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Poem Experience


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Very Nice Poem

Published in: Education
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Poem Experience

  1. 1. In Literature class with Pat we did an activity that consisted of doing three steps.The First one was choosing a photo from your photo gallery of your phone in which you appear and or in one you did not appear.The Second step was to write according to the photo 5 nouns, 5 adjectives and 5 verbs.And the Third Step was to write a Simile, Metaphor, personification or a symbol for those 4 we had to choose 2 to write on.And the Fourth and last step was to write a poem including the 5 adjectives , 5 nouns and the 5 verbs and the two literary devices you chose in step 3. I chose this work because I could use all my imagination to write a poem I never imagined I could write because it had rhyme that was a very big step in Literature that thanks to Pat now I love it. From reviewing this piece I learned the challenging exercise that is to create a poem with literary devices and rhymes. One thing I still need to work on is the extension of the poem because I would've liked that the poem had more stanzas, literary devices and rhymes. The connection I can make with real life is that when I have to play a Rugby match is challenging for me as to write poems or essays in Literature because both imply a big effort from my part.And in one I have to train a lot and in the other one pay a lot of attention in class that in some times is very difficult. This is my poem: The Stadium The stadium is very noisy place because it has the football supporters encouraging. This stadium has a lot of players playing football and hating the noise. The football supporters have a lot of passion for the magnificent club. Peanuts all around the stadium running as football players do in the huge stadium. This stadium looks looks like a sea full of fish. And it’s players fly through an endless field. But when the football team was going to score a goal the referee sentenced offside and the professional players stopped running.