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GE User Experience Playbook

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GE User Experience Playbook

  1. 1. Prepared by GE Center of Excellence 2011 Edition User Experience Playbook Draft 05/16/2011Growth : Service & Software
  2. 2. Draft 05/16/2011 GE Center of Excellence 2011 Edition User Experience Playbook
  3. 3. UX Playbook Principles 11 The core user experience attributes we seek to deliver with our products and services UX at GE 4 Resources 93 A directory of resources for internal and external guidance and support throughout the user experience design process Contributors 102 Skills 59 The core competencies and role of user experience practitioners within a product development team Certification 83 The process for evaluating the quality and brand consistency of our UX Design Process Process 15 The common process steps, tools and templates for crafting a great user experience
  4. 4. 54 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Who are GE’s users? Anyone who interacts with our products and services, including those who: • Use our digital services and solutions • Influence customer purchasing decisions • Support the customer • Are internal or external to GE Great user experiences are powered by customer and user-centric thinking in all aspects of design and development. User Experience is… • The perceptions and responses someone has when they interact with GE’s products and services. Formed during: - Selection and purchase - Delivery and packaging - Installation and configuration - Training and ramp up - Operation via the user interface - Support and services - Maintenance and upgrade - De-installation and disposal • Influenced by form, function and business architecture • A strategic driver of business growth User Experience is NOT… • Just about the user interface • Only about technology (it’s about people) • Just about usability • Easy to design well • Expensive to design well • The concern of only one person or department • Static UX Defined
  5. 5. 76 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Where are we going? The UX CoE is leading GE towards a new future where: • Customers and users both prefer and can identify our products over competitors’ • Our user experiences are globally recognized for innovation and excellence • Our businesses save time and money by leveraging UX efficiencies • All our businesses embrace good UX design Drive revenue and growth by creating preference for GE branded software and platforms. Concept visualization for a unified experience with Expert on Alert, myEngines, Smart Patient Room. Pilot versions of Expert on Alert, myEngines, Smart Patient Room. Initial versions of Expert on Alert, myEngines, Smart Patient Room. Then Now Future A GE User Experience will be… • Identifiable as GE • Responsive to user needs • Delivering more than expected • Developed in partnership with the user • Developed by all disciplines at GE UX Vision
  6. 6. 98 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 This document provides a structure to addressing our needs and achieving our vision. Principles Process Pilots* Skills Certification Resources I want to...We need... The UX Playbook... See * Existing pilots provide the examples in this document. How to Use This Book Consistency User Contact Innovation Expertise Value Awareness • Deliver consistent GE user experience • Access a central repository for sharing solutions or standards • Benefit from more direct access to users and customers • Uncover the user needs that underlie feature requests • Understand the end user as well as the customer • Decrease the likelihood of lost sales due to poor user experiences • Surpass the user experiences offered by our competitors • Increase the number of user experience professionals on my team • Improve consistency of results by working with user experience experts • Have a clear understanding of how successful my software product is and how that rating maps to our profits • Increase awareness of user experience value, process or benefits • Defines high-level values to guide GE user experience design • Introduces UX Central, a web portal, with standards, templates and reusable assets • Champions cross-functional understanding of customer needs based on first-hand contact • References user-centered research methods • Provides examples where outstanding user experience will grow sales • Provides consistent best practices that will ensure that GE is seen as a leader in software innovation • Defines the skills needed in all business units to deliver great UX • Promotes best practice sharing • Provides a Certification Scorecard that provides clear measurement and understanding of UX contribution to GE profits • Advocates cross-company passion and pride for GE software
  7. 7. 1110 The experience attributes GE products must strive to deliver to users Principles
  8. 8. 1312 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Asset History K12566 K12565 K12564 K12563 K12562 K12561 3 4 2 1 5 2 Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname 03/18/2011 03/18/2011 03/18/2011 03/18/2011 03/18/2011 03/18/2011 OK NTF OK NTF OK NTF Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters ATS System No Communication Solution Title Name One Solution Title Name Two Solution Title Name Three Solution Title Name Four K12567 Solutions Rules Closed Date StatusClosed ByCase 3 03/29/2011 15:34:57 (3d 4hrs 32min) 03/29/2011 16:05:32Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters (+2) Parker Hutchinson 38% 88% 88% 48 48 48 789 789 789 Alternate Solutions: FA TC MSDC: Case History Show: Compose note… Flag for Knowledge Engineers Send Solution Drop Case Return to Queue Close Case Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters Preturbine Sensor Temp. Differential (poptest) Turbo Intercooler Water Too Hot Fault Select Other Solution 03/15/2011 07:00 AM Took a look at engine data only, but didn’t have time to look at cooling systems to reach a full conclusion. Submitting back to the queue. Posted by Michael Callaway 03/15/2011 07:00 AM Took a look at engine data only, but didn’t have time Everything Current Cases Solutions Rules Created On Status 3 03/29/2011 15:34:57 (3d 4hrs 32min) 03/29/2011 16:05:32Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters (+2) Assigned To K12569 Parker Hutchinson K12568 Case 3 03/29/2011 15:34:57 (3d 4hrs 32min) 03/29/2011 16:05:32Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters (+2) K12569 Parker Hutchinson 3 03/29/2011 15:34:57 (3d 4hrs 32min) 03/29/2011 16:05:32Saturation Incidents on Multiple Inverters (+2) Parker Hutchinson Expert on Alert Asset 28 Cases Data NotesOverview 12Frank Barryson? Fleets ShopsMaps KPIs Welcoming Our experiences are friendly and inviting. We keep them straightforward so our users can easily get started. Confident Our experiences guide our users in moving through information to complete their goals. We create intuitive navigation through clear metaphors and actionable cues. Meaningful Our experiences generate value for our users. We make our users smarter and more productive by giving them the means to discover new insights and efficiencies. Delightful Our experiences thrill our users by exceeding their expectations. We innovate for our users to live our brand and differentiate GE. Approachable Leader Dynamic Innovative GE Brand Attribute UX Principles The concept and implementation for any GE product should begin with these four principles, in addition to being informed by business objectives and customer needs. These principles will be set and measured alongside the critical-to-quality metrics (CTQs). GE’s design principles are the fundamental attributes that we seek to achieve in all elements of the user experience. These principles drive decisions for the visual, interactive and business architecture components that influence users. Examples of each will be available on UX Central when the site launches.
