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EMMA Summer School - E. Bruno, I. Merciai, M. Tizzani - MOOC Production authoring and management of educational resources


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This presentation was given during the EMMA Summer School, that took place in Ischia (Italy) on 4-11 July 2015.

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EMMA Summer School - E. Bruno, I. Merciai, M. Tizzani - MOOC Production authoring and management of educational resources

  1. 1. MOOC Production: authoring and management of educational resources how to #makeamooc Speakers: Evelina Bruno Ilaria Merciai Miriana Tizzani University of Naples Federico II Jtel Summer School 2015 July 8, 2015
  2. 2. Welcome!
  3. 3. Our HQ is placed in front of Castel dell’Ovo and Gulf of Naples (please say Hello! to our colleagues that are working hard in this moment :)) ...
  4. 4. ● Project Managament ● Course Editing ● Multimedia Production ● Web References ● Web Development ● Videomaking ● User Profiling
  5. 5. Federica vision
  6. 6. Federica vision
  7. 7. / Federica Living Library
  8. 8. Federica Living Library
  9. 9. Using the Living Library
  10. 10. Using the Living Library
  11. 11. Testimonial
  12. 12. Embriologia: without
  13. 13. Embriologia: with
  14. 14. The MOOC Challenge
  15. 15. Web references
  16. 16. Focus on web references  Searching Data bank  Image Library  Multimedia provider
  17. 17. What about images?
  18. 18. Visuals can arouse people’s interest, curiosity and motivation (Richard Mayer 2001) Memory and recall for visuals tends to be better than memory and recall for words (Clark and Lyons, 2004) Images engage
  19. 19. Source: Coffee Drinks Illustrated Images inform
  20. 20. Theory of Learning = “The child is continually interacting with the world around him/her solving problems that are presented by the environment” Jean Piaget “To understand is to discover” Jean Piaget Constructivism = “a combination of philosophy, psychology and cybernetics” E. von Glasersfeld (1995) Source: David Castillo Dominici/Shutterstock Images in Education
  21. 21. Media Technology Working to produce creative, stimulating, elastic and appealing learning content of instruction. Langer’s Mindful Learning (1997) Source:MaxGriboedov/Shutterstock Digital Convergence
  22. 22. Printed Word Digital Literacy Source: Michael D Brown/Shutterstock Imagery as a bridge
  23. 23. Instructional design ? Digital imagery in instructional design
  24. 24. Several researchers have classified the instructional functions of visuals into taxonomies or categories. (Alesandrini, 1984; Clark & Lyons, 2004; Levin, 1981; Levie and Lentz, 1982; Rieber, 1994) Source: Dima Groshev/Shutterstock Classification of images
  25. 25. Lyons and Clark’s classification of visuals Communicative Functions Examples Psychological Functions Decorative • Art on the cover of a book • Visual of a general in a military lesson on ammunition Support attention Representationa l • A screen capture • A photograph of equipment Activate or build on prior knowledge Mnemonic • A picture of 10 forks stuck in a door to retrieve meaning of Spanish word for fork: Tenador Minimize cognitive load Organizational • A two-dimensional course map Build mental models Relational • A line graph • A pie chart Support transfer of learning Transformation al • An animation of a weather cycle • A video showing how to operate equipment Support motivation Interpretive • A schematic diagram of equipment • An animation of molecular movement Clark, Lyons 2004
  26. 26. User interface Use of graphics to create an appealing interface is not decorative – it serves to make machine more human and to encourage interaction between computers, people and culture. interface-design-between-1981-2009/ Xerte - University of Nottingham Federica - University of Naples Federico II Source: Tanewpix/Shutterstock Google Drive: gs
  27. 27. Different types of graphics/images Clark and Lyons Classification Static Art Illustration Photographic Line drawnings Graphs and diagrams Dynamic Art Animation Video Virtual Reality Our additional proposals Microscope Photos Satellite Photos Infographics Interactive Mindmaps Learning Analytics GIS Technology Video Lectures 3D Imagery Extemporaneous drawings
  28. 28. Nikon Small Words Nasa Images Microscope photo
  29. 29. Nasa Images Satellite photo
  30. 30. Green Report Infographics - an easy tool to create infographics Green Report, IL - Il maschile del Sole 24 ORE
  31. 31. Text2mindmap: an easy tool to create mindmaps Interactive mindmaps
  32. 32. GIS Technology
  33. 33. Video Lectures
  34. 34. 3D Imagery
  35. 35. Candid drawnings
  36. 36. From the Internet to Weblearning Huge bedrock of visuals available Quality & credentialing How to tap into it Copyright Source:BruceRolff/Shutterstock
  37. 37. Image Library on Federica Web Learning
  38. 38. Main selection criteria: copyright law CC images (Creative Commons): images can be used for educational purposes but not commercially FR images (Free Royalty): these images have to be paid for but, once acquired, can be used however the purchaser wants with no time restriction RM images (Rights Management): publishing rights are decided by the owner.
  39. 39. Archive providers The archives that have been included and reviewed fall into three distinct categories: Amateur archives (eg. Flickr); Institutional archives (eg. Plos); Commercial archives (eg. Gettyimages).
  40. 40. Using the Image Library
  41. 41. Example: 3D imagery use
  42. 42. Example: graphs use
  43. 43. Example: The Ruins of Paestum
  44. 44. Image Library numbers From the enormous wealth of photo archives available on the net we have chosen 99 that we consider valid for inclusion in the Image Library.
  45. 45. Thank you!