Mobile ECM Webinar - June 2012


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ECM on the Go. A Quick Start iPad Application for Mobile Content Management

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Mobile ECM Webinar - June 2012

  1. 1. ECM on the Go:A Quick Start iPad Application forA Quick Start iPad Application forMobile Content ManagementMobile Content ManagementPresented by Fishbowl SolutionsPresented by Fishbowl Solutions6.14.2012
  2. 2. AgendaWho is FishbowlFishbowl Mobile ExperienceFishbowl Mobile ExperienceMobile App & Web Solutions Through ResponsiveDesignDesignMobile InnovationsFishbowl iPad Quick Start Program
  3. 3. About Fishbowl Solutions100+ deployments in last 2 yearsFocused on portals & content management since 1999Focused on portals & content management since 1999Solutions offerings & value-add components forSolutions offerings & value-add components forOracle WebCenterOracle Specialized Gold Partner for WebCenterOracle Specialized Gold Partner for WebCenterContent & WebCenter Portal
  4. 4. About Fishbowl SolutionsWebCenter Mobile User Experience DesignSharePoint Integration Google Search IntegrationSharePoint Integration Google Search Integration
  5. 5. Fishbowl – Leader in Mobile ECMExperience2+ years research and developmentNumerous POCs:iTwitter Portlet– iTwitter Portlet– Oracle WebCenter Spaces iPhone– Oracle WebCenter Spaces Native applicationExpertiseExpertiseiOS and AndroidObjective C, REST, HTML5, ADF MobileResponsive design and skinningCustomer SuccessesMedical device manufacturer and therapy services provider currently deployedwith 6,000 iPadsPhoto eye and sensor manufacturer went live on April 1, 2012Photo eye and sensor manufacturer went live on April 1, 2012Award WinningForrester Groundswell – Employee Mobile Application - ManagementOracle Fusion Innovation – Oracle WebCenter ContentOracle Fusion Innovation – Oracle WebCenter Content
  6. 6. Medical Device Manufacturer StreamlinesOverall Sales ProcessCustomer Profile:World leader in medical equipment and therapies forcardiovascular, neurological, and musculoskeletal disorders,chronic health conditions, and surgical procedureschronic health conditions, and surgical procedures38,000+ employees worldwideSolution Summary:WebCenter application for the iPad that includes navigationstructure, touch gesture response, and security parametersBusiness Drivers:“I am amazed how quickly Ican find a PDF and preparefor my next meeting. Theamount of time I haveBusiness Drivers:Increase sales process efficiencyEnsure highest accuracy of product and services collateralDisplay and interact with 3D images and rich contentamount of time I havebetween cases varies, so notneeding to load my laptopand waste time booting andsearching for materials makesCustomer Benefits:Time to market improvementReduced printing and storage costssearching for materials makesthe iPad and mobile ECM abig productivity gain for me.”Sales RepresentativeReduced printing and storage costsIncrease in employee, partner, customer satisfactionSales RepresentativeCardiovascular Division
  7. 7. Customer Application Screenshot6,000 Usersin Feb 2012in Feb 2012
  8. 8. Sensor Manufacturer Expedites Accessto High Value ContentCustomer Profile:Manufacturer and distributer of photo eyes, sensors and associatedproducts for industrial and process automation.3,000 factory and field representatives and millions of customers3,000 factory and field representatives and millions of customersworldwide.Solution Summary:WebCenter application for the iPad and Android tablets that includesWebCenter application for the iPad and Android tablets that includesnavigation structure, touch gesture response, security parameters, andGoogle Analytics integration.Business Drivers:Business Drivers:Gain competitive advantage by expediting availability of product collateralto sales and distributionFurther leverage centralized content repositoryFurther leverage centralized content repositoryCustomer Benefits:Increased accuracy and availability of sales and marketing collateralFurther leverage central content repositoryFurther leverage central content repository
  9. 9. Customer Application ScreenshotLive onApril 1, 2012WelcomeApril 1, 2012Welcome
  10. 10. Business’ PerspectiveBetter management, organization &presentation of materialspresentation of materials
