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Greenov newsletter n°2

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER . 02 october 2011 G EE GRE GREENO GREENOV EEN Greenov is a transnational cooperation project aiming at develop- ing a cluster on sustainable renovation. It gathers a group of partners from different North-West European countries acting to improve and develop sustainable renovation practices among SMEs, craftsmen and all actors working in this field. Greenov partners have recently validated their common definition of sustainable renovation: “A process of conception and works in order to transform an existing building to fulfil the requirements of protecting the environment and the health of its users and taking into account the social and societal needs while achieving economic viability. Sustainable renovation needs special skills for diagnosis, conception, for using intelligent or new techniques, and then ensuring maintenance.” This definition is the basis of a longer-term work on a grid of indica- tors, adapted from existing grids on eco or sustainable construction, and that will be a practical tool in order to help the achievement of good sus- tainable renovation projects. The setting-up of the cluster has started with the structuring or strengthening of existing local clusters. Different actions are carried out in order to identify the needs and gaps in the offer of services, information and training for the actors involved in the field of sustainable renovation, as you’ll see in this newsletter. A lot of conferences, seminars and professional fairs are organized around the sustainable construction and renovation sector. Greenov part- ners take part in many of these events. Some of the interesting ones are reported here. Good reading!
  2. 2. TotalTotal budget: 7.500.000 € 00.000 The GREENOV project is structured funding:ERDF funding: 50% into 3 groups of activities:Duration: yearsDuration: 5 years (Jan 2010 - Jan 2015 n 2015) “From exchange of expertise to knowledge The GREENOV partners will stimulate the innovationGREENOVGREENOV is co-fund co-funded cycle by exchanging their expertise and practice and byby EGby the INTERREG IVB pooling different stakeholders of the sustainable renova-North West Europe PNorth West Europe Pr Pro- tion sector. Transnational experts’ panels and thematicgramme.g ramme. conferences will be organised. Common and operational -cial instrument of the European EuroUnion’s Cohesion Policy. It fundsUnion’s Policy. f cy y scale will be also carried out.projects which support trans-projects support tnational cooperation. The aim is ai territorialthe most of territorial assets and shared problems Memtackle shared problems of MemberStates, regions and other authori- , regions aut Partners will capitalise on this innovation cycle through aties. cluster approach which will lead to the organisation of the SMEs’ supply chain through the settingup of the clusterFor furtherformation: informationFor further information:For further information: management structure and collaborative platform, identi-www.nw eur ope fying innovative SMEs, carrying out a market analysis, and providing training and services for SMEs. “Demonstration through exemplary Four GREENOV partners will launch sustainable renova- tion of one of their existing buildings (private or public buildings welcoming citizens). The four buildings represent complementary and exem- plar case studies. Results will be analysed and disseminated and promotional events will be organised locally. These pi- lot renovations should impact local market development by stimulating SMEs and by raising awareness among all the building sectors’ stakeholders, from political decision- makers to citizens. 2
  3. 3. Replacement of Ashford’s Future byWelcome to: Stoke on AshfordTrent City Council! Borough CouncilStoke on Trent City replaces the Birmingham Chamber of Com-merce. Our new partner is made up of six towns aiming to move Ashford Future’s Company was fullyto a lower carbon economy. The Council wants to position itself as wound down at the end of Marcha city of the future – a place that people aspire to live in and enjoy 2011 due to changing funding struc-visiting in particular with a focus on “green issues”. Stoke is a very tures in the UK and Ashford Bor-relevant partner because it has two current projects that fit per- ough Council will take over the rolefectly with the Greenov mission. The first project is the Centre for of Ashford’s Future as direct part-Refurbishment Excellence (CORE) program: a centre for the ad- ner in the Greenov project. Thevancement of sustainable refurbishment and an authoritative training Council has been integrally linkedfacility for retrofitting products, materials and systems (For more into the project for some time as ainformation visit: second one is the Build core partner of the Ashford’s Fu-Up North Staffordshire scheme which acts as a support network ture Partnership and as the deliveryto companies in North Staffordshire highlighting tender opportuni- organisation on the renovation andties within the public and private sector to enable local companies retrofit of St Mary’s Church, a keyto bid for this work. Training is also offered to companies needing capital project under develop and enhance their employees’ skills. Over 500 suppliersof services to the construction industry have signed up from brick-layers and plumbers to electricians and architects, along with dozensof influential contractors, and such is the success of this innovativesupport network that it has now been expanded to offer the samelevel of service to the Low Carbon and Creative Industries (Formore information visit:
