EMC Academic Alliance - APAC local success story


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EMC Academic Alliance - APAC local success story

  1. 1. Case Study | IN Results 30% of all student enrollment queries originate from Facebook 10% increase in students enrollment 2X increase in enquiries from universities/institutions to join the program users on Facebook educated about EMC World, an annual IT 30% of all student enrollment queries originate conference, due to Page posts from Facebook “Facebook has enabled us to reach out to and engage with a large community of students in the most effective way. It is Goals the preferred way to communicate in today’s age, especially so EMC Academic Alliance, India used Facebook to: for youngsters who want communication to be interactive. It Increase the number universities/institutions signing up has worked like magic for the EMC Academic Alliance Program for the program and we have been able to create unprecedented awareness Generate more student enrollment/enquiries and brand loyalty with our Facebook Page.” Increase awareness of EMC as a global leader in IT Alok Shrivastava Sr. Director (Education Services) EMC Corporation Approach The Facebook Page is built around bringing all information Build Engage Build for students and universities together in one place.Connect The “About” section contains complete details of theEngage alliance, curriculum, and availability Reach The cover picture is clear, striking and thought provokingInfluence The Page is connected to other social media like Twitter, You Tube and SlideShare through apps and tabs The “Events” app hosts details of all upcoming student events BuildConnect Facebook Ads are used to reach out to students and universities.Engage Topic targeting is used in conjunction with country Reach targeting to reach students from particular universitiesInfluence Ads for career opportunities, technology write ups and other infographics targeted to relevant students Build Page post ads targeted to current fans are used to boost specific postsConnect Connect InfluenceEngage The EMC Academic Alliance engages its large fan base by: Build Reach Posting information relevant to its fan base – the latest (EAA) is an initiative by EMC Corporation Connect trends in IT, infographics, career opportunities, notes, to work with the leading educational institutions around the worldInfluence white papers, and videos to address the knowledge gap in emerging technology domains andEngage Asking questions and seeking fan input developing a resource pool of industry- ready professionals. The global Reach social media efforts are driven by the EMC Academic Alliance India team. Sponsored stories are a primary driver of new likes to its PageInfluence EMC Academic Alliance was also a winner of the Facebook Small Business Sponsored stories are used in conjunction with country Boost Contest in 2012. and age targeting to reach friends of current fans who are facebook.com/EMCacademicalliance likely to be interested in the program EMC is a registered trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Facebook: Building Essential Connections