  11. 11. Use Case: Sales EnablementBusiness Problem– Limited time to prepare for meetings– Time to market lag for new sales andmarketing collateralmarketing collateral– Inefficient meetings due to laptop boottimes and paper relianceRelevant Features– App:– App:• Store content for use in offline mode• Synch content• Custom folders for easy navigation• Email cart• Email cart• Download and usage analytics– Tablet:• 3D, high-resolution platform• Instant On• Instant On• Long Battery LifeBenefits– Increase sales process efficiency– Ensure content accuracy and availability– Ensure content accuracy and availability– Reduced paper handling costs
  12. 12. Use Case: Field ServiceBusiness Problem– Environments not conducive tolaptops– Need to view and interact withRelevant Features– App:• Store content for use in offline mode• Synch content– Need to view and interact withdetailed diagrams, pictures orschematics at scale– Referencing outdated manuals, partslists, etc.• Synch content• Custom folders for easy navigation• Touch gestures – zoom in/out, rotate– Tablet:• Highly portable – 2 poundslists, etc.Benefits– Decrease time spent servicing ormaintaining machines and systems• Highly portable – 2 pounds• 3D, high-resolution platform• Instant On• Long Battery Lifemaintaining machines and systems– Enable access to visually rich imagesand drawings– Ensure content accuracy andavailabilityavailability
  13. 13. Day In the Life: Sales MeetingBeforeFind collateral(1 hour)Print & organize(30 minutes)Download(10 minutes)• 250 Prep Hours/Year• $600 Print Costs/YearFrantic Freddie• Inefficient Meetings• Non-InteractiveDuring Boot laptop Open all assetsSwitchbetween assetsAfterReturn toEmail assetsPrepare for• Low Close RatesAfterReturn toofficeEmail assetsPrepare fornext meetingBeforeFind and Add Collateral to Customer Folder(5 minutes)• Reduced Prep Time• No Print costs- Show and interact with content• Efficient Meetings• Highly Interactive• High Close RatesDuring- Show and interact with content- Email contentAfter Go to next meeting• High Close RatesAfter Go to next meetingConfident Connie
  14. 14. Mobile App & Web SolutionsFishbowl Solutions Mobile ECM OfferingsMobile App & Web SolutionsThrough Responsive Design
  15. 15. WebCenter Interface & UX Design+ Experience• Responsive DesignVisually Rich, Interactive, andResponsive Design• Responsive Design• Reusable templates• User Interface skinning+ ExpertiseResponsive Design+ Expertise• ADF Mobile• REST API• REST API• HTML5• CSS3• Phonegap• Phonegap
  16. 16. Responsive DesignFishbowl SolutionsResponsive DesignConsulting Services
  17. 17. What is Responsive DesignResponsive Web design - approach that suggests thatResponsive Web design - approach that suggests thatdesign and development should respond to the user’sbehavior and environment based on screen size,behavior and environment based on screen size,platform and orientation.+ As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the websiteshould automatically switch to accommodate for resolution,image size and scripting abilitiesimage size and scripting abilities
  18. 18. Responsive Design Services+ Templates for WebCenter Content Sites+ One template automatically adjusts for desktops,+ One template automatically adjusts for desktops,tablets, and smartphones+ Leverages CSS3, HTML5,+ Leverages CSS3, HTML5,and JavaScript withinWebCenter Content, PortalWebCenter Content, Portal& Sites+ Fishbowl has expertise in both+ Fishbowl has expertise in bothresponsive web design and designing for theOracle WebCenter platformOracle WebCenter platform
  19. 19. Responsive, Adaptive DesignFluid Grids – Liquid LayoutsFlexible ImagesFlexible ImagesBreak PointsMedia QueriesTouch of JavaScriptTouch of JavaScriptMulti orientation and resolution supportFlexible layoutFlexible gridsystemFlexiblemediaFlexible layoutthrough mediaqueries
  20. 20. Fluid Grids & Liquid LayoutsBase Framework SkeletonCan scale to any resolutionCan scale to any resolutionWraps content & GridsCan Support Desktop to Mobile with 1Can Support Desktop to Mobile with 1template
  21. 21. Flexible ImagesScalable Images100% Width attribute100% Width attributeDevice ImageOptimisationOptimisationDesktop - MobileWebCenter ContentWebCenter ContentConversion Server
  22. 22. Break PointsDefining flexible templateResolution Break PointsResolution Break PointsBreak Points are always changing!
  23. 23. Media QueriesMuscles & SkinCSS QueriesCSS Queries– Screen resolution &orientationorientationSingle Base multipleLooksLooks
  24. 24. Touch of JavaScriptBrowsers don’t all support CSS3 Media queriesCustom JS implementation incorporated– to support Browsers like IE.– to support Browsers like IE.
