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The art of possibility

The management model has its roots in Medieval Alchemy. Once you understand this history you can create almost any model or process you need for your situation or play design it.

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The art of possibility

  1. 1. Alchemy Through a combination of elements andunderstanding and new states of being arise.
  2. 2. Alchemy Through a combination of elements andunderstanding and new states of being arise.
  3. 3. Alchemy Through a combination of elements andunderstanding and new states of being arise.
  4. 4. the classical stagesof alchemy • Purification • Rediscovering our essence • The immaculate state • Alchemical marriage • Embodying our new perspective • Clarifying our life purpose and the qualities we need
  5. 5. Sources of Alchemy• Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air• Life: Birth, Learning, Maturity, Wisdom, Death• Cycles: Winter (internal), Spring (growth), Summer (harvest), Fall (incubation & storage)• Polarity: Ying, Yang; Male,Female• Divination: Zero, Oneness, duality, trinity, etc• Influencing: Planets, numbers, symbols• Processes: Rot, decay, mutation, growth• Myth: symbolism, deeper truth’s
  6. 6. The Alchemistic process 1• Fire: Where is the fire? What do we want (to change)? What are our intentions/passions? What’s the purpose? What does the new design need to fulfill?• Earth: What is stuck in this? What are the inmoveble objects or elements? What is the material side of this? Budget, means, people. How to use them.• Water: What is fluid in this? What can be changed, transformed? What are the relationships and emotions that influence the outcomes? What’s the discussion? How to communicate?• Air: what are the images concerning/influencing this? What decisions need to be taken? What are our assumptions?• Ether: What is the bigger picture? How does this process fit in the bigger pattern? How are we, or do we want to be, changed by it?
  7. 7. The Alchemistic process 2• Calcination: Bring the essence of the case back to one clear question.• Dissolution: Bring the involved parties back to their essence.• Separation: Distinguish the different sides and aspects of the case.• Conjunction: Integrate or bring balance into the different aspects of the case.• Fermentation: Take the time to see what comes up. Create space to think and explore.• Distillation or Rotation: Take your time to look at all angles to see what comes up.• Coagulation: solidifying. Look and clarify what’s left and test it. NB:Be prepared to repeat the whole process or parts of it and integrate old mistakes in new solutions/possibilities.
  8. 8. A NEW DESIGN
  9. 9. What are the keywords for the new design?In the practicing alchemists point of view, fire is a catalyst to both initiating andcompleting metaphysical demonstrations. This symbol signifies upward mobility,forward motion, rising flames and aspirations to solar embodiment (in both literaland philosophical senses). To move into the energy of fire is to be utterlyconsumed, transformed and lifted out of limitation (vis a vis: smoke rising – alsobringing to mind the symbolic message of the phoenix in alchemical literature).
  10. 10. What is the earth, air, water, fire in the new situation?• Fire: what is our vision in this?• Earth: what is fixed, cannot be changed? (in reality and by choice) What’s the budget? What materials do we have?• Water: What is adaptable/fluid changeable? How should it feel?• Air: what decisions need to be taken? What images/assumptions do we have?
  11. 11. Floris Koot Turning planning into effective actionPlayDesign How to get things done? Our meetings take way too long and little comes out of it. New and different approaches are on the rise. One of the most fun and effective at the same time is Play Design: do it now, as if it already there & then.Playing the Future into Reality!
  12. 12. Play Design Foundations Play is the most integrated learning there is.• Purposeful messy play is dialogue and leads to emergence of shared new reality.• Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart are all active and all bring knowledge.• Be Open to Experiment/Experience (yes)• Turn any assumption into an experience.• Empower people by trough co-creation: they will have to work/deal with it.
  13. 13. Play Design in Action Visualize or Play the New Reality as if it’s already here.1. Have the goal/purpose/question clear in mind.2. Dream together a new wished for Reality.3. Make things tangible/reality quickly.4. Play the new reality.5. Build the experience step by step. Adjust when needed6. Integrate all Feedback7. Stop when the energy is gone.8. Evaluate and settle.
  14. 14. The Art of Possibility• Change your Viewpoint (flipthink)• Give yourself an A and live it. (you are already a contribution)• Follow the energy.• Work from/speak to WE, think inclusive, everyone’s a leader, speak to essence, not to mask• Think in possibilities, critism is help, not attack.• # 6: don’t take yourself so fucking seriously!
  15. 15. • The Art of Possibility• The Power of Possibility: The worth of thinking in possibilities, tools and attitude• Reinvent yourself: working on change of mindset and personal possibilities• Journeying: Finding your way by Inner navigation. Lessons for those who are allergic to planning and hard set goals. Tricks and tools of the traveling way of self and entrepreneurial development