  9. 9. 1514 The framework for crafting a great user experience Process
  10. 10. 1716 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 This playbook will reference methods and tools that have been used successfully at GE or other businesses. Regardless of the size or type of program you undertake, the same core process steps apply. Iterative This process is inherently iterative, both within each phase and throughout the definition, design and development of the product. It also relies on a continual process of learning more about customer needs and wants as you work towards your user experience deliverables, whether those are product concepts, user interface designs or off-line business processes. Collaborative The UX process relies on the collaboration of a cross- functional team throughout all stages of Discover, Design and Produce. You can find these details in the Skills section of the playbook. Identify user needs and opportunities to design the right product • Research & Immersion • Data Analysis & Problem Framing • Insight Synthesis & Opportunity Areas • UX Requirements Engineering • Concept Generation & Prioritization • Wireframing & Low-fidelity Prototyping • Visual Design • User Validation • Business Architecture • Design Specification • Iterative User Testing • Vision Ownership & Collaboration • Release 0 Testing & QA • End User Feedback and Collaboration • Ongoing Scorecard Creation & Benchmarking Create experiences that meet needs for users and the business Collaborate for excellent UX delivered on target Measure user experience, impacts & on-going value Process Discover Design Produce Evaluate
  11. 11. 1918 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 1Discover Identifying user needs to design the right product
  12. 12. Process Design Produce Evaluate 20 21GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Methods • Site visit protocol • User research plan and reports Direct research (in field, 1 required) • Exploratory interviews • Contextual inquiry Expert led (at desk) • Secondary and market research • Competitive and analogous experience landscaping • Expert reviews and task analysis • Cognitive walkthroughs • Heuristic evaluation • Think-aloud protocol Tools • Audio and video recording equipment • Permission and release forms • IRB approval workflows Example : myEnginesObjective Identify core problems, criteria and constraints from the user perspective. Direct engagement with users to understand the product “As-Is” to inform what the product should be. Lead cross-functional teams in conducting user research. Requires the ability to • Plan and conduct user research • Collaborate with the project team • Observe the product or service with an open mind, free from existing product constraints • Represent GE to the customer with respect, courtesy and utmost professionalism • Identify customer motivations and value chain, end user goals and existing business architecture Research & Immersion For Aviation, a cross-functional team of technologists and designers conducted expert reviews, shop visits and customer interviews, as well as analogous and heuristic reviews to better understand the needs and behaviors that underlie the MRO and workflow processes myEngines impacts. Discover
  13. 13. Process Design Produce Evaluate 22 23GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 After conducting global, direct user interviews with GE employees from across the businesses, the user experience team at frog (see page 101) analyzed the data to uncover the affinities and patterns driving user behavior throughout the GE business. Example : Digital Collaboration Methods • Project ‘war rooms’ for collaborative working and thinking • Concept maps • Data analysis (affinity, theming and pattern mapping) • Business motivation modeling • Business process analysis • Lean Six Sigma Tools • BPMN • BMM Standard Discover Objective Analyze data gathered during user research to identify the core needs from the user’s perspective. Investigate what users do, not just what they say, to understand needs they cannot articulate. Analyze observation, interview and user data to contextualize needs to the work environment and business context. Requires the ability to • Swiftly organize and categorize data • Analyze qualitative, quantitative and business data • ‘Get off the screen’ and externalize data in a collaborative space • Identify affinities and patterns • Visualize emergent patterns and user mindsets • Prune and refine relevant data • See the user as part of a system and relate his or her needs to the needs of the customer Data Analysis & Problem Framing
  14. 14. Process Design Produce Evaluate 24 25GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Through direct user contact and business analysis, the cross-functional team identified a key scalability issue with the existing myEngines app structure. The team developed a new service structure centered on user behaviors, resulting in user needs becoming the foundation of the application design. Example : myEngines Methods • User archetypes • Journey maps • Workflow diagrams • Product vision roadmaps • Mental modeling • Opportunity maps • Customer scenario mapping • Business process modeling and simulation Objective Extract actionable insights and frame opportunity areas to design products and solutions that meet user needs. Define baseline user experience measures that will reflect whether user needs are met. Requires the ability to • Filter data and patterns to identify the most compelling areas • Expand thinking and provoke ‘out of the box’ perspectives • Re-frame user needs into opportunities and guiding insights • Package insights to be relevant for the team and stakeholders • Communicate the value of these opportunities to the customer and to GE • Create clarity and structure out of user research findings • Define user experience measures Insight Synthesis & Opportunity Areas Discover
  15. 15. Process Design Produce Evaluate 26 27GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Example : Energy Connect Methods • User feedback plan and report • Requirements reviews • Agile modeling methods • Conjoint analysis Tools • Blueprint • TopTeam • UML • Industry standards • The business analysis body of knowledge Energy Connect maintains requirements records in TopTeam. All records are linked and traceable. Objective Launch an iterative process of documenting and prioritizing requirements that will scope and guide the design process. Identify all applicable principles, standards and constraints that apply to a product or service. Create a feedback loop with the user. Requires the ability to • Understand the full systems • Communicate clearly and succinctly in spoken and written form • Negotiate among stakeholders • Establish an operating rhythm for ongoing validation with stakeholders and end users • Develop requirements that are unambiguous, actionable, testable and clearly related to user, customer and business justification. • Return to users and customers with the insights gained to ensure their needs have been correctly identified Discover UX Requirements Engineering
