5. FOMS_ Mobile Social_Networks_Robert Mullins


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5. FOMS_ Mobile Social_Networks_Robert Mullins

  1. 1. The Future of Mobile Social Network Services Robert Mullins
  2. 2. Research Challenges for Social Networks• Social Graph Fragmentation• Community Discovery• Security by Social Network Analysis• Social and Ethical Issues• Searching social media• Expert finding• Trend prediction• Information Diffusion• Social, mobile, pervasive content sharing and live media distribution• Personalisation for Social interaction• Use of Social Network Sites for business and marketing• Social gaming / television• Immersive Social Networks
  3. 3. State of the Art• Pervasive Computing – Progression from single to multi user – User-led discovery and composition• Social Computing – SNS as a context source – Dynamic Community formation – Community Smart Spaces / Social Network Site service orchestration• Context Awareness – Community context modelling – Intra- Inter-community context sharing• Personalisation – Learning and inference – Combining with Context – Orchestration of system behaviour based on preferences
  4. 4. • Tendered and approved in EU Framework Program 7 Call 5• Developed, Proposed and Lead by TSSG• €15.6m Budget• 16 partners• The only Irish lead Integrated Project in FP7 ICT• Started October 2010 – continuing as a core research area for TSSG for next 42 months.
  5. 5. IndustryResearch Ambient IntelligenceSME Informatics & Communications Ltd.Academic
  6. 6. SOCIETIES Key Innovations• Resource sharing in dynamic communities• Relationship/behaviour discovery• Orchestration of multiple communities• Proactive information exchange• Intelligent information usage• Intelligent conflict resolution
  7. 7. SOCIETIES - Trials
  8. 8. Layered Development Model End user services define the common functionality. Social Networking is effectively an enabling layer
  9. 9. Caller Profiler – Ericsson Application Awards Winner 2010 Social Networking meets the mobile phone – Developed in conjunction with Vennetics & using Ericsson enablers – Caller Profiler integrates with your social network to identify incoming callers – An unknown caller can potentially be identified via social network proximity, location and/or SIP address or phone number – Links to social network that can be followed during call – New links can be automatically initiated, helping expand users’ network – See demo on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8x4ytwzSBU
  10. 10. .. What next?SOCIETIES Project• This is part of our research plan for the next 3.5 years• This will set the Social Networking research agenda in Europe – Merging pervasive computing with social networks – Federation across multiple SNS – Privacy protection – Dynamic SNS formation, dynamic community / user group formation – SNS as an enablerContinuing Research…• We will continue to participate in competitive research tenders – Please contact us if you have an idea for a project, or want to get involved in our proposals, Innovation partnerships and vouchers – FP7 ICT Call 8 – deadline 17 January 2012 – proposal work to start Summer 2011 (or earlier)