2. FOMS _ FeedHenry_ Mícheál Ó Foghlú


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2. FOMS _ FeedHenry_ Mícheál Ó Foghlú

  1. 1. Introductions Dr Mícheál Ó FoghlúExecutive Director Research TSSG, WIT CTO FeedHenry mofoghlu@tssg.org mofoghlu@feedhenry.com John Frizelle Chief Architect FeedHenry jfrizelle@feedhenry.com
  2. 2. FeedHenry Story• R&D in TSSG funded by Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Funding• Launched initial product offering September 2008• Hired Cathal McGloin as CEO in 2010• Provides a hosted mobile app development platform (cloud support for enterprise integration, cross platform deployment on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WP7 and Nokia WRT)
  3. 3. Mobile Market Potential
  4. 4. Enterprise Integration Problems• Need to expose back-end data and systems with standard APIs, web services has made this easier (in each vertical sector certain back-end platforms dominate, so standardising integration can help)• Need to secure the use of such APIs by third party applications (centralised management of trusted end-points can help)• Need to manage performance impact of opening up data and APIs (caching data can help)
  5. 5. Cross-Platform App Problems• Today, you have to build an app 5 or more times to deal with all the different handset types (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WP7, Nokia WRT, …)• Expensive personnel: technical resources are hard to get and use specialist languages (C#, ObjectiveC, Java etc.)• Managing 5 different code bases is expensive and difficult• No coherent security strategy across different apps• Many companies focus on Appleʼs iPhone/iPad, but this is only a fraction of the market, in particular Android is making significant gains• Companies then have to figure out how to communicate with the apps and integrate them into their existing IT infrastructure – how to get information to & from the app while managing security (c.f. previous slide on Enterprise Integration problems)
  6. 6. DEVELOPER Big Picture Diagram ENTERPRISE & PARTNERCOMMUNITY COMMUNITYSnippets Templates Develop & Test FeedHenry Astrum Studio Self Care / MyAccount Mobile PLATFORM FeedHenry Engine - Astrum Space Banking Booking/ Reservation BUSINESS LOGIC APP DELIVERY Shopping / mCommerce FRAMEWORK INTELLIGENT CACHING SERVER-SIDE DATABASE STORAGE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK ACCESS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (LDAP) Other (Payments, Bookings, APITelecom APIs Social / Community Cloud Apps Productivity Tools aggregators)
  7. 7. FeedHenry Astrum Studio Eclipse Plug-ins Architecture Diagram Developer Sandbox Management Console Application Publisher App Stores Import/Export Community Reporting & Analytics Code Validation (Jil, etc.) Lifecycle Management Testing & Debugging FeedHenry Engine – Astrum SpaceSecurity Framework Business Logic App Delivery Framework Apps Intelligent Caching Server-side Database Storage Public APIs JSON, XML Advertising Access Rights Management (LDAP) RSS/Atom Third Party Integration Elastic Load Framework Auditing & Logging Metrics Engine Management VPN Private APIs SSL, oAuth Account Billing & Metering Monitoring & Alerts Management Corporate Data Generic Cloud Interface Amazon Rackspace Private Cloud
  8. 8. Future R&D• Cloud Migration• Security• Reporting & Analytics• Team Permissions Management• Mobile App Permissions• Enterprise API Integration• Maintaining market leadership in hosted mobile app development and testing
  9. 9. Demonstration• The best way to understand where we have got to with the platform is to do a live demonstration
  10. 10. FeedHenry: Sales TractionEnd-to-end Apps that integrate with business systemsServer-side Logic and Security in the CloudCloud - Platform-as-a-Service – Pay-as-you-Go ModelScalability, Reliability and Performance ManagementCross-platform – Build once, Available everywhere
  11. 11. Join Us• Free developer accounts now available – http://apps.feedhenry.com• Develop and deploy an app for Android in under 15 minutes using existing templates• Similar for iPhone, but deployment is more complex as an Apple iOS Developer a/c is needed for deployment
  12. 12. 2014 Predictions• Apps on TV will occupy a significant niche in the mobile app ecosystem (Sony has already launched an Android enabled TV in the market, and more will follow).• Mobile enterprise apps will embrace the tablet device in preference to mobile phones (e.g. iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab).
  13. 13. Questions / Contact Dr Mícheál Ó Foghlú,Executive Director Research TSSG, WIT CTO FeedHenry mofoghlu@tssg.org mofoghlu@feedhenry.comJohn Frizelle, Chief Architect FeedHenry jfrizelle@feedhenry.com