  16. 16. 29GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 201128 2Design Creating experiences that meet needs
  17. 17. Process Discover Produce Evaluate 30 31GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Once the team understood the use cases for this RM&D data, they quickly explored multiple interface directions with hand-sketched wireframes, then collaboratively selected the best directions. Example : Experts on Alert Methods • Concept generation • Sketching • Scenarios & storyboarding • Feature prioritization (user) • Prioritization workshops (team) • User experience requirements definition Objective Transform user insights and opportunity areas into product concepts, collaborate with teams to identify business and technology requirements and lead prioritization. Requires the ability to • Generate light-weight concept explorations expressing user needs • Direct collaborative teams in concept generation • Separate concept generation from prioritization • Integrate business, technology and user requirements in down-selection Concept Generation & Prioritization Design
  18. 18. Process Discover Produce Evaluate 32 33GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 During development of a customer-facing portal, the Controls Connect team identified important gaps in GE Energy’s current capability to keep the knowledge base current. Working with business stakeholders, the team designed and rolled-out new knowledge-centered support (KCS) practices that merged with the commercial rollout of the portal. Example : Controls Connect Methods • Business motivation modeling • Business process analysis & modeling • Information modeling • Use case modeling • Gap analysis • Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Tools • OMG Business Motivation Modeling Standard • BPMN • Business Process Modeling tools • Enterprise Architecture tools Objective Collaborate with program managers and systems engineers to develop business architecture. Provide user requirements and advocacy in the design and evolution of strategies, organizations and business practices. Advocate for “One GE” and the elimination of silos in customer engagement. Requires the ability to • Identify all customer and user touchpoints for a product or service throughout the customer lifecycle. • Quickly learn the operational characteristics of a customer • Examine the business process, including user, operational and technology contexts • Be a change agent: Identify and find ownership for changes that will provide value both to customers and to GE • Provide a holistic vision for the business system that supports users Design Business Architecture Design OrganizationPartnership Process Engineering Commercial Strategy
  19. 19. Process Discover Produce Evaluate 34 35GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Methods • Card-sorting (open and closed) • Site map/application map • Workflow diagrams • Low-fidelity prototyping • Research plan and reports Tools Currently available • GE UX Principles To be developed • Standards library • GE Wireframing toolset which supports GE-wide standard asset sets and light-weight prototype generation The Expert On Alert team used low-fidelity wireframes to lay out the information and interaction architecture for the next version of their remote monitoring and diagnostics user interface. These easy-to-change prototypes do not distract evaluators with visual design questions. Example : Expert on AlertObjective Express selected concepts in tangible form for communication with the development team, business team and users. Requires the ability to • Express the concept and desired interactions in a structured format • Evaluate various interaction models and identify the most appropriate for the user and system need • Develop navigation and light-weight explorations to test with users • Develop an information architecture • Define the product in collaboration with designer and developers Wireframing & Low-Fidelity Prototyping Design
  20. 20. Process Discover Produce Evaluate 36 37GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 The GE Smart Patient Room Hand Hygiene prototype team explored multiple design concepts before selecting the most effective visualization strategy. Selection involved a cross-functional team and both customers and representative users. Original Current Visual mock-ups Example : Smart Patient Room Design Methods • User landscape reviews Tools • Visual design application • Standards Library • GE UX Principles • Business/product specific GE DLS Objective Express the information architecture and system interactions in a branded design that is clear and appealing to users. Requires the ability to • Understand user needs and translate into an effective visual design • Design for user needs with awareness of technical implementation • Collaborate with UX expert, prototyper and product team Visual Design
  21. 21. Process Discover Produce Evaluate 38 39GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 GE Energy used the GE process to develop a customer-facing self-service knowledge portal. From initial paper prototypes through the live prototype, user evaluation was part of each iteration. A cross-functional team of UX experts, business leads and engineers collaborated on the project Example : Controls Connect Design Methods • A/B testing • Usability testing (may include time-on-task, task completion, eye-tracking and other methods to evaluate performance as needed) • Qualitative usability reviews and Think Aloud • Concept evaluation workshops • Research plan and report Tools • Remote testing tools • Eye tracking • GRC facial recognition and affective modeling system Objective Validate interaction and visual design directions with users throughout the process to ensure appeal as well as identify usability issues prior to robust development. Requires the ability to • Scope, plan, produce and run user validation sessions • Select methods within available time • Moderate user research sessions • Analyze and synthesize data into tangible recommendations and strategies for implementation • Access end users User Validation Validation Best Practices
  22. 22. 41GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 201140 3Produce Collaborating for excellent UX delivered on target
  23. 23. Process Discover Design Evaluate 42 43GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Example : myEngines frog (see page 101) created both a visual and interaction design style guide, and a functional proof-of-concept mobile web app for iPhone used to test integration and design viability. Together, these elements formed the first stage of design specification for the myEngines application. Methods • Written functional specification (including behaviors, case logic and state definition) • Visual specification • Experience prototypes for functional specification Tools To be developed • GE standard wireframing tool • Standards library • Requirements repository • Specification templates Objective Translate the user experience into formal documentation for use by the development and business team. Design specification is often done with text narrative and experience prototypes, showing the interactions and behaviors most challenging to express on paper. Requires the ability to • Develop detailed documentation in text, as well as, experience prototypes for features, functions and interactions • Plan for agile sprints • Compose specification to enable efficient post-sprint modification • Update user experience measures to reflect the final experience direction Produce Design Specification