  25. 25. Demo
  26. 26. Mobile Application InnovationsFishbowl SolutionsMobile Application Innovations
  27. 27. WebCenter Spaces Oracle iPhone AppOverview:iPhone Access to WebCenter Spaces– Manage connections– Manage connections– Group projectsFeatures & Benefits:Features & Benefits:Easily consolidate messagesClean, recognizable UIClean, recognizable UIPeople Connection searchLocal file system and “Open In”Local file system and “Open In”supportBookmark favorite items
  28. 28. WebCenter SpacesFishbowl Mobile CollaborationOverview:Native Application – iOS, BlackBerry, Androidand Windows Access to WebCenter Spaces– Manage connections– Group projects– Access WebCenter via browserFeatures & Benefits:Synchronize content3 touch content uploadPull content from external sourcesInteractions cached for offline accessPortable to ADF MobileTechnologies:HTML5, CSS3, Phonegap
  29. 29. Demo
  30. 30. Oracle Desktop Integration Suite – WebDavWebCenter Content WebDav Foldersmanagementmanagement
  31. 31. WebCenter SpacesMobile Integration SuiteOverview:• Native Application – iOS, BlackBerry, Androidand Windows Access to WebCenter Content•and Windows Access to WebCenter Content– Manage Assets within Webcenter ContentWebdav FoldersFeatures & Benefits:• Synchronize content• Media uploads – photo & video• Media uploads – photo & video• Interactions cached for offline access• Portable to ADF MobileTechnologies:• Jquery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, Phonegap
  32. 32. Demo
  33. 33. Engaging With Fishbowl SolutionsPositioning for Develop MobileResponsive Designtemplate update toWebCenterPositioning forWebCenter Portal& Sites Integrationthrough the RESTDevelop MobileApplication Similarto LinkedInPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3WebCenter through the RESTAPIPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  34. 34. The Future and what we can do now toenhance the users journeyenhance the users journeyVoice EnablementVoice EnablementDevice Integrations – Mobile touch, gamepadsTouch Events PS5Touch Events PS5Spatial Gesture Integrations –Kinect Xbox360 & PC
  35. 35. Software & Services Offering to ExtendFishbowl Solutions iPad App Quick Start Program for WebCenterSoftware & Services Offering to ExtendWebCenter Content to the iPad
  36. 36. Why Quick StartWorld Leaders in WebCenter MobilitySimilar Customer NeedsSimilar Customer NeedsCustomer Want a Solution That Is:– Easy to Use– Easy to Use– Proven and Successful– Quick Launch Time
  37. 37. Mobile Quick Start DefinedNative iPad ApplicationSearch & Browse for ContentSearch & Browse for ContentMaintain WebCenter SecurityOnline & Local Content LibrariesOnline & Local Content LibrariesView ContentShare Content via Email to Secure Download SiteShare Content via Email to Secure Download SiteOrganize Local Content into Folder StructureMetadata-Driven Navigation for Virtual FolderMetadata-Driven Navigation for Virtual FolderBrowsing
  38. 38. Launching in Less than a MonthNavigationDefinitionLaunchSkinning & UIIntegrationEmail CartConfigurationMetadataTuningTestingAnalyticsIntegrationDigital SigningDefinition IntegrationConfigurationDefinenavigationhierarchystructureTaxonomy forcontentavailability, sortorder, andfiltersFile downloadcomponentinstallation andconfigurationSkin withcorporate colorscheme & logoUser TestingTuningLaunch AppIntegrationIntegration withGoogleAnalyticsAppleEnterpriseDeploymentSigningDAYS 1-4 DAYS 12-14DAYS 4-10 DAYS 10-12 DAYS 20-25DAYS 14-17 DAYS 17-20 DAYS 25-30DAYS 1-4 DAYS 12-14DAYS 4-10 DAYS 10-12 DAYS 20-25DAYS 14-17 DAYS 17-20 DAYS 25-30
  39. 39. Starting from ScratchApplicationDevelopmentNavigationDefinitionLaunchEmail CartConfigurationDefine File download User TestingTestingLaunch AppAnalyticsIntegrationIntegration withDigital SigningAppleDevelop customiOS application tocommunicatewith WebCenterContent and view,DefinemetadatanavigationhierarchystructureFile downloadcomponentinstallation andconfigurationUser Testing Launch AppIntegration withGoogleAnalyticsAppleEnterpriseDeploymentSigningwith WebCenterContent and view,download, sync,store, and emailcontent fromwithin the iPad.DAY 100within the iPad.DAY 100DAYS 1 - 75DAYS 1 - 75
  40. 40. Architecture
  41. 41. App Overview
