Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen Chongqing Chengdu Tianjin Wuhan HongKongParis London Vancouver Dubai Los Angeles Singa...
18                                                                  ...
Among our 1200 talented team members, most have majored in Architecture, Urban Planning, Computer Science &Technology and ...
ARCHITECTURAL           VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                               ...
ARCHITECTURAL                         VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                 ...
ARCHITECTURAL                       VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                   ...
ARCHITECTURAL                      VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                    ...
ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                          ...
ARCHITECTURAL                            VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                              ...
ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                          ...
ARCHITECTURAL       VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                   ...
ARCHITECTURAL                               VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                           ...
ARCHITECTURAL                             VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                            2...
ARCHITECTURAL                            VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                              ...
ARCHITECTURAL                      VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                    ...
29-30                                      Peddle Thorp Architects - Commercial Center,Chengdetianshan                    ...
ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                          ...
ARCHITECTURAL                         VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                 ...
ARCHITECTURAL                              VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                            ...
ARCHITECTURAL                              VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                            ...
ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                         ...
41-42ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                            ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATI...
43-44ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                     ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION     ...
45-46ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18                                                                                     ...
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LiFang Brochure 2011


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LiFang Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Shenzhen Chongqing Chengdu Tianjin Wuhan HongKongParis London Vancouver Dubai Los Angeles Singapore... WWW. LIFANG - CG. COM
  2. 2. 18 Our clients include architecture firms,real estate developers and industrial design firms.Below are some of our clients. LIFANG International Digital is one of the largest professional 3D visualization Aedas Ltd. Gensler Perkins Eastmanorganizations in Asia, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Chengdu, Aldar Properties PJSC HPP RTKLGuangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin and other overseas representative Atkins HOK SOMoffices, offering its clients expert 3D rendering, multimedia, animation, virtual reality Chapman Taylor Jerde Partnership Tange Associates ,services. Powered by over 1200 talented 3D artists in house and 10 years Charpentier Architecture Design John Portman & Associates UNStudioexperience, LIFANG works successfully with architects, developers, engineers, and Dewan Architects & Engineers KEO Waha Landentrepreneurs to create professional presentation from conceptual, schematic DP Architects KPF Woods Bagotdesigns to construction simulation process for projects of various scales. By using EDAW NBBJ Zaha Hadid Architectsthe latest computer modeling and animation software and self-developed rendering Emaar Properties PJSC P& T ......system, we strive to create the most eye-catching photo realistic 3D visuals and Foster & Partner Pelli Clarke Pelli Architectsvideos. Leveraging our combined project management experience, we are able tooffer solutions that meet any clients budget, and expectation.LIFANG High Quality, Fast Turn-around, Competitive Price, Reliable Credibility Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Beijing 2008 Olympics Games Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Expo 2010 Shanghai, China We have been working extensively with LiFang on the Many thanks to all at Lifang for the renders. We are very Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Western China International Fair 2010 Chengdu, China large scale Edmonton Federal Building and Centennial happy with them.. Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou, China Plaza project here in Edmonton which is part of the work Kind regards, Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Universiade 2011 Shenzhen ,China Kasian is doing on the Alberta Legislature precinct. The team at LiFang was exceptional to work with and Justin Bridgland Digital Multimedia Service Supplier of Russian 2014 Winter Olympics Games Atkins very diligent. We have had very good experiences working with this company, have done so on other projects, and will continue to work with them in the future. Thank you very much for the image. We really appreciate it. Best, M. Vaughan Kerr-Hoy Kasian Architecture Interior Design And Planning Ltd Nyirabu Nyirabu Associate Principa KPF Very good news! Lodha developers won the project. Presentation went great, thank you for asking. Hiro and I Congratulations to you and the team. The clients were enjoyed working with you and lifang very much the extremely impressed with our design and the renderings process was very accommodating to us. I will forward this to were superb and we won the first phase of the our accounting department for processing. Hope to work with competition. you guys again! Jae Y. Kim Andy Huang Associate Principal HOK Callison First of all, I would like to thank you for putting best Thank you very much for the image. Hope to work with you people to help on our demand of services. guys again! Ive worked with so many different teams at different companies. Udo But this time, abby and her team have been showing GMP truly what smooth collaboration is. Our team at nbbj is very impressive of what they can do Good job ,thank you ,we enjoyed working with you and lifang and their willing to work as team with us. very much It is the best team I ever worked with, so far. I appreciate you, again. Reilly Hogan KPF Chongkul Yi, LEED AP Designer NBBJ
  3. 3. Among our 1200 talented team members, most have majored in Architecture, Urban Planning, Computer Science &Technology and Arts, which ensures a very high level of professional knowledge and deep understanding of what we areengaged in, thus accurately expressing and presenting the design intention of our clients. Driven by a passion for creation, LIFANG team masterfully introduces its extensive experience in the architectural anddigital performance industry into every project. We are honored to be engaged in many significant projects worldwide,including but not limited to, Sentosa Resorts World, Dubai Airport, Gates Foundation, World Expo 2010, Winter Olympics inRussia, etc. Our 3D expertise is also approved by many winning schemes of architectural design competitions we areinvolved such as Creative Zone, Zayeed University, Delta Masterplan, and so on. Following a pursuit of Excellence, Originality, Imagination, and Vision; LIFANG team is looking forward to turning yourideas into a colorful and artistic magical reality. LIFANG International Digital is an innovative computer graphic development company. In addition to producing high quality 3D digital contents, LIFANG is committed to research and development of 3D exhibition applications, including digital sand table, electronic book, transparent touch screen, general multi-channel 3D cinema, ground screen, dome screen 3D cinema, cave interactive system, and other digital interactive solutions. Combined with our seamless blending software program and supportive technology, these cutting-edge systems would bring a whole new visual experience to the viewers. Many property developers and exhibition organizers are using this part of our service for their sales center or exhibition.High Quality, We also have installed a big showroom in our office. Please visit us to get the newFast Turn-around, Competitive Price, experience!Reliable Credibility
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 05-06 Y emen Master PlanB ahrain KHGM ahrain PK Resort U SA Moody Gardens
  5. 5. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 07-08 Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Hospital A bu Dhabi Cove Project S audi ArabiaBeijing Olympic Center Zayed University U AE C hina Haguenau. F rance
  6. 6. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 09-10 Public Building in Singapore S ingaporeSalam Stadium E gypt 2014 Winter Olympic R ussiaWest Rail Tunnel Sentosa Resorts World A ustralia
  7. 7. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 11-12 Development of Hockey Field Q atar 1 2 3 Doha Master Plan 1 Toronto Masterplan 2 Edmonton Federal BuildingGate of Kuwait 3 Royal Alberta Museum K uwait C anada
  8. 8. ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 13-14 Yamagata Project J apan Asadam Project College du Leman N igeria S witzerland Bilbao S pain
