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TriGeo Console Project Milestone v_0.1
Last Modi ed: October 30, 2008 9:12 AM


The Experience Map acts as a diagram of the “ ow” of an
application. It is important to hone in on this high-level
framework of the application so a clear direction may be
established. This map helps the direction of wireframes without
getting too far into the details.

The content of the Experience Map is based on user research,
a current understanding of the application and methods of
improving usability. As more information is gathered and
Experience Map evolves until a direction has been established.

Creating the Experience Map was an ongoing process that ran
in tandem with wireframes and creating design compositions.
Although there was some inconsistent overlap due to these areas
being done in parallel, thinking around wireframes helped to
tighten areas of the Experience Map and vice versa.

In the end, a solid overview of the TriGeo Console was generated
that acts as the foundation for additional development and user
experience re nement. There is still work to be done and directly
correlates to the Wireframes.


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