  24. 24. Process Discover Design Evaluate 44 45GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Example : insideGE The latest iteration of insideGE introduced a new, clean design based on extensive research. To make sure they got it right, the team involved employees and stakeholders throughout the development process. The team rolled out the alpha to 500 employees, and the beta to 60,000 and encouraged extensive feedback. The service won a prestigious Nielsen Norman award in 2009. Methods • Representative user reviews (only when significant user research exists) • Remote walkthroughs • ‘User Fridays’ (scheduled reviews with 2-3 users every other week) • Usability testing • Research plan and report Objective Participate in agile development processes by incorporating quick user input sessions for key sprint cycles. Requires the ability to • Integrate testing cycles with agile sprint cycle • Plan and conduct feature-focused testing • Provide recommendations that maintain the product vision and user needs Produce Iterative User Testing
  25. 25. Process Discover Design Evaluate 46 47GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Methods • Frequent collaboration and contact with team members • Product vision roadmap and documents • Project ‘war rooms’ / co-location • User archetypes and workflows • Cognitive walkthroughs • Prototyping To keep the team aligned on the vision for the Expert on Alert system throughout the process, the user experience team at frog (see page 101) created a roadmap that mapped the current experience to the future experience the team was designing. Example : Expert on Alert Produce Objective Allocate UX experts to the product team throughout the process to speed development and collaboratively solve challenges while maintaining the concept vision and delivering on user needs. Requires the ability to • Own and defend user needs and concept vision throughout process • Creatively respond to barriers to achieve an optimal solution • Communicate with engineers, developers and business leads • Frame user needs in business value Vision Ownership & Collaboration
  26. 26. Process Discover Design Evaluate 48 49GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Methods • QA testing and validation of user experience requirements and workflows • Final usability testing Tools • TopTeam • Infrastructure QA Produce Controls Connect performed release testing at multiple levels: 1. Unit, Integration and Regression testing by the development/quality assurance team 2. User acceptance testing with the business analysis team, broad business stakeholders and a pilot user team from actual and potential customers who used the application in context Example : Controls ConnectObjective Ensure the final product meets user needs and provides a good GE user experience prior to first launch. This should never be the first phase of user contact or usability testing. If adequate UX involvement has been present and taken into account, minimal changes should be necessary during this phase. Requires the ability to • Evaluate that the actual product user experience matches the user experience requirements established at the start of the phase Release 0 Testing and QA
  27. 27. 51GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 201150 4Evaluate Measuring UX impacts and ongoing value
  28. 28. Process Discover Design Produce 52 53GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 frog (see page 101) monitors the on-going performance of key initiatives, such as Healthymagination and Ecomagination, to provide a weekly dashboard for performance. This provides leaders the ability to quickly understand the status of the initiatives via traditional and social metrics and to target needed changes quickly. Example : GE Corporate Methods • Direct user contact • Voice of the Customer • Surveys and questionnaires • UX Scorecard Tools • Quantitative data collection tools/services • Survey application/tool • Scorecard tracking tools/service Objective Evaluate how user experience affects the performance of GE products. Report quarterly on the user experience performance of GE products. Requires the ability to • Design and implement surveys • Monitor measurements • Identify opportunities for improvement • Plan and conduct user input sessions • Maintain professional on-going relationships with GE product users • Analyze data and extract meaningful trends • Identify opportunities for improvement • Map data to experience and financial impacts meaningful to GE • On-going product benchmark analysis Evaluate Ongoing Scorecard Creation & Benchmarking Ecomagination Dashboard 2/7-2/13 Top Ecomagination Content (page views) Top Challenge Content (page views) 1. 53,049 1. 10,841 2. 24,692 2. 9,380 3. 20,840 3. 2,478 4. 18,804 4. 2,198 5. 10,574 5. 1,781 Top Ecomagination Traffic Sources (visits) Top Challenge Traffic Sources (visits) 1. 15,600 1. 3,574 2. 6,756 2. 2,371 3. 3,185 3. 1,923 4. 2,793 4. 895 5. 2,054 5. 493 Social SEM: Content Social 1/31-2/6 2/7-2/13 Views Clicks Total social volume 1,777 1,610 Total 1,907,499 762 0.04% 1,907,499 762 0.04% Twitter @pepsi @eco Total followers 56,372 40,085 Overall "Klout" score 65 67 SEM: Search Views Clicks Total 333,670 4,289 1.29% Retweeted by BethSEGreen 2/7: 1,013 followers 274,699 3,256 1.19% Bing 58,971 1,033 1.75% Facebook* Pepsi Fans 3,301,189 1,882 Interactions - 15 Traffic (visits) Google Ecomagination *Counts relevant posts generated by brand only Twitter RT @ecomagination: 27acre solar field 2 lower Princeton's energy cost 8% Princeton Plans Largest Solar Field for Any U.S. University ... Conversion Google (CPC) Direct traffic Google (organic) Google (organic) Google (CPC) Conversion Google Projects Powering Your Home: My Profile Traffic to increased by 98% this week, drawing just over 33,000 visits to the site. More than half of these visits were a result of paid advertising - Google and DailyMotion. Dailymotion, a new vendor to appear as a top traffic source, seems to have driven an increase in pages per visit. Meanwhile, traffic to the Challenge site remained relatively stable this week. Social volume and Facebook interactions are down from last week. Traffic to Twitter continues to grow and has reached over 40,000 followers though influence (as measured by Klout) decreased this week. Beth Bond, editor of Southeast Green, a green and sustainability business website, retweeted a story about a solar power field at Princeton University to her 1,014 followers. Home Powering Your Home: Ideas Technologies Powering Your Home: Home Topics Home News View Idea Dailymotion (advertising) 36,330 visits 18,359 10% repeat visitors 14% 4.3 pages/visit 1.6 77% bounce rate 75% 12,362 visits 12,442 28% repeat visitors 26% 3.8 pages/visit 3.6 52% bounce rate 53%