  9. 9. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 15-16Hyatt Regency Heathrow Milan Lobby Dubai Airport UK I taly D ubai Koo Foundation T aiwanIstanbul Seven-star Hotel T urkey
  10. 10. ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 17-18 Amwaj 30 S yria Al Najaf Science City I raq BKA Mumbai Ho Chi Minh City I ndia V ietnam
  11. 11. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 19-20U SA WILSON -1501 Building BLTA - New York Gallery Hotel HOK - Seattle Project NBBJ - Las Vegas Civic Center A Military Base(USA)
  12. 12. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 21-22E+K Architects - Mena Competition U SA Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects - Rice UniversityPelli Clarke Pelli Architects - Rice University C anada ATCO Building - Milwaukee Wisconsin Project KMD Architects U SA
  13. 13. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 23-24GHE - Abu Dhabi Royal Golf A bu Dhabi GHE - Palace A bu Dhabi Dewan Architects & Engineers - Dubai Residential D ubai
  14. 14. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 25-26 -Liaogou Planning,Jining Hi-Tech Zone,Shandong Province Atkins SOM - Beijing CBD WWILA International - Sanya,Hainan Sanya Project South China Univ.Of Tech. - Axis of New City,Zhujiang,ChinaXIANDAI Architectural Design - Kyiv 4501 Building U kraineARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION
  15. 15. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 27-28 Baizhi Architectural Design Co.,Ltd - A Public Building KPF - 1888 Hotel Standard Design & Research - Beijing CBD NBBJ - Beijing CBD Guangzhou Yacheng Design Institute Co., Ltd. - Dongguan Liao GardenKMD - Wongtee Hotel
  16. 16. 29-30 Peddle Thorp Architects - Commercial Center,Chengdetianshan MoChen Architects & Engineers BHA - balwin Avenue -Wuxi Shopping StreetARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 Standard Design & Research - Shenyang Airport Kisho Kurokawa - Shenzhen Baoan Airport
  17. 17. ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 31-32 Dannat Hawar Island AECOM - Thailand Resort AECOM - JinJing Planning KPF - Lize Financial Business Center Broadway Malyan - Resort HuanJianWen - QinHuangDao Bohai Pearl
  18. 18. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 33-34BHR - bedroom IIDA - Wuhan New MallDileonardo - Medeu Themed Guestroom Wilson - Lotte Hanoi RTA - Boao Coastal Tourist Resort
  19. 19. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 35-36CBS - Dalian An Gang Financial Building CPG - Yunnan Finance Building Tongji University - Shanghai Center XIANDAI Architectural Design - Shanghai Center ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION
  20. 20. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 37-38 - Dalian Hotel AtkinsXIANDAI Architectural Design - Qidong Project CCDI - Satellite Mansion HPP - Central Area of Shenzhen - Changsha Music Hall South China University of TechnologyGrand Beijing Hotel XIANDAI Architecturl Design - Heze Library,Shandong CSCEC International - Wuhan Hidden-dragon Island ResidentialARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION
  21. 21. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION OF 18 39-40SBA - Hangzhou Olympic Center Tadao Ando Architect & Associate - Shanghai Design Center Atkins - Croatia Park Hotel Hassell - Chongqing Project HPP - Chongqing Chaotianmen Master Plan Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute - China Financial Information Center
  22. 22. 41-42ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION The United Arab Emirates Railway Station Nigeria Assdam Project Length: 150s Length:180s PK Resort Development Market Hall Theatre Length: 220s Length: 140s Cesar Pelli - Miami Railway Station Mumbai Aquarium Length: 180s Length:200s Royal Clinic Abu Dhabi SOM A Building Lenth:300s Length:170s SOM - Beijing CBD West Lot Parking Garage Length:230s Length:210s
  23. 23. 43-44ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION Gate of Kuwait EDAW HK-Chaam Length:220s Length: 420s CENTROID-Qatar Hockey Field Xiao ao Project Length:200s Length:110s CENTROID-Amwaj 30-Syria Project Wanmei International Project Length:210s Length:120s Yemen Sana Planning Corporate Video Length:220s Length:180s HPP-Chongqing Steel City Planning Star War Length: 180s Length: 140s
  24. 24. 45-46ARCHITECTURALVISUALIZATION OF 18 ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION KMC, Guangdong-Yancheng, Spring and Autumn KIYI Gayrimenkul Yapi Turizm ve Ticaret AS-Bodream Length: 60s Length:170s Guangzhou Hanjing Construction & Engineering Design Firm--Xilong Mall Aedas Global-Chengdu Suning Length: 180s Length: 163s Corporate Tsinghua University--Financial Information Building Length:250s Length: 161s Urban Design & Technology Wuhan Shimao Carnival Length:76s Length: 116s Time Magazine-Urumqi International Land Plaza Great Earth Architects& Engineers-Yunnan Stone Forest Taoyuan Water Village Length:300s Length: 120s