2013 04-09-webinos at-droidcon


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2013 04-09-webinos at-droidcon

  1. 1. webinos:  open  web  pla-orm  for  mul2-­‐screen  applica2ons  droidcon  2013        9  April  2013  Dipl.-­‐Ing.  Mar4n  Lasak:  mar4n.lasak@fokus.fraunhofer.de    
  2. 2. Abstract  In  liBle  more  than  two  decades  the  World  Wide  Web  has  passed  through  an  amazing  development.  As  a  rapidly  increasing  informa4on  medium  it  has  become  an  integral  part  of  our  daily  lives.  This  development  equally  affects  personal  and  commercial  environments  in  our  informa4on  oriented  society.  From  its  original  purpose  to  display  linked  documents  the  Web  evolved  towards  a  fully-­‐fledged  plaOorm  powering  rich  applica4ons  and  services.  The  technological  influence  is  broadly  no4ceable  on  many  different  device  types.  There  is  barely  a  new  connected  device  introduced  that  is  not  equipped  with  an  Web  browser  or  provides  access  to  Web  based  offerings.  Paired  with  plaOorm  heterogeneity  and  u4liza4on  of  advanced  device  capabili4es  new  opportuni4es  arise  for  exci4ng  applica4ons  in  this  seRng.  But  to  handle  this  diversity  service  providers  and  applica4on  developers  are  faced  with  fundamental  challenges  like  the  secure  end  device  to  end  device  communica4on  and  privacy  preserving  service  and  resource  accesses.  This  is  the  star4ng  point  for  the  webinos  project.  webinos  delivers  an  open  source  plaOorm  that  interconnects  users  devices  securely  and  allows  Web  technologies  based  applica4ons  to  run  and  use  services  and  resources  across  different  domains  like  mobile,  desktop,  home  media,  in-­‐car  infotainment  and  internet  of  things  (IoT).  Taking  the  current  realiza4on  of  the  webinos  concepts  for  the  Android  plaOorm  as  an  example,  shows  how  interoperability  with  other  device  types  and  plaOorms  can  be  fostered  and  how  mul4-­‐screen  applica4on  development  can  be  eased.     webinos – clearly connected 2
  3. 3. Agenda  •  Intro  •  The  webinos  project  •  Developing  a  simple  mul4-­‐screen  applica4on  with  webinos  •  node.js  on  Android  •  Outlook   webinos – clearly connected 3
  4. 4. About  Fraunhofer  Gesellscha<    Research  Ins2tute  for  Open  Communica2on  Systems   The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe‘s largest organization for applied research. •  Fraunhofer develops products and processes through to technical or commercial maturity •  Individual solutions are elaborated in direct contact with the customers •  The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft maintains –  66 self-contained Fraunhofer Institutes throughout Germany –  with a staff of 22, 000 scientists and engineers –  1.9 billion Euro annual budget •  More than 70% of funding are raised through innovative development projects, license fees and contract research •  Sub-companies and representative offices all over the world webinos – clearly connected 4
  5. 5. Fraunhofer  FOKUS   Research  Ins2tute  for  Open  Communica2on  Systems  Profile   Competence  Centers  and  Fields  of  Ac2vity   •  development  of  ICT  Solu4ons,  such  as     mul4-­‐domain  networks  and  interoperable,     ASCT   Automo2ve  Services  &  Communica2on  Technologies   user-­‐centric  solu4ons.     Pla-orms  and  Solu2ons  for  Connected  Healthcare   E-­‐HEALTH   •  strong  scien4fic  and  prac4cal  exper4se  in     crea4ng  technical  infrastructures,  concepts,   ELAN   Electronic  Government  and  Applica2ons   applica4ons  and  prototypes.     Electronic  Safety  and  Security  Systems  for  the  Public  and  Industries   ESPRI   •  independent  partner  for  industries  and  public   administra4on.   FAME   Future  Applica2ons  and  Media   •  interna4onal  collabora4on.   IT4ENERGY   Energy  Load  Balancing       MOTION   Modeling  and  Tes2ng  for  System  &  Service  Solu2ons  Facts  and  Figures   Next  Genera2on  Network  Infrastructures     NGNI   •  founded  1988     •  in  2012,  merger  of  the  Fraunhofer  ins4tutes  ISST-­‐ QUEST   Embedded  Systems  Quality  Management   Berlin,  FIRST  and  FOKUS   Resource  Op2mized  Networks   RESCON   •  540  employees  from  30  na4ons.   •  overall  budget  in  2012:  approx.  30  Mio.  €   VISCOM   Visual  Compu2ng   •  approx.  70%  of  budget  consist  of  third-­‐party  funds   webinos – clearly connected 5