  29. 29. Process Discover Design Produce 54 55GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Evaluate Greg Levinsky and the Home and Business team dramatically improved their net promoter scores and turned 67% of their online detractors to neutral and 20% of detractors to advocates for GE appliances through actively identifying and engaging in Facebook and Twitter conversations about GE appliances. Example : GE Appliances Methods • Customer advisory boards Tools To be developed • Online forums • Social media • Embedded feedback mechanisms • Software instrumentation • Usage tracking, logging • In-product/Online feedback mechanisms for customer/user input to be built into the products themselves Objective Leverage social media, embedded features and software instrumentation to maintain an ongoing conversation with users, as well as capture their feedback and enhancement requests. Requires the ability to • Engage with end users and customers over time • Monitor multiple feedback channels • Collaborate with product team to understand and evaluate emergent user needs and opportunities End-User Feedback and Collaboration
  30. 30. 5756 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 EvaluateProduceDiscover Design Methods Templates Tools Exploratory Interviews Contextual Inquiry Secondary & Market Research Competitive Reviews Expert Reviews & Task Analysis Cognitive Walkthroughs Heuristic Evaluation Business Value Analysis ‘War Room’ & Co- location Benchmarking Data Analysis & Synthesis Mental Modeling Opportunity Mapping Business Analysis Processes (6Sigma) Research Plans & Reports Concept Map User Archetypes Journey Map Workflow Diagrams Product Roadmap & Vision Forms & Process Flows Research Equipment BPMN Wireframing App GE Wireframe Assets Visual Design App Standards Library GE UX Principles GE & Business DLSs Concept Generation Sketching Scenarios & Storyboards Feature Prioritization (user) Prioritization Workshop (team) Card Sorting Visual Landscape Reviews A/B Testing Usability Testing Concept Evaluation Workshop Prototyping UX Requirements Engineering UX Requirements Site / Application Map Interaction Specification Functional Specification Visual Specification Survey App/Tool Scorecard Tracker Service User Feedback Service Scorecard Report Experience Prototypes Remote Walkthroughs User Panels User Fridays QA Testing & Validation Metrics Collection User Input Collection Support Materials Process Discover Design Produce Evaluate * Most methods, templates and tools apply throughout the process. Groupings represent initial or primary use.
  31. 31. 5958 Building teams to craft great GE user experiences. Skills
  32. 32. 6160 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Skills The best UX design comes from a diverse set of experts skilled in user-centered design methodologies. These experts will be actively engaged in the GE user experience community and seek continual process improvement. Expert We need an expert team to achieve our vision. The UX practitioners will lead cross-functional teams to understand end users and own creative delivery to drive innovation. Systematic To build the practice, they will articulate the business value of systematically creating good user experiences in GE software. • Communication Across Disciplines • Collaboration & Facilitation • Systems Thinking • User Requirements Advocacy • User Insight for Unmet Needs • Create & Value User Experience Requirements • User Product Lifecycle Modeling • Competitive Auditing • Prototyping Before Locking System Design • Prototype Testing with Users • Prototype Iteration & Requirements Specification • Identify Measures for User Experience • Track & Score User Experience Measures • Share Reusable Solutions for Speed & Consistency Cross-Functional Team Know Your User Prototype & Iterate Measure & Extend
  33. 33. 6362 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 ACross- Functional Teams Leveraging all skills for great UX Objective The best user experience teams blend UX experts, business strategists, creative technologists and engineers. Requires the ability to • Communicate effectively with team members from other disciplines • Understand the needs of the technology, engineering and business team members • Translate business, technology, user needs and design issues within the team Skills to Hire • Strong communicators • Experience in cross-functional environments Skills / Cross-Functional Teams Communication Across Disciplines
  34. 34. 6564 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Objective For GE to lead in user experience design, teams must be staffed to support collaboration between the disciplines throughout product development. Requires the ability to • Build rapport and trust within the team and among disciplines • Guide creative collaboration and maintain team balance • Lead group facilitation activities Skills to Hire • Creative leadership • Facilitation of group reviews and discussions • Experience integrating user experience requirements with business, engineering and developer requirements • Experience translating needs into terms meaningful to other disciplines Skills / Cross-Functional Teams Collaboration & Facilitation Systems Thinking Objective User experience leaders must see the user as part of a contextual system that includes assets, information, people and processes. They must leverage the expertise from multiple disciplines to find solutions that optimize the system. Requires the ability to • Map and model systems • Diagram and model system influencers and drivers • Facilitate cross-functional teams to develop a common understanding of how system components impact each other • Identify, dissect and challenge assumptions about how systems work • Understand and clearly communicate the high-level system view, as well as the detailed system elements • Analyze models of a system to trace root causes of problems and identify patterns of behavior Skills to Hire • Business analysis • Systems engineering • User experience service or systems delivery Skills / Cross-Functional Teams
  35. 35. 6766 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 User Requirements Advocacy Objective UX experts must act as the advocate for the needs of the user throughout product planning, conceptualization, design and development. Requires the ability to • Develop materials that communicate and summarize user needs effectively • Communicate user needs to express the value to different business stakeholders • Link needs and concepts with product design and UI decisions • Maintain a high-level vision that informs detailed design decisions Skills to Hire • Evangelists • User insights specialists • Storytelling and visual communication Skills / Cross-Functional Teams BKnow Your Users Ongoing user insights generation