  4. 4. NEWSSeminar on Energy EfficiencyThe first day of the summer was the occasion of a networking and information eventdedicated to the Energy Efficiency of German and Belgian buildings, as one of themost promising axes of exchanges between these two neighbors. The seminar wasorganized by the German and Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (De-BeLux).Sustainable construction is about new know-how, experimenting with new techniquesand new materials. Presentations made by German enterprises have proven that sus-tainable business is now operational in the EU, and is growing fast! Each day moresectors invest in energy efficiency, and the snow-ball effect has clearly been observedby the German businesses.The architect firm Koch Architekten discussed the core role of natural lights in de-signing such places, as well as demonstrating that energy efficiency is everywhere, re-sponding to the presentation of Pr. Ludwig Rongen who demonstrated that passivebuilding can be implemented all around the world!But sustainable construction is also a matter of politics, economy and society. Onthis topic, the German authorities have a clear vision of the green future of economywith their export programme “Energie Effizienz”, whose aim is to boost the com-petitiveness and position of the German enterprises on foreign markets( the Belgian side, the presentation started with a little overview of the politicalhorizon… After a year without a Government, the Belgian context could well haveappeared hazy, however the focus on future Energy Efficiency remains extremely clearand on track!Adeline Guerriat from the Passive House Platform (Walloon & Brussels regions) andTo Simmons from CeDuBo (Center for Sustainable Building in the Flanders region)succeeded in demonstrating that the transition is well engaged in Belgium, with aspecial mention for the Brussels-Capital region whose legal framework is one of themost advanced in Europe! The number of passive-certified buildings is increasing ex-ponentially… “Made in Germany”: a certification. Berlin un- derstands that Germany has two strong attributes for the export market: the power of the German brand as well as the reputation for quality also enjoyed by German green products and services. So, work has begun on developing a powerful combined kitemark. See this little button…
  5. 5. EVENTSAquasim CentreSource : Passive House Fair and theAquasim Mission(Brussels, Belgium – September 9th to 11th 2011)The Passive House Fair in Brussels attracted for its tenth Codema to promote GREENOVedition 5468 visitors. During the event, the Enterprise Eu-rope Brussels, in partnership with the Greenov cluster, as part of Innovation Dublinhold a networking and partnership event. 27 enterprises (Dublin, Ireland – October 19th 2011)coming from Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourghad the opportunity to pitch themselves and to present Codema promotes the GREENOV project this yeartheir partnership needs. The EEB and its EEN colleagues with a stand in the Wood Quay Venue on Wednesday,have organized this networking event as a starter to realize 19th October, as part of Innovation Dublin. The fes-a full accompaniement on technological or commercial tival takes place from Monday 17th October – Fridaypartnerships between the enterprises, research centers 18th November and has been extended to run overand universities.This accompaniement includes, among oth- a month to meet the scale of Dublin’s passion to in-ers, services on intellectual property rights, confidentiality novate. Codema’s event will provide a great network-agreements, etc. (more on http://www.enterprise-europe- ing opportunity for Irish SMEs and will showcase benefits of the GREENOV project. Innovation Dublin provides opportunities to promote enter-This event will be followed, at the end of October (27th prise, to learn and find out how things work, to net-and 28th), by a Company Mission in Aquasim, near Nantes work and collaborate and to connect ideas with– France. The Aquasim mission is not just about network- opportunities. For more information, visit, but also to discover a research platform reproducing novationdublin.iethe water cycle on full-scale, conducted by the French Sci-entific & Technical Center for Buildings (CSTB). All the pro- Sustainable Constructionfessionals involved in water management will come to Glossaryshare and exchange on the up-to-date technologies andsystems dedicated to water management. And, if Aquasim The BEA attended the launching of the Sustainableis not just about networking, the B2B aspect won’t be for- Construction Glossary hosted by the European Eco-gotten with bilateral meetings based interests established nomic Social Committee. This glossary meetsthrough tailored participants’ profiles. Greenov concerns on creating a common language, setting up a definition of the sustainable renovationPassive House and Aquasim are the B2B events closing the and translating technical documentsEEB sustainable construction round for 2011, with more ( come in 2012. activities-sustainable-construction-glossary-publicat).