  6. 6. Future  Applica2ons  and  Media  (FAME)   Intelligent  Services  &  Applica2ons  @  FOKUS  Research & Development in the following areas:•  Cross platform applications –  Mobile web, multi-screen interaction –  Mobile cloud, distributed applications & services•  Smart Media –  Connected TV –  Media clients & enablers for (un)managed IPTV –  Interactive content, UX –  Video streaming, content delivery networks•  Personalization –  Social media & social network management –  Recommendation systems –  Content guides & metadata management webinos – clearly connected 6
  7. 7. Mo2va2on  star2ng  situa2on  •  More  connected  devices  than  people  on  earth  [1]  •  Parallel  device  usage  increases:     –  “77%  of  the  4me  when  we’re  using  a  TV,  we’re  using  another  device.”  [2]  •  Devices  are  geRng  more  and  more  powerful  and  feature  rich  at  the  same  4me   –  Lots  of  sensors,  but  data  olen  shared    thoughtlessly  impairing  privacy   –  High  storage  capaci4es,  but  files  synced  with  centralized  services  due  to  convenience    •  Even  if  most  new  connected  devices  offer  access  to  Internet  services,  they  rather  coexists  than   interplay  with  other  devices  •  Realiza4on  of  seamless  experiences  is  a  demanding  task  for  service  providers  and  developers   –  Diversity  of  device  types     –  Fragmenta4on  of  plaOorms   –  Olen  manual  handling  of  synchroniza4on,  communica4on  mechanisms,  privacy   protec4on,  user  preferences     [1] http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac79/docs/innov/IoT_IBSG_0411FINAL.pdf [2] Google, “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior”, August 2012 webinos – clearly connected 7
  8. 8. The  webinos  project  what  is  it?   http://www.webinos.org/members/ webinos – clearly connected 8
  9. 9. The  webinos  project  the  value  of  openwebinos supports 3 essential open principles that webelieve are essential for long term success Open Standards Open Source Open Market 9
  10. 10. The  webinos  project  key  deliveries  Five Target Devices 8 Ported OS’s Platform APIs Apps Store Security devices and people in a distributed manner Applications SDK and Portal webinos – clearly connected 10
  11. 11. The  webinos  project   pla-orm  posi2oning   Underlying platform/OS Firefox Chrome Tizen Arduino PI OS OS FirefoxOSApplication Technology Tizen ChromeO S Chrome PhoneGa p •  webinos  is  not  an  opera4ng  system  on  its  own,  it  is  an  applica4on  execu4on  environment  that  enables  web   applica4ons  and  services  to  be  used  and  shared  consistently  and  securely  over  a  broad  spectrum  of  converged   and  connected  devices   •  webinos  abandons  exclusivity  for  single  device  plaOorms,  it  fosters  compa4bility  and  interoperability       •  webinos  allows  applica4ons  and  devices  to  securely  discover  and  make  use  of  each  other’s  services  remotely     webinos – clearly connected 11
  12. 12. The  personal  zone  key  concept  introduced  by  webinos  The  Personal  Zone:  •  defines  the  set  of  all  devices  and  services  owned  by  a  par4cular  user.  •  re-­‐establishes  user’s  control  over  own  personal  devices,  apps,  services  and  data.    Key  features:   •  Interoperability   –  Service  access  across  domains   •  Easy  development   –  Abstrac4on  layer  for   (remote)  APIs  and   communica4on   •  Portability   –  “one  virtual  device”   •  Control   –  Explicit  policy  based  access   control  to  services  and  resources   webinos – clearly connected 12
  13. 13. Personal  zones   interconnec2ng  devices,  apps  and  resources     Hub: Zone PZP gateway, Inter-zone comm 24x7 avail. PZP peer to peer PZP InternetPZP PZH PZP PZH (Personal Zone Hub) (Personal Zone Hub) Security Policy Security Policy PZP PZP PZP Getting the most out of personal devices Multi-screen/multi-device apps PZP PZP “Getting gadgets talking” PZP http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19152751 Personal Zone Proxy: simultaneously client and server webinos – clearly connected 13 based on slide by D. Raggett (W3C)
