounts available for 3 or more attendees from the same firm: For information about group discounts of 3 or more people and team Learning op- Fax: 415.514.4675 portunities for The Sustainable Buildings Series: Retrofits, please contact Cheryl City: State: ACCoMMoDATIonS: Fallick at 888.409.4418, ext.5 or email her at a limited number of rooms have been reserved at two different hotels: ADMInISTRATIVE noTE: : Zip/post Code: Country: The Hotel Griffen and The Hotel Palomar Four weeks or more prior to the event: at a discount rate of $189/night (contact Full refund or Full Credit Voucher Telephone: Fax: either hotel by september 21st to receive the For cancellations Between two and four weeks prior to the event: discounted rate). also please make sure to ask received in writing $300 cancellation fee applied to refund or Credit Voucher for the gsMi conference rate when you call Email: for reservations. two weeks or less prior to the event: hotel Griffon No Refund; a Credit Voucher minus $300 cancellation fee 155 steuart street, san Francisco, Ca 94105 if you do not cancel your registration by the day of the payment Method: tel: (415) 495-2100 Fax: (415) 495-3522 event you will be charged your full registration fee toll Free: (800) 321-2201 Credit Card: q Amex q Visa q MasterCard q Check email: Credit vouchers may be applied toward any future gsMi event within one calendar year of the date of the cancellation. if gsMi decides to cancel any part of this event, the hotel palomar Company is not responsible for covering airfare, hotel or any other costs. speakers, 12 Fourth street, san Francisco, Ca 94103 agenda, networking and recreational events are subject to change without notice. For Credit Card number: tel: (415) 348-1111 Fax: (415) 348-0302 more information regarding refunds please contact the customer service department toll-free: (866) 373-4941 at: 888.409.4418, ex. 1 EXhIBITIon AnD SponSoRShIp name on Card: SuBSTITuTIon poLICY: substitutions may be made up to the day of the event InFoRMATIon: to learn more about sponsorship and pAYMEnT poLICY: Payments can be made by american express, Visa, MasterCard, Expiration Date: exhibition opportunities at The Sustainable Company Check (Usd checks must be drawn on a Us bank), or by wire transfer. Buildings Series: Retrofits please contact if registering 2 weeks or less prior to the start of the Conference, you must submit your Cheryl Fallick at 888.409.4418, ext.5 or credit card information as a form of payment. if registering more than 2 weeks prior to Do you have any dietary restrictions (e.g. kosher, vegetarian)? q Yes q no email her at the start of the Conference and payment is not received at the time of registration, a If so, please specify: a limited number of table-top and booth credit card hold will be required to maintain your registration status. if payment is not exhibits will be open during the course of Do you require any accommodations that require special attention? q Yes q no the event. sponsors/exhibitors will have received 2 business days prior to the conference date, the respective credit card will be utilized as the form of payment. Please make all checks payable to global strategic If so, please specify: the opportunity to promote products and Management institute. in the memo area of the check please write the name(s) of the (e.g. wheel-chair access) services of special interest to conference sustainable Buildings series: Retrofits registrants(s) and Code: s100 attendees.