  36. 36. 6968 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Objective In order to deliver products with great user experiences, GE must discover and synthesize insights and concepts based on the unmet needs of the user. Requires the ability to • Plan and deliver great user research sessions that build customer trust in GE’s approach • Build rapport with account management needs and concerns • Discover and synthesize user experience insights Skills to Hire • Design research • Research facilitation and moderation • Experience balancing business concerns with gathering user input • Leadership in developing long- term user contact channels with customers/B2B environments • Ability to craft innovative methods to fit opportunities Skills / Know Your Users User Insights for Unmet Needs Objective The UX expert must ensure that user needs are aligned with GE business innovation and engineering requirements. They will create and manage models that align user needs with market opportunities throughout the software development lifecycle. Requires the ability to • Conduct research and synthesize user insights • Conceptualize user experiences based on design research and insights • Document user experience requirements • Drive development of prototypes to explore and express requirements • Marry business and user needs into opportunity areas for GE Skills to Hire • Strong design research and synthesis experience • Ability to create user experience requirements • Experience tracing insights from initial research throughout the development process • Customer segmentation Skills / Know Your Users Create & Value UX Requirements
  37. 37. 7170 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Objective Beyond generating insights for user needs today, the UX expert needs to develop a strategic vision for the evolution of the user experience over the product lifecycle and business strategy, and work with the full team to tier the rollout and evolution of features. Requires the ability to • Develop a strategic vision for customer interaction • Prioritize features into a multi-stage model • Communicate the long-term product strategy based on addressing the most important user needs Skills to Hire • Journey mapping • Moments of Truth identification and communication • Experience modeling • Service design • Product strategy • Product lifecycle modeling Skills / Know Your Users User Product Lifecycle Modeling Objective To generate a compelling user experience, the UX expert must be able to look at the wider context of software and service experiences, as well as interaction patterns and opportunities. Requires the ability to • Describe the product space from the user and customer perspective by analyzing competitive and analogous experiences within, and outside of, the product category • Identify relevant experiences • Clearly document findings and recommendations Skills to Hire • Trendscaping • Heuristic analysis • Cognitive walkthroughs • Segmentation and behavior analysis • Product/experience landscaping Skills / Know Your Users Competitive Auditing
  38. 38. 7372 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 CPrototype & Iterate Fast concept creation and evaluation Objective In order to gain the most value from investment in interactive prototypes, these prototypes must be designed before the system architecture and features are locked, so that flexibility to integrate findings remains. Requires the ability to • Generate multiple concepts to provide a range of options • Quickly develop prototypes that represent the user experience (even if they are on another platform than the final implementation) • Swiftly gather and synthesize research and iterate prototypes Skills to Hire • Creative development • Agile prototyping • Iterative design • Design agency experience • Divergent, creative thinker Skills / Prototype & Iterate Prototype before Locking in Design
  39. 39. 7574 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Objective To prevent downstream costs and wasted efforts, both low and high-fidelity prototypes should be tested with users. Light-weight testing often integrates well with agile development. Requires the ability to • Identify and prioritize research questions • Develop appropriate testing processes to answer key questions • Develop concept prototypes to address core questions Skills to Hire • Test design • Usability testing • Concept evaluation • Research protocol design • Research facilitation • Testing for agile development • Research moderation Skills / Prototype & Iterate Prototype Testing with Users Objective To ensure usability and that user needs are met throughout the details of the production process, UX experts should be a part of the ongoing review of production deliverables. Requires the ability to • Collaborate with the production team • Engage user inputs throughout the process • Interpret interactions and collaborate on solutions Skills to Hire • Collaboration and communication skills during production • Sketching and iteration • Understanding of technology capabilities of the field/industry/ business Skills / Prototype & Iterate Prototype Iteration and Requirements Specification
  40. 40. 7776 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 DMeasure & Extend Proving value and building a single source Objective To track the success of user experiences, measures must be identified during the requirements definition process and measured throughout the product lifecycle. Requires the ability to • Define user experience requirements • Identify and prioritize key interactions for the user experience • Develop measures for key interactions • Refine measures over time Skills to Hire • Measurement of UX impacts • Data analysis for user experience • Quantitative study design • Qualitative study design Skills / Measure & Extend Identify Measures for User Experience
  41. 41. 7978 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Objective User experiences should be measured over time to identify areas for improvement and to benchmark ongoing user experience updates. Requires the ability to • Gather data over time • Analyze results • Manage data in a consistent format across the company • Generate insights and recommendations from research • Communicate findings Skills to Hire • Quantitative research • Data analysis • Trend identification Skills / Measure & Extend Track & Score UX Measures Objective Deliver great experiences faster by reusing proven solutions. Contribute to the growth of consistent GE solutions by sharing assets and patterns with the GE community and reusing proven solutions. Requires the ability to • Understand the GE product ecosystem to identify solutions with broad applicability • Identify and communicate solutions • Prioritize documentation and sharing • Integrate reuse of solutions into the design process Skills to Hire • Knowledge management • Interaction design Skills | Measure & Extend Share Reusable Solutions