  14. 14. Personal  zones   suppor2ng  a  personal  zone  concept     1) Identified by a URL, supports a RESTful API PZH Personal Zone Hub based upon JSON RPC PZH •  Single sign on / Auth PZP PZP PZP PZP •  Sync across devices 2) Discovery, Authentication, •  Storage preferences, policies, Syncronisation •  Discovery & access •  Policy / Trust PZHPZP PZP PZP PZPPersonal PZP PZP PZP PZP Zone 3) Communication Proxy between devices (bearer independent) webinos – clearly connected 14
  15. 15. webinos  Architecture   Complemen2ng  device  OS  and  browser  app   PZH TLS Browser/ PZP Session Manager Widget Context Manager TLS Authentication HTTP Web Runtime S Certificate Manager Key Storage User Data Device Policy Manager Widget Manager (Currently  WebSocket)   Sync Manager Messaging ManagerDevice Error recovery Routing Messaging queue webinos API RPC RPC Handler/Manager Discovery Manager APIs APIs APIs APIs APIs Native Discovery Mechanisms Native Device OS Drivers webinos – clearly connected 15
  16. 16. Developing  a  webinos  app  3-­‐steps  process  overview  1.  Start  realizing  your  app  idea  using  well  known  Web  technologies.  2.  Decide  which  services  and  resources  you  would  like  to  use  by  selec4ng  form  the   provided  webinos  APIs     (http://dev.webinos.org/specifications/api/).     Implement  against  an  abstract  device,  that   comes  with  all  proper4es  provided  by  all   physical  devices.  3.  Package    (http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/)  the  applica4on  and  publish  it  on  apps  stores   (example:  https://webinos.fokus.fraunhofer.de/ )  or  on  a  Web  site.  Downloading  this   applica4on  will  allow  for  installa4on  and  execu4on  on  the  device.  LaBer  even  in   local  peer  network  without  internet  connec4vity.   webinos – clearly connected 16
  17. 17. W3CDeveloping  a  webinos  app   DeviceOrientationdiscovery,  binding  and  usage  of  services  on  remote  devices  Searchservice window.webinos.discovery.findServices( {api:http://webinos.org/api/deviceorientation}, {onFound: serviceFoundCB, onLost: serviceLostCB} );Bind service function serviceFoundCB(service) { service.bindService({onBind: bindCB}); };Use service function bindCB(service) { service.addEventListener("deviceorientation", function(event) { /* use the data */ }); }; webinos – clearly connected 17
  18. 18. Developing  a  webinos  app  The  result   Internet Access to device orientation sensor data on remote device. PZH (Personal Zone Hub) Security Policy webinos – clearly connected 18
  19. 19. node.js  on  Android  por2ng  webinos  •  Android  chosen  as  first  mobile  plaOorm  to  port  webinos  to,  reasons:   –  Accessible  embedded  plaOorm   –  Broad  range  of  interes4ng  data  sources  (sensors)  and  actuators   –  Not  limited  to  smartphones  only  (Android  based  home  media  equipment,  tablets)  •  Most  of  the  webinos  core  components  (in  par4cular  PZP)  are  implemented  in  node.js   –  Problem:  the  node.js  interpreter  cannot  run  on  Android  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box   –  Solu2on:  the  interpreter  has  been  build  as  library  and  integrated  in  java  run4me   –  Result:  the  interpreter  is  deployable  on  non-­‐rooted  devices    •  A  Java  Bridge  was  developed  to  access  the  Java  plaOorm  from  node.js.  This  made  implementa4on  in  Java   plus  interac4on  with  the  unchanged  PZP  code  possible  à  portability  •  For  more  informa4on  visit  Paddy  Byers  github  page  on  the  anode  project:     https://github.com/paddybyers/anode/wiki   webinos – clearly connected 19 Partly based on material of P.Byers
  20. 20. node.js  on  Android  code  example:  deviceorienta2on   Java side node.js side webinos – clearly connected 20
  21. 21. Outlook  •  Improve  the  Web  Run4mes,  e.g.  replacing  na4ve  WebView  by  chromium/blink  builds  on  Android  •  Stabilize  the  plaOorm  (v1.0  by  Q3  2013)  •  Port  webinos  to  even  more  devices  and  device  types  •  Build  further  demo  apps  à contact  us  and/or  get  involved!           http://developer.webinos.org   webinos – clearly connected 21
  22. 22. ??  ||  /*  */   THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION webinos – clearly connected 22
  23. 23. Contact  the  speaker   Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lasak Future Applications and Media Tel + 49 30 3463 7294 Email martin.lasak@fokus.fraunhofer.de Place Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31, 10589 Berlin, Germany Internet www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/go/fame webinos – clearly connected 23