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EMMA Summer School - Olga Firssova - Sharing the EMMA experience


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These two sessions will provide an opportunity to hear about the experiences of EMMA MOOC providers in their first year of operation. Find out what worked – and what didn’t work – during the first year’s offer of MOOCs on EMMA.

This presentation was given during the EMMA Summer School, that took place in Ischia (Italy) on 4-11 July 2015.

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EMMA Summer School - Olga Firssova - Sharing the EMMA experience

  1. 1. OUNL MOOCs in EMMA: sharing the EMMA experience Dr. Olga Firssova July 8, 2015, 9.45 – 11.15
  2. 2. A pilot implementation in EMMA • Testing the approach: replicating course design in a new environment • Testing technology: translation • Testing the environment Two MOOCs of the Open University Netherlands E-learning: 974 participants; Sept-Dec 2013 Developing Blended Learning: 1300 participants; Sept-Oct 2014
  3. 3. Testing the approach: OpenU ->EMMA • Based on meaningful tasks • Live and asynchronous interaction with experts and peers • Use of social media (blog) • Integration of 1-weekly online masterclasses with live expert sessions • Possibility of certification • A mix of individual and groupwork • Moderated group interaction (only in Blended …) • E-portfolio for certification • Partial re-design: duration, structure, tasks • Use of complete video-recordings • Re-design of communication (Forum -> Page-based conversations)
  4. 4. Testing the technology: semi-automated translation Not automated: • Text revision • Revision of Dutch transcription • Revision of translation into English Issues: - Time for revision (!) - Quality of translations depends on the source (other languages and accents) Important: teaching software with course content
  5. 5. Testing the platform Flat task structure Group tasks and discussions Interaction with experts (live sessions) Social media (blogs) Self-monitoring progress Teacher feedback on tasks (live sessions)* Monitoring discussions** * E-learning ** Blended learning Deep Structure Page-based conversations Video recordings of the sessions Social media (blogs for communication?) Translation on demand
  6. 6. Thank you! Olga Firssova
  7. 7. The future … • A new MOOC (on Formative Assessment) • Using the new functionalities (peer- assessment) • Shorter video fragments • Editing video (!) • Integrating a live expert session (!) • Use of social media (twitter, blog) • Links to other (EMMA) MOOCs