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10 Tips For A Magical Year

What if magic was something very close by. If it was a cluster of attitudes easy to adopt? Here are 10 pointers and 10 (fake) magazine covers full of tips and ideas.

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10 Tips For A Magical Year

  1. 1. Call to a Wonderful Year “Magic is within your reach. In fact it’s very real and very common. Miracles happen when we create space within ourselves and in the world. Improving our own life and that of many others might be less hard work and more fun than we ever imagined.” Now here are 10, often very practical, ideas, that’ll help you to unlock that magic for yourself and others. They are presented as possible new magazines and article titles. For people with imagination it might be all the nudge they need, to get the whole. Hidden among the article titles you’ll meet people and friends that inspired me, ideas that ignited me and others and very possibly the shape of things to come. Have a wonderful year, FlorisBy Floris Koot Published under Creative Commons By Floris Koot December 2010
  2. 2. Beginners Mind Issue #1 1. Start to Wonder (again)???The Magic in what is “Wonder why things are as they The intensity are, look afresh at everything you see and suddenly you can even of just looking enjoy waiting in line again.” How to avoid Assumptions Monks Mind Artists MindPowerful Questions Childs MindWho Am I? What is this? Why? Beginners Mind
  3. 3. Enter the The Playfulness Issue #2Flow Zone 2. Seek Your Flow Zone “When you focus totally on what‟s Enjoying How to surf at hand with heart and trust, it may suddenly happen; everything seems the game through life to come to you like magic.” aayZGZtcm5mcnhfMXY1Nzg0OGN4&hl=enis half the Unleash Your work Creative Soul You can do anything! Self Test: Discovering Intuition: your intensity zones the body knows
  4. 4. A life, alive with Daily Bravery Issue #3 3. Work with Purpose in Mind Personal Leadership Magazine “Life is a mystery and you have a purpose. Trust this as fact of life. ThenThe Talk of Discover seek what you truly add; miracles willyour Walk your Inner follow & ambitions fulfilled. ” Super Hero Finding the work that’s meant for you
  5. 5. Random Acts Of Kindness glossy Surprise the World Issue #4 4. Create Wonder with RAOK “Develop your inner angel. Do unexpectedly or in secret something nice for a stranger .Nice Surprise: Those Random Acts Of Kindness will uplift you just as well..” GivingPays off Amaze your City There are a million ways possible how to commit Random Acts Of Kindness. Most known for RAOK is Danny Wallace. When he started this, his best surprise was how good it made him feel himself. You can join him on: But you don’t have to join Danny, to follow his example. # Go shopping for a neighbour # Send anonymous The Idea that supportive compliments made the # 50 new ways to world smile cheer up lives # Take an elderly person for a walk
  6. 6. Monthly Paradigm Shift Failing Forward Issue #5 5. Dare to try the Absurd and Fail * “You are free when you can play with it. So liberate yourself by playing what feels frozen within and without you. It may hurt, but awareness and acceptance are the first two steps towards freedom” *)If a idea at first does not seem absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Alfred Einstein Creative Currency variety: Ego Money/Gift VoucherThe Power of Creative Currency variety: Ego Money/Gift Voucher Fantasy
  7. 7. The Not So Secret Issue #6 6. Play with the Law of Attraction Mind Meets Imagination Magazine “It doesn‟t matter if you love or hate „the Secret‟. Imagining what‟s possible, speaking out what you go What for and following opportunities that arise in the right direction, is a If We practical and fun way to move Used forward.” 2012 To Start A New Era?Are the Netherlands ready for “7 Days of Inspiration”?If we imagine the best possible future together, we start to cocreate it.
  8. 8. Social Business Design Issue #7Magazine forSocial Business 7. Support Small Businesses “In small and local business How the Competitive Edge relationships are the key to great Returns to the Craftsmen quality and business ethics that support and are part of the & Why and How Big surrounding society and Business should environment.” turn SmalllSeats2meet The HubMeeting place for Innovators Work Space for New Entrepreneurship Getting the target Business school with a bigger purpose is missing the And where students can make money too point
  9. 9. Towards a The CoCreation Issue #8 8. Co-Create a Green Culture “Culture isn‟t measured in possessions, it‟s measured in how we touch each other. Stand Up Inspiration The best way to start the world we would love to live in, is to live like it‟s here already. “ # 10 ways to have Saving the planeta great time for free as business # Create special dinners with friends, or inspiring contacts, who don’t know each other. Invite each of opportunity them to tell a personal story about a inspirationalTogether Shaping Tomorrow question or heart touching Focussing on Possibilities Vital InterestEvent Design with meaning changes cultures Great Place to Livethe Fun side of Living Green Philosophy
  10. 10. It’s: the Inspiration Issue! #9 9. Tribe Your Network “When we work with friends, trust How To Tribe: and shared purpose, great things canEureka in Groups * Seth Godin be done together. It‟s like the African * Martijn Aslander saying: I am because We Are.” •Floris Koot •Daan van Geijlswijk It’s Us We promise Love to play, or Them shareholder value. Trust that experiment and Vibrant networks Score What steps will all moves contribute. cocreate with others Birth places or get protect our interests? Don’t talk, We offer fired! All noses in the value for of new ideas Enjoy. dance!Play Design: same direction. everyone NNF Festival & MindzWhere the Dialogue asfuture is now Collective Thinking Tool Very Old Ideas for a Very New WorldMagazine for network mobilisation Corporate Tribing
  11. 11. Enchanted Reality Issue #10 10. Share the Magic in your LifeSharing the Magic “When you share your magical experiences with others, you Things To Do: Ordinary People and the give them more reality and Yes, make your strange happenings that create more space for wonder in the world.” own Magazine changed their lives How the unconscious voices ethics Enchanted Lives:Open Up festivalSharing the spirit The Curiosity of Einstein Elena SimonsThe Power of Story Living in a world of wonderAllowing ambiguity back in life
  12. 12. To my best knowledge* all used pictures where published resort under Creative Commons with the remarks:Credits & Rights Little man in circle meaning Attribution: You must give the original author credit. Roundabout arrow meaning Share Alike: If you alter, transform,First slide background picture• or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work1. Start to Wonder (again) only under the same, similar or a compatible license. *)if I made a mistake about this, let me know asap.• Amazed children:• 1st dandelion:• 2nd dandelion: Therefore anyone can redistribute this work or parts of with my• 3d dan.: name for the texts and original names for the pictures.2. Seek the flow zone Or if more festive words: Please feel free to spread the magic.• runner: 9. Tribe your network• swimmer: • Painting: Caravaggio, inspiration of Saint Matthew3. Work with purpose in mind • Corporate guy:• Amira in Wales: picture by Floris Koot • Dancers:• Boat at Sea: picture by Floris Koot4. Create Wonder with Random acts of Kindness 10. Share the magic• • Hand with Sun: • 1st dandelion:• • 2nd dandelion:• • 3d dan.:•• Links you might like if you liked this. (some in Dutch only)5. Dare to try the absurd and fail Purposeful business school Knowmads:• Fungagement: Dutch Fungagement:• Dutch Vibrant Networks: http://www.mindz.nl6. Play with the Law of Attraction Spiritual Festival:• foto’s by Amira Shawky and Floris Koot, Stand Up Inspiration: http://www.standupinspiration.nl7. Support Small Businesses Creative currenciy:•• Less>More: Concept, all Texts, titles and article headings: Floris Koot8. Co-Create a Green Culture Mail• Breakdancer:• Dinner guests: NB: If you’d want to see a article or magazine for real, let me know or start writing!