  42. 42. Primary NavNavigate to 5 Primary Views– Online Content Library– Online Content Library– Local Content Library– Folders– Folders– Email Cart– Global Search (Online or Local)– Global Search (Online or Local)
  43. 43. Online Content LibraryOnlineWebCenterRepositoryRepository9-Up Grid ViewSwipe for MoreSwipe for MoreThumbnailsTouch to ViewTouch to ViewLong-PressActionsActions
  44. 44. Local Content LibraryLocal WebCenterRepositoryOffline Access9-Up Grid ViewSwipe for MoreSwipe for MoreLocal ThumbnailsTouch to ViewTouch to ViewLong-PressActionsActionsSync with OnlineVersion
  45. 45. Global SearchAvailable Local orOnline12-Up Grid ViewKeyword SearchSort by Title orSort by Title orDate
  46. 46. Folder ViewAdd from AddressBookType in AddressesSend to MultipleBadge IndicatorBadge Indicator
  47. 47. Email CartAdd fromAddress BookType inAddressesSend to MultipleSend to MultipleBadge IndicatorSecureSecureTemporaryDownload Site
  48. 48. Quick FiltersFour quick filtersMetadata Query Define FiltersMetadata Query Define Filters– Can be complex or simple queriesOne at a timeOne at a time
  49. 49. Left NavVirtual Folder NodesMetadata DrivenMetadata DrivenMultilayer NavigationMirrored for Online & LocalMirrored for Online & LocalStored in Content Server asStored in Content Server asHCST Configuration File
  50. 50. Left Nav
  51. 51. Sync ContentKeep local copiesup-to-dateup-to-date– Sync local content withlatest versionslatest versionsLocal LibraryLocal FoldersLocal FoldersNavigationHelp Files
  52. 52. Maintain WebCenter SecuritySecured Content– Sign in with– Sign in withWebCentercredentialscredentials– Users only see itemsthey have access tothey have access to– Configurable logintime caching
  53. 53. Additional Content SecurityMetadata-Based Security– Normal – Save local & Email– Normal – Save local & Email– Restricted email delivery– Restricted viewing with 3rd party application– Restricted viewing with 3rd party application– On-Line Veiwing onlyOptional File EncryptionOptional File Encryption– For storage on local device file systemCannot encrypt video– Cannot encrypt video
  54. 54. SettingsControl WhatContent You SeeContent You SeeHide IrrelevantResultsResultsMetadata DrivenExamplesExamples– Language– Types– Industry– Industry– Product Line
  55. 55. HelpHelp Files inWebCenterWebCenterAutomaticallyStores HelpStores HelpLocallySyncs UpdatesMultiple Types– Video– Images– Images– PDF– etc.
  56. 56. AnalyticsIntegration withGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsBuilt in Event TrackingSee who’s using the appSee what content is…See what content is…– Viewed most– Shared most– Shared most– Not viewed
  57. 57. Analytics Examples
  58. 58. SkinningGraphic Replacement– Keep Layout– Keep Layout– No image resizingFlexible Engagement ModelFlexible Engagement Model– You provide color & logo, we skin– We provide file names & dimensions, you skin– We provide file names & dimensions, you skinRetina Resolution Ready– Support for new iPad Retina Display
  59. 59. Skinning
  60. 60. Fishbowl Skin
  61. 61. Sample Skin
  62. 62. Fishbowl Skin 2
  63. 63. Landing PagesOnline, Local, & FolderHome ScreenStored in WebCenterStored in WebCenterAutomatically SyncSupport for:Support for:– HTML– PDF– PNG– PNGUse Possibilities– Corporate Logo– Corporate Logo– Getting Started Guide– Featured Company Info
  64. 64. Code SigningEnterprise signing– Requires Apple Enterprise Account– Requires Apple Enterprise Account– App does not need Apple Approval– Can be given to partners or employees– Can be given to partners or employees
  65. 65. Demo
  66. 66. Questions?Questions?
  67. 67. What’s NextMeet with a FishbowlWebCenter Mobile ExpertWebCenter Mobile ExpertSchedule a DemoContact Us for More Info• 952.465.3400• 952.465.3400• info@fishbowlsolutoins.comNEW! Android Tablet AppNEW! Android Tablet App– Also Available
  68. 68. Questions?Questions?
  69. 69. Fishbowl Summer Webinar SeriesPreview FishbowlsSharePoint Connector for OracleSharePoint Connector for OracleWebCenter Version 2.0 –Beta Customers Wanted!Beta Customers Wanted!– June 21st, 12pm
  70. 70. Contact Usweb: email: info@fishbowlsolutions.comphone: +1.952.465.3400 blog: cfour.fishbowlsolutions.comtwitter: @FishbowlE20facebook: join our groupswebcenter content & webcenter portal