  42. 42. 8180 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Skills Proposed Staffing Roles To deliver strong, consistent GE user experiences that meet the unique needs of each business and industry we serve, we recommend that each business hire at least one full-time leader in most of the following roles. * Minimum required effort and investment per business and major software platform (e.g. Proficy) ** Recommended per business and major platform, but which can also be outsourced to qualified vendors (Qualified vendors must be willing to integrate with GE UX standards and tools and provide assets for GE knowledge management) Other roles are recommended to support the overall growth of UX in the business Visionary Leader* Lead the business UX. Evangelize broadly and at the C-level Project Manager Manage special UX projects and vendor relationships Research Specialist** Lead user research practice Training Lead Lead training on UX and professional development for staff Visual Design Specialist** Lead visual design practice and standards UX Knowledge Manager* Own the primary GE UX content and standards Evangelist Own internal advocacy, award programs and other advocacy for UX User Experience Specialist** Lead interaction design practice Prototyping Specialist** Lead prototyping and tech integration practice
  43. 43. 8382 Auditable checkpoints for compliance with our UX Design Process and for measurement of outcomes Certification
  44. 44. 8584 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Certification Auditable checkpoints during each phase drive process compliance. Consistent Certification drives consistent improvement in our software user experiences by creating an auditable and repeatable process connected to measurable outcomes. Measurable The certification process generates both GE-standard and product- specific experience measures to track throughout the life of the product to demonstrate the impact of user experience decisions. UX is involved & part of team from start Design research is performed with users User archetypes are created for key roles User insights and key principles are documented for the product Concepts are analyzed for GE design patterns and standards Experience prototypes are created Experience prototypes are tested with users Final specifications are created based on GE standards Summative testing is done with key user archetypes prior to product release Post-launch data is collected into the UX Scorecard Product scorecard is benchmarked and analyzed for improvement opportunities Discover Design Produce Evaluate Conduct user research and integrate findings with the product plan Design GE experiences that resonate with users and leverage GE standards Collaborate on specification and delivery of the product Measure user experience and the impacts on product value over time
  45. 45. 8786 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 UX is involved and part of the team from the start Concepts are analyzed for GE design patterns and standards Design research is performed with users Experience prototypes are created User archetypes for each key role are developed based on current user research Experience prototypes are tested with users User insights and key principles are documented for the product UX lead allocated in the project plan for the full duration of the project Pattern analysis inventory User archetypes Research plan Sessions conducted Requirement recommendations User Insights brief User roles are defined Research plan created Research conducted and analyzed Experience prototype(s) Goals GoalsCertification Points: Certification Points: Discover DiscoverDesign DesignProduce ProduceEvaluate Evaluate Certification Certification Objective Delivering great user experiences requires that UX experts and users be an integrated part of the process from concept through delivery and ongoing maintenance. Objective UX experts work closely with the business, design and development teams to ensure that meaningful, consistent user experiences are developed and tested with users throughout the process. indicates a step for which a template document will be created.
  46. 46. 8988 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Final specifications are created based on GE standards Summative testing is done with key user archetypes prior to product release Updated pattern analysis inventory Research plan Scorecard created Research report and recommendations Goals Certification Points: Discover Design Produce Evaluate Certification Objective UX experts integrate with the production process by creating user experience specifications and testing against them. Post-launch data is collected into the UX Scorecard Product is benchmarked and analyzed for improvement opportunities UX Scorecard Benchmark report Goals Certification Points: Discover Design Produce Evaluate Certification Objective Working with the product manager, the UX expert maintains an ongoing relationship with the product to measure outcomes and ascertain that user experience targets are met.
  47. 47. 9190 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Scorecard Connecting our design efforts to customer outcomes. The UX Scorecard is a formal tool to systematically understand customer and business outcomes, which result from our GE user experience efforts. Scorecard Elements Certification Universal Measures Product Measures Existing Product Performance Measures GE UX Principles UX Basics / SUS Assumed in Use Per-User Archetype (as derived from user research) Self- reported Data Observed Data • Welcoming • Confident • Meaningful • Delightful • Intuitive Navigation • Visual Appeal • Content Clarity • Success rate • Time to completion • Usage & task productivity • Satisfaction with top 5 capabilities • Net Revenue • Net Sales • Sales Growth • Market Share • Differentiated Value Proposition • Net Promoter Score Key features: • Systematic collection of UX measures into an online scorecard • Formal tool for analysis and identification of opportunities for point release improvements • Enables peer comparison and release 0 testing thresholds Universal measures are based on our GE User Experience Principles, which are common to all products. Product-specific measures are created from user requirements identified at the end of the Discover phase. Correlating UX measures with existing product performance measures will highlight achievements and opportunities for improvement. Concept for Scorecard
  48. 48. 9392 Existing and planned tools and teams, which will deliver on our UX vision Resources
