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Picture poem


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Picture Poem

Published in: Education
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Picture poem

  1. 1. Picture Poem
  2. 2. 5 nouns -Stadium -Players -Football supporters -peanut -off-side 5 verbs -playing football -encourage -passion -dribble -running 5 adjectives -beautiful -noisy -huge -magnificent -professional Simile:This stadium looks like a sea full of fish Metaphor:The players fly through an endless field The Stadium The stadium is very noisy place because it has the football supporters encouraging. This stadium has a lot of players playing football and hating the noise. The football supporters have a lot of passion for the magnificent club. Peanuts all around the stadium running as football players do in the huge stadium. This stadium looks looks like a sea full of fish. And it’s players fly through an endless field. But when the football team was going to score a goal the referee sentenced offside and the professional players stopped running.