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An astrologer`s day


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an astrologers day

Published in: Education
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An astrologer`s day

  1. 1. An Astrologer`s Day By Sofia Mele, Francisco Aresi, Francisco Montoya and Oliverio Llobet
  2. 2. Characters: Astrologer: He pretends to be an astrologer to earn money by cheating people. He is married and he has children. With his wife he lives in a town outskirts a city. The astrologer had a dark past where he tried to kill Guru Nayak. Guru Nayak: He was a man that had a problem in the past with the astrologer. That problem was caused because of several fights, that finally ended up with the astrologer stabbing him.
  3. 3. Wife: she is beautiful, she has kids with the astrologer. In the night when the astrologer tells her the truth,she reacts well when this happens in the story.
  4. 4. Point Of View Point of view: The point of view is first person.The Astrologer speaks in first person, but his point of view is because he is the main character that has a greater knowledge about what is going on in the story.He remembers all what happen to him throw out the story with great accuracy.
  5. 5. Setting in place Setting in place: A town in the outskirts of a city located in India we can say this because the place located a poor village and the language used threw out the story. .
  6. 6. Setting in time Setting in time: Post colonial time, XX century we can say this because of the transport used Jutcka that is a synonym of horse cart.
  7. 7. language Language: It represents the low social class of the region and the use of dialect typical of India, just like the use “ Jutka-drivers” or “ Jaggery” or “ Pyol”. They use this indian dialect because the british colonized india and the descendants spoke in english.
  8. 8. Our comment about the ending: Our comment of the ending is that the astrologer tells the truth to his wife and that is a very important thing because he is sincere and that makes his wife trust in him.