  49. 49. 9594 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Standards The UX CoE team develops and maintains GE UX principles, processes and tools. These assets are constantly under review and are updated to reflect state-of-the-art design solutions for GE through active dialog with the GE UX community and investigation of global trends. Support We provide both direct and self-service support to the businesses. Our experts maintain active discussion threads, and develop How-To’s and other materials to support recommended processes and ongoing professional development. Through strategic projects and UX vendor qualification and matchmaking, we help all GE products move toward UX excellence. Advocacy To support the GE culture in embracing a user-centered mindset when developing digital solutions, we will conduct training and internal PR on GE UX processes, successes and opportunities. We will also integrate with new hire and executive training, as well as build expert groups and professional development opportunities. Innovation As a cross-business organization, the UX CoE members will be charged with identifying innovation trends, synergies and opportunities across the company. They will also actively engage with the wider UX community globally and develop special reports for the community about market trends that impact our clients, industries and services. Beyond identifying market movements, the UX CoE will also pursue propriety GE innovations in user experience. UX Center of Excellence Resources Our Mission The UX Center of Excellence provides GE businesses with the knowledge, methods and tools to create welcoming, confident, meaningful and delightful user experiences that will drive revenue and growth by creating preference for GE branded software and platforms. How We Help How To’s Standards GettingStated M etrics Support Getting Started ThinkTan k Research Lead Interaction Design Lead Visual Design Lead Prototyping Lead Knowledge Manager Project Manager Evangelist Training Lead Innovation Lead Visionary Leader Research Knowledge Mgr. Userexperiences Templates Design Language Play book Certifi cation UXPrinciples Cross-Business Trends Technology Platform Guidance Tren ds Markets Behavior s& Needs How To’s & Forums Design Assets / Them es SpecialProjects VendorMatchmaking Awards/PublicationsRoadshows Executive Briefings Expert Groups / Workshops Self Service Direct Tools Proc esses Principles Emerging Glo bal TrainingBusinessspecific InternalPR Stan dards Advo cacy Sup port Innova tion UX CoE
  50. 50. 9796 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 UX standards, the value of outstanding user experience and the process to achieve them at GE. Content Types • Guiding vision • UX Playbook • UX Principles • Compliance process Enables comparison of outcomes and measurement of financial impacts of UX. Content Types • Scorecard data • Benchmark data • Trend visualization • Measurement tools Provide guidance and access to key tools and templates. Content Types • Detailed methods • UX topics • Best practices • Tutorials • Templates • Examples Expert identification of internal and external UX trends. Content Types • CoE & expert articles • Emerging topic coverage • Trend coverage Enables cross-business sharing of standards and user interface and code assets. Content Types • CoE pattern libraries • Code and UI elements • Definitions and links to tutorials and examples • Searchable reference Encourages GE UX dialog and access to qualified vendors and UX CoE support. Content Types • Discussion threads • UX CoE staff • CoE pilot program standards and application • Vendor directory • Vendor standards UX Central Resources Getting Started MetricsHow To’s ThinkTankStandards Discussion Support A Single Source for Standards, UX Expertise and Outcomes Training internal PR and leadership will get the UX word out, while UX Central provides a dedicated source for all GE UX content. The website is currently being scoped and designed. It will provide core reference and learning materials, official standards, process explanations and access to key trends and opportunities for the businesses. Growing and gardening the content on this site will be a major, ongoing responsibility of UX CoE staff, as the site must be active and continually reacting to changes and needs in the business and the market.
  51. 51. 9998 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 UX Central Resources Standards Content Example 1. Provides access to reusable templates and code to drive consistency. 2. Guidance in evaluating the application of the standard. 3. Includes links to associated information. Landing Page Example 1. Provides step-by-step materials for each phase. 2. Primers and detailed instructions help experts and novices refine skills and access templates. 3. Provides social presence for UX leaders to grow the GE UX community. 2 2 1 1 3 3
  52. 52. 101100 GE CoE User Experience Playbook - Draft May 2011 Artefact Brandtrust Bressler Group Brooks Stevens Carbon Design Group Cooper Echo Visualization Forest Giant Formation Design frog General Assembly Gravity Tank IA Collaborative Lextant The Patricia Seybold Group Priority Design VSA Razorfish Redali Richard Smith Sapient Strategy Product Development User Insight Usability Science Ziba - California Universal Mind Whipsaw www. www. UX in the GE Businesses Directory of External Partners Resources Resources UX Vendor Qualification and Matchmaking To support GE businesses in delivering the best GE experiences, particularly prior to full staffing, the UX CoE will develop a directory of qualified GE user experience vendors and advise on matchmaking. A Place to Start With more than 6000 GE employees focused on non-embedded software, many people at GE are invested in making great user experiences. Key leaders and small teams of user experience experts exist within some businesses and are able to lead the processes and foster the skills recommended in this playbook. This is an initial survey of user experience leaders at GE. Additions are sought. GE Aviation Justin Hendrix myEngines Aaron Gannon Systems Human Factors GE Home and Business Chris Melski Marketing and Social Media Lou Lenzi Industrial Design GE Energy Ken Ceglia Software Solutions Kristen Martin-Claret Global Digital Media GE Healthcare Bob Schwartz Global Design James Maccubbin IT Clinical Solutions Erika Orrick IT UX and Customer Collaboration GE Capital No UX team identified. GE Transportation No UX team identified. UX Agencies with GE Experience Academic Partners Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction Institute Georgia Tech Cognitive Engineering Center www.cognitiveengineering.
  53. 53. 103102 Contributors Get Involved! UX CoE Steering Committee Tom Gentile Linda Boff Ravi Adapathya Israel Alquindique Amy Aragones Vic Bhagat Arlene Borokowski Mike Carlson Rich Carpenter Eduardo Cocozza Franceso Del Greco John Powley Jeff Schnitzer Jude Schramm Bob Schwartz Peter Thomas Angelica Tritzo Paul Weatherbee Lauren Whitsell GE Contributors GE Healthcare Kathleen Bauman Jim Kohli Steve E Linthicum James Maccubbin Sampada Marathe Erika Orrick Daniel Sloat Joyce Thomas Share Great methods, tools and examples at* Discuss Add your voice to the shape of the UX CoE at* Learn Read and comment on our growing body of methods and process at* Contact Amy Aragones to be added to the GE UX expert list. Email: * URLs are all draft. The UX Central site is not yet built. In the interim, please visit http://supportcentral. GE Global Research Doug Forman Eofn Williams GE Energy Justine Aylmer Robert Donaldson Kristen Martin-Claret Giri Iyer Kristina Lindau Karl Meyer GE Aviation Aaron Gannon Alison Starr GE Tech Infra Elizabeth Earley Art Virgin GE Corporate James Blomberg Paul Marcum Sean A Morton GE Appl & Light Alessio Palmieri GE Oil & Gas Elizabeth Earley Outside Contributors The Engelbart Institute Christina Engelbart frog Alis Cambol Robert Fabricant Melinda Flores Daniel Holtzman Yoo-Jung Kim Lawrence Lipkin Turi McKinley Erin Skurdal Antoine Veliz The Patricia Seybold Group Patricia Seybold Ronni Marshak Meg Lewis