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All my Sons


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All My Sons

Published in: Education
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All my Sons

  1. 1. 1. In the tv movie he wrote “playing for time” he was criticized by jewish groups for being anti zionist and of supporting palestinian organizations. 2. worked in Marilyn Monroe company and started a friendship with her that ended into a romance 3. In his play “the death of a salesman” reflects what happened to he and his family in the wall Street crash 4. When Marilyn died he married again and got 2 kinds, one with down syndrome who was excluded from the family 5. Got more prestige when marrying Marilyn Monroe. 6. He came from an immigrant family 7. He went to the Michigan university 8. He wrote an anti semitism play called all my sons 9. It was important to him to place “The common man” at the center of the tragedy 10. He was shaped as a writer in the circumstance of the great depression 1)How would you define a responsible person? 2)Are you a responsible person? Why or why not? Give examples of people you know in your personal life or in the public domain who are responsible. How do these individuals support your definition? 3)How does one learn to become a responsible person? 4)Who are the “teachers” and where do we find them in our lives? 5)Is being responsible a character trait that you value a lot? Why or why not? 6)The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” What does this statement mean? Can you think of a situation in your own life in which you used this statement as the guiding principle for the action that you took? If “yes,” explain. 1)A responsible person is the one that is in every detail of everything and always does all the homework at school, or home office at work. 2)Yes,I’m a very responsible person, because I always do the homework and that stuff, my father is a very responsible person.The definition in my opinion of responsible person is a person who is in every detail. 3)Seeing how people that are responsible do their things and personal issues and copy them. 4)My father is a very responsible person who teach me to be responsible 5)Yes I value it a lot responsible persons because they cope pretty good with me and I cope pretty good with them. 6)This statement means that they don´t cope with everybody.Yes One was when I have a friend that I don't cope with and we fight and then we discover that we both were fighting for childish things.