  6. 6. PROJECT ACTIVITIESDublin Thematic seminar(Dublin, Ireland - March 15th & 16th 2011)A thematic seminar was held in Dublin on March15th and 16th on the theme “Energy efficiency ofbuildings: possibilities and products”. Partnersworked on two important aspects of the project inparallel sessions: one on the cluster development(WP2) and one on the definition of sustainable ren-ovation and common indicators (WP1 & 3).In the working group on WP2 partners discussedthe creation of a Greenov portal for public pro-curements. To set-up such a tool, partners havestarted to work on a questionnaire on the organi-sation of public procurements at national level and Partners’ working meetingson a survey on businesses’ needs. After this “map- (Strasbourg, France – May 2nd 2011 and Paris, France – Juneping”, the form and content of the portal will be 8th 2011)specified. Between thematic seminars, partners continue workingThe second group worked on common indicators on the Greenov cluster. Partners’ working on WP2 metand on a definition of sustainable renovation (see in Strasbourg and Paris to discuss the improvement ofthe Edito). A first draft of the common indicators the Greenov weekly newsletter and check the possibilityfor monitoring a sustainable renovation has also to mix it with the Greenov watch services for SMEs.been produced. Other services have been discussed: the public procure- ment service which would be a selection of procure-On the second day, a conference with Irish SMEs ments that SMEs could bid to and help them to answerhas been organised on the theme “Clustering SMEs by organising workshops, training, etc.for renovation jobs”.Various experts spoke on top-ics such as the importance of an energy efficiencyrevolution in Ireland, public procurements, the birthof clusters, etc. Ashford’s study visit (Ashford, UK – April 19th 2011) A study visit on the renovation works of Ashford was held on April 19th for all partners working on the WP3. It was the opportunity to see the progress of renovation works in the St Mary’s Church and in the Library and to talk to the professionals involved in both projects’ teams.The professionals explained the sustainable technologies used to renovate these buildings.
  7. 7. PARTNERSIN FOCUS Involving businesses in the emerging cluster The example of Val Maubuée Since January 2010, the San Val Maubuée promotes the Greenov cluster has been promoting to local businesses, with multiple aims: - enhancing networking, - ensuring future membership, - checking the relevance of the cluster services, - discovering experts, - discovering innovative companies, - identifying the driving forces… Thematic workshops are organised in Val Maubuée premises approximately every two months. All companies in the field of construction or renovation are invited even if the attendance is low (up to 20). But the recurrence of this initiative allows identifying interested companies which return several times. A network takes shape. Most of them are eager to see the cluster created and their degree of in- volvement remains fragile. This is why the Val Maubuée plans working groups dedicated to the future cluster and its range of services in the next few months. This will allow a better appropriation of the tool by its future members. Thirty local or regional companies are already part of Val Maubuée’s net- work. Our job is to enlarge their number and to make sure that all of them will join the Greenov cluster. “From the Greenov’ desk”- A tool to increase knowledge on sustainable renovation The SAN Val Maubuée started a series of meetings/interviews with profes- sionals involved in sustainable renovation such as architects and enter- prises. Each month, Benjamin Finot meets a person in relation with sustainable renovation and writes articles describing his work and his proj- ect. This approach enables us to increase our knowledge of sustainable ren- ovation and to start the creation of the pool of experts. All partners will start this initiative in their countries. The procedure in place is as follows: Step 1: Search for relevant actors in sustainable renovation Step 2: Select available professionals whose project fits in with the Greenov mission Step 3: Meet the professional in his work environment Step 4: Write an article presenting the project and“House of the winegrowers” the professional and share it with all Alsace renovated by the architect R. Jost
  8. 8. Coming Events - 16 & 17 February 2012: Greenov Thematic con- ference in Karlsruhe - 20 & 21 March2012: London ecobuild fair- 23-26 March 2012: “Bois & Habitat” fair in Namur - End of March - Beginning of April 2012: Energy week in Dublin- 26 & 27 April 2012: Greenov Freiburg’s study visit 02 www.greenov Greenov lead partner SAN de Marne-la-Vallée/Val Maubuée Project manager Charlotte Dessandier Supporting organisation Europen New Towns & Pilot Cities Platform Newsletter designer Hester Chen / Georges Labatut Contact information telephone : +33 1 60 37 24 23 email : website : This project has received European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.